Is WordPress censoring conservative blogs?

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Do you have a WordPress blog?

Are you noticing a decided slump in the number of readers (measured as “unique views”) for your blog?

The MAD Jewess has, and she believes WordPress — the server of her blog and also of Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) — is deliberately suppressing and lying about her blog’s stats (statistics).

In her post of June 21, 2013, “Fascist, NAZI is Monitoring the MAD Jewess-BIGTIME,” she writes:

Not only are my stats a lie, many of my friends are not getting their subscriptions. […]

My husband has emailed wordpress 4X this week to no avail.  They don’t mind taking a little dough, but they will not EVER write back to help us out and FIX their STALINIST statistics..  We use to have many thousands a day, especially in late 2012 on up to April 2013. Then, Obama probably told them to shut us up for calling him what he is; a Murderer, liar, evil, satanic, dumb, asshole etc.  If we blogged about how liberals are wonderful and not debaucherous sobs, they would FIX OUR STATS.

NO, WordPress is not threatening to ‘shut me down’. Its much more cleverer than that.   They just mess with our statistics.  Make it look like all the work we do is for nothing. Its a psych game.  I am not alone in this.  Many WordPress folks have expressed their displeasure about this situation. 

SO, we are looking into hiring an investigator to see who else they are doing this to, how they do it and so forth.

There are complaints by other WordPress bloggers of not only declining number of views, but also static numbers of followers or subscribers.

There is a precedent of WordPress bending to the Left’s PC tyranny. In 2012, WordPress actually shut down the blog, Bare Naked Islam, because of complaints from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Go here for the details.

Here on FOTM, I have noticed the following:

  • Our daily stats (# of views) are down by about a thousand a day.
  • Fewer sites seem to be picking up on and linking to our posts, although some of our posts still do get linked. Only recently, had a link to a post by Trail Dust, “‘Constitution Teacher’ attacks Christian kids,” resulting in that post receiving more than 6,000 hits in one day.
  • FOTM’s following, however, continues to grow — as measured by the number of subscribers via Facebook, WordPress, email, and Twitter.

Before going to WordPress’s malicious machinations as the explanation, I first look to two other possibilities:

  1. Summer doldrums: Readership typically declines in the summer months, last summer being an exception because of the looming November 6 elections.
  2. People being spooked by Pres. Lucifer’s NSA blanket surveillance of even ordinary Americans, and so are staying away from the Internet.

We need more information, instead of a few anecdotal accounts and subjective speculations. Here are two polls, to help us gather more information before we hastily jump to a conclusion:

  • The first poll is for bloggers only.
  • The second poll is for readers of FOTM.


Please add your thoughts and explanations of how you voted in a comment!

Thank you. 😀


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0 responses to “Is WordPress censoring conservative blogs?

  1. The same thing is happening to thepoliticalport on youtube….and many other channels like that.

  2. since wordpress was hacked so badly here months back, none of my wordpress subscriptions will stay in place. They were all wiped out. I have tried to keep FOTM coming in, it will not. Resigning does no good. There are many “useful idiots” working very hard.

  3. Yes they are, they booted me.

  4. The MAD Jewess

    Ty Dr Eowyn.
    Solidarity now 😀

  5. I haven’t told a lot of people why The DC Clothesline (my blog) left but I think it’s relevant. We got a three day suspension in which we were not allowed to post articles at all. We were not allowed to edit or do anything at all with our blog at that time. After three days they wrote me a little note and told me it was a mistake. They said their system had flagged me mistakenly and didn’t even offer an apology really. They just said I was up and running again. At that time we were receiving around 5000 hits a day I think. Since I have moved to my own domain (still using wordpress software) I have no such problems because they have no control over my content. There are some drawbacks. People can’t “reblog” us anymore which I was quite fond of. There were times we’d get several blogs to repost our articles. But we are allowed to make some revenue now and I can tell you without a doubt that it was the best thing that ever happened to us. Without that suspension and my own similar concerns I’d still likely be on and I’d be likely sharing a similar story. For what it’s worth the move cost me about $30-$40. I forget what I paid for the domain registration but my hosting is less than $10 a month and now we do around 20,000 hits a day. I miss the community aspect of wordpress and I miss a lot of the old friends here but if anyone else is having this problem I would suggest they take the plunge. I am no techie so I was scared that I couldn’t do it. All of the technical speak makes my head spin. But after I was able to break it down to common sense english it wasn’t that hard. I think I transferred everything in about 2 hours and most of that was just time waiting for it to load. Anyone who might be having this problem can email me personally if they would like, and I will give you whatever help or insight I can. I am no techie so if I can do it anyone can. I would not doubt if conservative blogs are being targeted. It would fit the overall theme for 2013. Who knows? But I am truly sorry to hear this. For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Eowyn allows me to run articles second hand on my site and I can tell you that some of those articles do very well and it makes me wonder the same thing. Why do they do so well on my site (going viral to a certain extent) while FOTM is seeing a decrease in traffic? It makes zero sense and my suspicion is that you may be correct.

