Is Trump going after Hillary and the Podestas with sealed indictments?

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An indictment is a formal accusation that a person has committed a crime.
In the United States, an indictment typically is issued by a grand jury based upon a proposed charge, witnesses’ testimony and other evidence presented by the public prosecutor (District Attorney). In order to issue an indictment, the grand jury doesn’t make a determination of guilt, but only the probability that a crime was committed, that the accused person did it and that he/she should be tried. District Attorneys do not present a full case to the grand jury, but often only introduce key facts sufficient to show the probability that the accused committed a crime.
The substance of an indictment usually consists of a short and plain statement of where, when, and how the defendant allegedly committed the offense. Each offense usually is set out in a separate count. Indictments for complex crimes, particularly those involving conspiracy, may run to hundreds of pages.
Indictable offenses are normally tried by jury, unless the accused waives the right to a jury trial. Although the U.S. Constitution’s Sixth Amendment mandates the right to a jury trial in any criminal prosecution, the vast majority of criminal cases in the United States are resolved by the plea-bargaining process.
A sealed indictment is an indictment that stays non-public until it is unsealed. This can be done for a number of reasons. It may be unsealed, for example, once the named person is arrested, or has been notified by police or released pending trial. Until then, the indictment remains sealed: no person may disclose the indictment’s existence or the name of the indicted except as necessary to issue or execute a warrant or summons. (Sources: USLegal; Wikipedia)
Liz Crokin is an award-winning author and a free-lance investigative journalist who was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, U.S. Weekly, and other publications.
In an interview on November 9, 2017, Crokin said that, at last count, there are at least 31-33 sealed indictments filed in recent days in D.C., which is highly significant and suggestive because “normally” the D.C. court has but 60 sealed indictments in an entire year.

Crokin said she — as well as others — had been told by sources that Tony Podesta is one of the defendants in the sealed indictments.
James Brower, a former state assistant for Trump in Massachusetts, is one of the “others”. He says in his latest tweet:

According to a PDF of criminal cases filed in U.S. District Court – District of Columbia in the period 11/5/2017 to 11/9/2017, 12 of the 18 criminal cases are sealed indictments. Their case numbers are 17-211, 17-822, 17-821, 17-823, 17-825, 17-826, 17-827, 17-828, 17-829, 17-831, 17-845, 17-846.
Below is a screenshot from the PDF, showing the differences between unsealed and sealed indictments — the sealed indictments are devoid of any information other than their case number.

Liz Crokin maintains that the proliferation of recently-filed sealed indictments at the D.C. district court indicates President Trump, through his appointed Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, is going after the Podestas and Hillary Clinton. Crokin writes that during the second presidential debate on the night of October 9, 2016:

Trump made a shocking promise to Clinton in the event he got elected. ‘If I win, I’m going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation…we’re going to have a special prosecutor,’ Trump said. Clinton responded, ‘It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.’ Trump then interrupted and said: ‘Because you’d be in jail.’ Trump’s statement was met with cheers and thunderous applause.
Trump’s famous ‘because you’d be in jail’ line is constantly rotated throughout the Internet via memes and videos on social media to this day; however, what many seem to have forgotten is the first part of Trump’s statement: he promised to assign a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s crimes.
Fast forward to May 16, President Trump is now in the White House and meets with Robert Mueller. CNN reported that Trump interviewed him as a potential replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey. As Trump would say, ‘wrong!’ It’s not possible that Mueller could’ve been interviewing for the FBI director position because he already served in that capacity – under Presidents George W. Bush and briefly Barack Obama – and he exceeded the term limit allowed to work in that role. The term limit is ten years and Mueller served as FBI director for 12 years. Mueller got a special additional two-year extension from Obama that the Senate approved. The fake news totally got this wrong — to no one’s surprise.
So what was the meeting really about? I believe Trump was finalizing his decision to appoint Mueller as his special prosecutor to investigate Clinton. Don’t believe it? Keep reading.
The day after Mueller’s meeting with Trump, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller to serve as special counsel for the United States Department of Justice….
The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct an investigation including ‘any links and/or coordination between Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump, and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.’
Trump did not collude with Russia. The left and the media have carried that narrative based off of lies and a fake dossier. Trump allowed them to carry their false narrative because he knew he was innocent and that the investigation would eventually turn to the real parties who colluded with Russia. Enter the Clintons. What stands out in the affidavit Rosenstein signed included ‘matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation’ because they knewan investigation into Russian collusion would eventually lead to Clinton.

See “The real U.S.-Russian conspiracy: Russia gave multi-million $ bribe to Clinton Foundation for 2010 uranium deal“.

