ISIS: the savage jihadists laying waste to Iraq

Find out who or what is the ISIS: Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — their frightening beliefs and goals of installing a pan-Islamic theocracy in the Middle East which would include Israel.

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And the BBC is questioning the authenticity of the actions of the ISIS. Can’t fix stooped…


Likely on obombers orders no less, now he gets to try to play hero again, and bids to save face with his zionist masters in the whore of babylon, although given what the U.S. already did to Iraq through saddam (who was installed, lest we forget, by the U.S. etc.) and by the subsequent invasion and destruction, it is a wonder there is any iraq left to lay waste to. I’m gonna say this thing is a canard set up to give obomber good P.R. and to attempt to milk the islamic boogeyman for a few more “terror” raids. Remember… Read more »