  6. Its a concerted Social media wide symptom because nobody watches and/or believes a word from the Ministry Of Information (msm) and Truth was getting out via Social media

  7. BTW, the angry face is Not even my gravatar pic

  8. I receive several emails daily from WordPress blogs. They seem fine so far. Why not ask your readers to subscribe to email rather than visiting the site ? I do so so I don’t forget any each day.


    • Beverly,

      While I appreciate readers subscribing via email, if all our readers read FOTM only in email format, FOTM will get ZERO hits because reading your email doesn’t get counted by WordPress as reading the blog. Having ZERO hits will give FOTM writers a major case of depression, and we’ll eventually shrivel up and quit. LOL

      • Much as I hate to say this, because I AM guilty of reading you in my email, (tho I can’t resist the comments so I do show up here more often than not) do like Ann Coulter does. Put half the column on the email, enough to pique someone’s interest and then make them come here to finish reading the blog. Would that work? W/ Ann Coulter, I just automatically hit the link that let’s me read it all on her site, cuz why read half and then scramble to find where you left off in the email? Just a thought. I gotta say, my slight drop off is due to the summer doldrums and overload of just BAD. BAD this, BAD that, BAD something else. Sometimes I gotta give my brain a break. You’re stronger bloggers than I am, Gunga Din! (And I’m just a READER, didn’t need to do the research and write the thing too!)

        • Thank you, dear Christine — and all FOTM’s readers — for reading our blog. But FOTM has no control over the emails you get of our new posts — how much of a post is included in the email. It’s all WordPress’ doing. 🙁

          • “…no control over the emails you get of our new posts — how much of a post is included in the email. It’s all WordPress’ doing.”

            I’ve been trying to figure that out myself for some time, mostly because I wanted to save/have a full-copy of my own posts sent to me in the same nice-looking “format” that WP would send to any subscriber (love the teal WP color). A few things I noticed:

            1. I made sure nothing is checked in Settings >> Email Post Changes — because I wondered if that affected me getting a partial/summary vs full post. (I don’t think that was the problem).

            2. Then I began checking FULL vs Summary in Settings >> Reading >> Feeds, because I wondered if WP considered their email subs as Feeds(?) I don’t think this solved the abbreviated-emails problem either.

            3. Finally, through hit & miss coincidence, I think I found a solution to be able to receive a FULL copy of posts via email:
            (a) Choose the option in Settings >> Reading to “show a Follow button to logged-OUT users.”
            (b) Subscribe yourself/your email using THAT form while logged OUT, & it should send you a FULL copy of the post.

            I say “think” & “should” because I have not re-tested these options lately & WP is always changing things, like the recent entire Admin. Panel/Settings, etc., which only just appeared on my screen in the middle of the night last week 6/18-19/13 (black vs soft blue color, ugh!; & more bloated & slow-loading than it already was… though, admittedly, I am using older hardware/software).

            But try #3 option & see if it sends you a FULL copy of the posts.

            Since switching to internet-access via smartphone vs laptop, I no longer bother w/email subs as I did in a LARGE way for the prior 9 years. Now I just visit sites directly via browser or RSS Feeds; yet still like being sent a FULL copy of my own posts “for the record” in WP’s handsome format.


            • Thanks for the tips, TPR!

              I agree with you about WordPress’s recent change in the Admin. Panel. I too am repelled by all the black color. Reminds me of the change DOJ made to its website banner, from the red, white & blue:

              to Darth Vader black:



              • Oh wow, thanks for those pics, & link. The black DOJ looks eerily like the Twitter black shape/size/color dedault for our bio- section, which I only just noticed last night (I never visit twitter full site hardly).