Trump is a man of his word and he’s making good on all of his campaign promises, so why wouldn’t he keep this one? The left and the media has been so blinded by their partisanship that they’ve failed to see that the greatest bait and switch in the history of the world is going down right before their very eyes. They’ve naively assumed that since Mueller had been a part of the swamp, he’d protect the swamp. However, just because he’s associated with corrupt politicians like the Clintons for years does not mean that he likes them or has any interest in protecting them at this point. After all, the Clintons did go to Trump’s wedding and you know what they say: keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
So the investigation is steering straight for the real guilty actors and Tony Podesta is under the gun for The Podesta Group’s involvement with selling the country’s Uranium to Russia. This will lead to the indictments of his brother, John, Clinton’s former campaign manager, and, yes, Hillary too! Now if Mueller wasn’t going after Tony, why did he step down as CEO of his company last week? Multiple sources have confirmed to me Podesta is one of the 17 sealed indictments currently sitting in DC.

See “Rumor that Tony Podesta was indicted” and “Podesta Group CEO unexpectedly quits just days after Tony’s departure“.

Other guilty swamp creatures are catching on to the true nature of Mueller’s investigation. On Oct. 30, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued a call for an independent investigation into Trump’s alleged campaign collusion with Russians just moments after Mueller unsealed indictments for campaign operatives Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. She’s also softened her tone from calling for Trump’s impeachment to now stating ‘impeaching Trump is not someplace we should go’.
Last week, top Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Donna Brazile threw Clinton under the bus by admitting she rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders. Why would they do this now? They’re distancing themselves from Clinton for a reason.
On Nov. 3, The Hillreported that Trump said that he’ll be proven innocent in the Russia election meddling investigation if special counsel Mueller treats ‘everything fairly’. ‘I hope he’s treating everything fairly and if he is I’m going to be very happy because when you talk about innocent, I am truly not involved in any form of collusion with Russia,’ Trump said on Sharyl Attkisson’s show Full Measure.
When Trump was asked if he’d consider firing Mueller, he responded by stating he was confident he’d be absolved of wrongdoing. If Mueller is so corrupt and intent on protecting the Clintons, like so many on both the right and the left believe, why isn’t Trump sweating? He alluded that he’s not even thinking about firing Mueller. Not only is Trump a man of his word, he’s rarely ever wrong and his instincts are killer. It also should be noted that Mueller is a decorated Marine who served in Vietnam and has received many medals including the Purple Heart.
Mueller was hired to investigate Clinton, period. If my theory proves to be correct, this will go down as one of the most brilliant sting operations in history.”

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H/t FOTM‘s MCA and CP.

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0 responses to “Is Trump going after Hillary and the Podestas with sealed indictments?

  1. This is very much worth watching. VERY informative!

  2. This makes total sense. I pray you are correct on every issue.

  3. — glenn47 — Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.

  4. Dear Eo;
    I read your post slowly & very carefully, as it reads & sounds to me to be what I’ve longed for and waited upon from Donald Trump to be what I’d hoped him to be: our era’s Teddy Roosevelt, loved by 1/2 the electorate and hated by the other half. I wrote that long before he succeeded in his run to be President and I continue to stand by it. If he is successful in this most trying of times and events, then we’ll see 1/2 the voters rise to support him as they did for Teddy.
    Few will understand the era and context of which I write unless they are 1st, old enough, and 2nd, it was taught as an important time in US history in its day and for future implications, which we are likely watching unfold before us. For the chief deceit of the BNWD we live under is that the present we have is all the Real, so we must believe that what we are taught in public schools, TV, and the MSM is the truth, the whole truth, and you’re a terrorist otherwise, pure BS we’ve been fed for more than a century, in one form or another.
    As Margaret Atwood wrote so perfectly in her poem ‘Siren Song’:
    “I will tell the secret to you,
    to you, only to you.
    Come closer. This song
    is a cry for help: Help me!
    Only you, only you can,
    you are unique
    at last.”

    • Joseph . . . excellent commentary on this article. I grieve over the fact that real US history is no longer taught to today’s young people.
      I have two great-nieces who just graduated from high school. They are all in for “Bernie.” Being able to garner free stuff for everyone sounds just like the ticket. What they don’t know is that because of the fact that these twin girls are relatively high achievers, they will be in the group who produce the money, etc that will be apportioned to the” have nots..” This shows a severe lack of teaching correct principals on the part of the public schools. It is just a travesty.

  5. I truly hope you are correct.
    But let’s not forget that Mueller suppressed key 911 evidence by seizing all the footage from the cameras that were pointed at the Pentagon, having been appointed to the role of FBI Director by Bush shortly before the event.
    He is also close to former Director Comey who, it has been confirmed, determined to absolve Hillary of any wrongdoing in the email debacle at the outset of the investigation.
    As always, let us humbly pray for God’s grace and protection during these dark times.