                A few years back Twitter changed their bird & added black borders, etc., ugh; then youtube followed suit w/their black & red! Now WP. Maybe instead of “flipping the switch,” they will make the internet “go black” via “color schemes,”lol.

                Seriously, I think the “dominantblack motif” is on purpose, their black/darkthinking, their black/darkswat teams, their black/darkplans, etc.

                Black/white is also representative of the Masonic Doctrine of Duality.


                “I must work the works of him that sent me while it is Day. The NIGHT (black!) Cometh when No Man can work.” (John 9:4)

  9. ok, this sounds dumb, I know, but y’all had a story on your site that suddenly disappeared. it was rather shocking..but even so, I don’t remember what it was about now. I kept writing to ask what happened, as I wanted to share it on fb, and I never even got an answer. So I stopped coming here as much.. Maybe it was about sandyhook, or the boston marathon.. wish I could remember.

    • Sally,

      Sometimes we pull a post because two writers did a post on the same subject but without either one knowing. When we discover that, we delete one of the posts. That’s the reason why a post suddenly disappears. The only exception was a post written by a contributor who’s no longer with us, the contents of which violated WordPress Terms of Service because it could be seen as an incitement to violence.

      Where did you write to ask what happened to the disappeared story? If you had sent us an email to the blog’s address (, I certainly would have responded.

  10. FYI, I do forward many of the posts here via e-mail to friends. I will try not to be an e-mail only reader in the future since it is hurting stats. Thanks!

  11. I am in no position to give an opinion, being new to blogging, but this really has my attention. How long will it be before the Left launches a “full court press” on the blogosphere?

    • I’ve been wondering that for 10 years… How long will “They” let us “Play”?

      Do they really want to shut us up — OR — would they rather “let us” keep “exposing ourselves” so they can create a nice big fat “data profile” on our every thought/typed-word? It would appear from the massive spy machine they prefer the latter… Accumulate undeniable “internet evidence” for the day they roll out the “Lubavitcher guillotines” for all the “haters.” 🙂 (That would be us!)

  12. People are, in general starting to withdraw on the internet because of paranoia about surveillance. They are now afraid to say express their opinions. It will get worse, I fear. They have used many gov. agencies to suppress conservatives views, the IRS, DHS, DOJ, the DEA, even DoD now (suppressing military Christians etc.) You can’t blame people for trying to go to ground, when they feel that they may be picked up at any second by the Gestapo. People are feeling that they have a target on their backs.

    • “People are feeling that they have a target on their backs.”

      Do they really think the POS will go after the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Americans who will not submit to his tyranny? There aren’t enough FEMA camps to put all of us.

      Courage is a virtue sadly lacking in Americans today. At least I now know I can’t count on them to watch my back when the chips are down.

    • “People are, in general starting to withdraw on the internet because of paranoia about surveillance.” — Is that really the “buzz” out there in cyberland? (I’ve been out of the loop due to non-virtual matters.) Are people really saying they will disconnect? I can’t imagine it myself, unless I was like the on-ground leader of some big activist group, etc., I might take precautions.

      It’s a double-edged sword. There’s something to be said for both sides:

      1. The Biblical Proverb that says to the effect of, “The wise man sees the trouble ahead & proceeds to conceal himself, whereas the fool goes merrily along his way & suffers the consequences.”

      2. There’s no doubt we all see the trouble ahead, but how far ahead is it? If we were to quit/conceal now, what if there’s 20 more years to their Game Plan? We could help wake up/encourage/lead to salvation a lot more people in 20(?) years. So, we want to operate IN FAITH “buying out the opportune time,” but we don’t want to be stupid foolish either. Wisdom, Discernment, & Timing, things only God can provide in any season & circumstance.

      For now I’m staying the course. When I see them hauling away Henry Makow (Canada is bad news re censorship) or Nathanael Kapner/USA (both brave Jewish men exposing the Judeo-Masonic NWO who have mucho bigger/better/well-read sites compared to my puny tiny insignificant WP blogs), then we’ll reevaluate. Let them be the “canaries in the mine” for us “little old ladies” who don’t really want to have to play “Jael* vs Sisera” w/real live JackBoots at the door.


      *See Bible book of Judges ch.4. She’s famous for hammering the stake through the enemy Sisera’s temple while he lay sleeping.