    • Be careful who politically gets in bed with whom:
      13 [14?] Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller
      Talking heads act like Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is fair, impartial and unbiased.
      But the facts are a wee bit different …
      Failure to Aggressively Prosecute the BCCI Scandal
      Squashing Warning Signs that May Have Stopped 9/11
      Mueller was one of the people who dropped the ball and let 9/11 happen.
      Allowing Escape of Saudi Persons Connected to Bin Laden
      Entrapping Innocent People for P.R. Purposes
      9/11 Cover Up
      Iraq War
      Mueller helped sell the Iraq War
      Anthrax Frame-Up
      Crippled Investigations of Financial Fraud … Helping to Allow the Great Recession
      Spying on Americans
      Covering Up for Turkish Terrorists
      Gagging Whistleblowers

      Rather than being “above the fray”, Mueller is an authoritarian and water-carrier for the status quo and the powers-that-be.
      As Coleen Rowley puts it:
      Mueller was chosen as Special Counsel not because he has integrity but because he will do what the powerful want him to do.
      Mueller didn’t speak the truth about a war he knew to be unjustified. He didn’t speak out against torture. He didn’t speak out against unconstitutional surveillance. And he didn’t tell the truth about 9/11. He is just “their man.”
      It’s sad that political partisanship is so blinding and that so few people remember the actual sordid history.

      • I agree with you. Every time I mention my distrust of the current administration there are those who say “give him time….”, etc. Well, frankly, it is a crime to ignore a crime.
        Look at who is still there. There shouldn’t be one single Obamanoid left. Muller is a “fixer” and spy. Hillary and the whole filthy bunch are definitely safe for the foreseeable future. How sad.

        • I agree with you guys above. I would hope and pray with everything I got, that Mueller is a “good guy” and this is a sting to get Hildebeast, but my gut says otherwise. I read somewhere that Flynn and Kelly were working (started years ago) to go after 911 perps, which included The Bushes and all their co-horts, Carlyle group, etc. That might have something to do with the Saudi arrests taking place now, but Mueller and Co. have a lot to be afraid of in Flynn; hence, they are going after him (and son) with full force. I believe Mueller is “destroying evidence of the the Bush and Obama administration, and Clinton operations at State Dept. I hope WE are wrong, but….Muellers track record is pretty obvious.

      • If Mueller is that bad, then that means Trump may have him by the you-know-whats. He may have turned against his cronies to save his own hide. What crook wouldn’t?

      • Mueller is up to his eyes with the Uranium One deal. From info. I heard from one of Infowar’s guest speakers, it was stated very plainly, Mueller was the individual who transported a sample of uranium cake from the US to Russia. Along with all of his other very corrupt dealings outlined by herepog2, Mueller is totally complicit, not only for covering for the Clintons and others, he is also personally involved in some of it and has made a LOT of money from it. If Mueller were an honorable man, the investigation of Trump would have never evolved into its other manifestations of “collusion delusion”, as Roger Stone called it, nor would it have lasted this long and wasted millions of taxpayer money when Mueller knew it was a ruse. It is my opinion, he’s desperate to save his own neck and is throwing the other crooks under the bus as a deflection from his own involvement. The problem here, is if he’s the prosecutor, he can control witnesses, narratives and testimonies by allowing immunity deals to those who know his involvement and would “name” him. If Trump doesn’t get rid of Mueller, only some of the evil ones may be prosecuted, while Mueller and others will go free. If that is a possible outcome, it will be very dangerous for Trump and we patriots. A conservative but aggressive INDEPENDENT prosecutor has to replace Mueller.

  6. Hilary isn’t going to prison. Perhaps her lackeys will go but she won’t. Washington has a habit of letting the big fish slide. To date on former cabinet members have been thrown in prison over something they in while they were in office…..

  7. Is Mueller going to protect the Clinton crime cartel or really do his job? That’s the $64,000 question. Let’s see if he has the strength of character to go against the swamp machine. A week ago I’d bet he’d cave but this excellent post gives one hope. Pray for our country. Pray for our President.

    • Mueller, Comey, and “The Stein” that appointed him, are all up to their collective necks in the Clinton Foundation Scam. They have been for years. Way before the Russian uranium heist.
      There is NO WAY that Sessions is unaware of any of this. He’s another bought-and-paid-for flanker. The only question I have is whether Trump is too thick to know this or if he’s complicit.
      If I were king my first order of business would be setting up a cadre to keep me alive. The second would be arresting these mutts. My “Night of the Long Knives” would look like “Zulu Dawn”.