  13. Voted I am a reader and my visits are about the same frequency as they were 2 months ago.

  14. My stats are down, although I can’t evidence a linkage of WordPress being influenced by big government to sabatoge my website in any particular way. I do think as Dr. Eowyn that the summer doldrums and the NSA awareness has something to do with diminished page views.

    However, I have definitely noticed that WordPress (upon occasion) has failed to allow some of my postings to be included in its “Reader” list.

  15. I voted earlier. I still visit FOTM many times during the day but I have definitely cut back on my comments. The results of the Nov. election, the Sandy Hook and Boston incidents, the WH scandals have disturbed me so though I haven’t given up I feel resigned to the dissolution and chaos. I am just trying to put more energy into my personal and my spiritual relationships. On a very positive note we have had multiple trips to NJ to see family and just returned from a fantastic cruise to Bermuda.
    FOTM is very important to me so I hope this communication vehicle will remain open to us.

  16. I too voted and it seems that my visits to FOTM fluctuate along with other sites I visit, usually because of work or home related reasons. Over the past couple of weeks, my visits have increased. I love this site. I remember the deal over WordPress shutting BareNakedIslam down. I’ve been a reader and have regularly commented there for over three years. It was a CAIR orchestrated campain to shut her down. She has been back up for quite some time on a different domain and her readership is quite large recently hitting the 40,000,000 mark. Yes, I would not be surprised at all if WordPress is feeling pressure by leftards to stiffle our voices, and if the MSM is at all involved as well as members of prez (l)ucifer’s regime, then it is a conspiracy to stiffle the content that the alphabet media tries so hard to bury.

    To me, it’s a no-brainer. No Reynold’s Wrap required. Something nasty is afoot, and it’s pretty chilling.

  17. Our WP site has seen a significant drop in views over the past month and a half I would say. I attributed it to being graduation time, summer coming and stuff like that keeping folks busy with other things. If there is a conspiracy going on I’m glad that you and the Mad Jewess are working to expose it!

  18. Good that somebody is aware of all those suspicious changes that are going under the cover of bright and joyful interface mods (so trivial of them…) I paid a little attention to the counters and explained rather small number of views as a result of modern user preferences. When somebody is obsessed with social networks, “fun” and sharing, he wouldn’t go for conservative and anti-communist portals. (Though soon after this FOTM post was published I noticed a HUGE “jump” in stats of my project – the counters are really messed up.) But I do not care – my project is my mission. Neither the psych attack nor the suspension will bring it down.

    • I’m convinced the internet since sometime in the Bush era is now connected to a giant mind control machine.

  19. Jesse Blogster

    I own and manage several blogs and have been watching stats on them for years. Usually, the stats will go down in the summer months.
    However, I have noticed that this website, although, it appears to be a domain is not. It is what is known as a sub domain. The domain reads is the domain and fellowshipofminds is the sub domain. The domain owner which in this case is have the final say on what is being put on their subdomains under their rules and guidelines.
    I would advise anybody who has a blog and doesn’t want to be put under any gag rules. !. Buy your own domain. 2. Find a web hosting company where you feel comfortable 3. If you need someone to watch your domain and make you feel comfortable..look for a reasonably priced webmaster who charges you monthly.
    If you want your words to flow freely then don’t be cheap!! Put aside every month the cost of the domain which usually runs about $9-$20 a year, monthly web hosting which can run about $4-$25 and costs for a webmaster.

  20. I’m wondering if speaking to Glen Beck would help. I realize people may not like Beck, but he is building a media block to enable free speech. At the same time, he needs money to fund it. I wonder if it would be possible for him to start a business similar to WordPress that would allow free speech. He could have another income stream, and bloggers could have a place of posting without interference.

    • I haven’t inquired re their position re “free speech,” but one of the original founders of Posterous blogs, Garry Tan, who quit due to the direction Posterous was heading which he disagreed with — & I don’t know the specifics of that; but Garry & another former Posterous employee, Brett, have been coding like mad for several months to build a new blogging platform that will “never go away, nor be bought, or sold-out” (Posterous team bailed & went to work for Twitter 2012, & a year later 2013 totally closed down).

      Garry/Brett’s new endeavor is in beta already at

      Their guarantee is based on charging minimally for the service, to pay for servers, etc. $5-month for 10-blogs, $60-year. I told them I would be glad to pay $60/year for 10-blogs since they will allow monetizing your blog, using your own domain, choosing your own fonts & colors, all included! So it’s a great price/deal. Just have to wait for them to finish building it.

      I don’t know how awake they are to NWO censorship, or what their position will be. I would think they would be on the side “of the people.” I will find out more in the days ahead. For now still building/finalizing blogs here at WP that I transferred over in 2011 from Posterous (I’m slow, lol).

      • Thanks, TPR, for the info. about I’ll check them out.

        • You’re welcome. They are friendly & appreciate suggestions, if you have any.

          They are using HTML, thank goodness, vs “Markdown” which Posterous had used. Posterous worked terrible for me & my equipt.; WP works so much better (not sure of the techie reasons for that).

          One good thing, though, was that at Posterous even my puny small time posts got a lot of page views, hundreds & even thousands, which amazed me (some of their themes had built-in Page View counters, which was cool). One post I did re C.A.F.R.’s actually got 10,000 views in less than 48-hrs. Blew me away! Everybody said if you move to WP, because it has tons more blogger sites, that your blog will be drowned out, like a needle in a haystack. So I haven’t even bothered with stats yet & which is why I couldn’t do your poll since I never even look at stats here at WP.

          Maybe PostHaven will be like Posterous in that one good respect!?! Lotta hits baby! 🙂

          I mentioned to PostHaven, why re-invent the wheel? Just use WP-type platform but include the goodies for the great price & people would come swarming, I would think!

  21. Do you read Doug Haggman’s DH’S insider columns over at Canada Free Press? His latest one from a few days ago discusses the Internet crackdown that has started and is going to get worse.

    I despair and then I read the Psalms: “I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence comets my help.”

  22. I do not know how to respond to the complaint about someone possibly throttling readership on conservative blogs because I have a Liberal blog and my readership isn’t all that great either. Maybe the problem is that we aren’t writing what people want to hear or that people are sick of politics or something like that – – – but I don’t thinkl conservative blogs are being singled out because my stats aren’t where I would like them to be either.

    • Thank you, John. It may be that declining readership is simply a seasonal summer phenomenon. The kids are out of school, families are taking summer vacations, and it’s just nicer being outdoors than cooped up at home before the computer. 😉

      I appreciate your civility, such a welcome and refreshing contrast from our usual liberal trolls. 🙂

    • John, let me add my appreciation to Dr. Eowyn’s statement. I think I speak for many of us when I say it is a relief to hold these discussions with the civility you have just extended.

      We may disagree, but we all remember a time when disagreement was allowed and encouraged.

      Thank you,


      PS: Now please excuse me while I load up my supply of pies to throw at political leaders. 😀

  23. I am one of the more refined of the trolls I guess. I just happen to love everybody whether I agree with them or not because I think that is What Jesus would want us to do. I can raise Holy Hell with Righties and still love them in my heart. I know that is hard to believe. Be that as it may – – if you are so inclined, you are welcome to visit my site at and give me a little “what for” from time to time – – just please do not call me names or anything because that is when my pride gets in the way and the delete button comes out.

    • Fair enough, John. If I visit your site I’ll leave my nasty pie-throwing behavior behind. 😀

    • Dear John,

      I can truthfully say that I have never gone on a “liberal” or any site/blog, only to insult, instead of offering a reasoned comment. But when rude, nasty, obscene, profane trolls insult me/us on FOTM — some even issue death threats — all gloves are off and I do retaliate.

      Our Lord Jesus Christ was not a wuss and gave it to the deserving — throwing out the moneychangers from the Temple, saying he would “vomit” the lukewarm who would stand for nothing, and calling the hypocritical Pharisees the spawn of Satan! LOL

      • amen.

      • The problem with today’s Christians is they have taken the “turn the other cheek” to the extreme and allow themselves to be bullied and harassed then keep wondering why the “Lord” isn’t stopping this.

  24. Your site is literally the only one that shows up. In order to even get your site to show up you have to type “Word Press is Censoring comments” or otherwise you’ll just be given crap results.

    I’m convinced Google is catering to the left and atheists who are fanatical. Google wants what makes money. They are no longer two guys out of a garage who care about their passion and haven’t been since they bought out YouTube.

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  30. I noticed a few years ago that my blog (The Road) was blacklisted from the WordPress reader.

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