  8. Let’s pray guys! Oh how I’d love to see the high and mighty fall for all their corrupt activities and selling out our country. It has seemed for years that only the unwashed masses are ever tried and imprisoned, and the wealthy elite always escape. Hopefully not this time with our new sheriff in town.

    • It makes me smile to imagine what America could do and become if in fact the majority of the long-term Corruption is cleansed from our Government.

  9. I’ve been saying that President Trump was playing the left, the msm and most of the establishment since before the election. I’ve even referred to it being like the movie ‘The Sting’. The best pigeon is a greedy pigeon. And is there anybody greedier than Hitliary, the MSM, the Left? Greed for money and power has so blinded them all that they have no peripheral vision. They’ve lied to themselves and everybody else for so long they can’t separate truth from fiction. They won’t see it coming.
    Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

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  11. Dear Lord, may it be so! What hope this gives me after decades of seeing such great injustices going unprosecuted! Give wings to our dreams!

  12. Sessions (US Attorney General) may yet be Trump’s worst appointment. The US Justice Department is the biggest law firm in the world. Imagine what Trump could do if Sessions would be the point man and go after the Deep State gangsters. Seems entirely unlikely at the moment.

  13. I find it peculiar that President Trump appointed Mueller because of the latter’s involvement in the 9/11 coverup, but he has done what he has done for his reasons. I find Liz Crokin’s information to be spot-on and we are indebted to her.
    This is a critically important post, as was Trail Dust’s post of the other day, featuring Sean of SGT Report. This very well could be “the sting of the Century,” and, if so, all of America will be indebted, not to Robert Mueller (whom SGT Report called “an amoral political assassin”) but to Donald Trump.
    The last I heard, the sealed indictment count is up to “34” for Washington, D.C. and at least “61” in the State of Virginia. If Donald Trump can bring down the Clinton Crime Family, he will have done America—AND THE WORLD—a most incalculably tremendous favor.
    Justice does not always pay Her bills on time, but She always pays!

  14. AMEN to that,Steven!!!

    • And Steven I add my ‘Amen!’ to truckjunkie’s as well. The miserable completely rotten Clinton creeps put my good friend Dr Tom OBrien [God rest his fighting Irish soul!] through absolute legal Hell: they forced a NY state judge to convene no less than 9 –yes, NINE!!– Grand Juries when they were caught sending millions offshore when they were still in Arkansas!! ALL 9 juries found Tom INNOCENT, and when that happened these total PoS then pressured the judge to seal the records for 50 years, by which everyone would be dead.
      While they escaped then, they may not this time, as even if Mueller doesn’t pan out, rest assured that Liz Crokin et al. are waiting in the wings to spill their guts; there are still decent honourable people walking, even in gubbmint work. And never forget: God is everywhere and in everything, His works never cease; He is the End and the Beginning for all, even a sparrow, and most certainly for the scummy Clintons.

      • I am very sorry to hear about your friend, Joseph.
        I am of the opinion that we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift, not only regarding the Clintons, but in the way information is disseminated to the public. To begin with, the public is changing, and the internet has aided the dissemination of information and spurred it on.
        One man I listen to on You Tube is Robert David Steele. He leans a bit to the Left, but he is honest. I like his ideas.
        But at any rate, I think people are waking up. A day late and a dollar short, but waking up. Maybe one day the Tom O’Brien’s of the world will get a fair shake, and criminals like the Clintons will be locked up sooner, because the information can get to the public faster, once the MSM is knocked out of the way.
        There most definitely IS hope: The MSM has lost control of the narrative. They’re losing control. They’re desperate. A Battle Royal looms over You Tube and Google censorship and corporate mergers.
        I believe we’re on the cusp of radical change.

        • Thank you, Steven, your words help. I do find that a goodly number of people under 20 yrs seem to be generally more aware of the true nature of things, perhaps, than when I was that age, but it’s hard to tell as communication is very different today.
          To help people get perspective, after what the Clintons did to him Tom was let go by Merrill Lynch, though he’d been their ‘Golden Boy’ as he created their commodity trading desk and set the stage for them to earn tens -perhaps hundreds– of millions in transaction fess.
          He got his degree as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and created two of humankind’s best non-toxic near cure-alls: micro-refined colloidal silver and distinct nutritional supplements that enhance brain functions. And what have the Duo of Duplicity done since then? Look about to see the death & devastation, the looting and theft of hundreds of millions to their accounts.

  15. Perhaps at last ,the people of the u.s will see justice after all.


  17. 190 sealed search warrants in VA, plus possibly more in DC


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