Is Transgender the new Black?

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False accusations of racism have emasculated the press when reporting on crimes committed by black people

Teflon Coating now works for Bruce Jenner

Daily Mail: Caitlyn Jenner ‘won’t be prosecuted for manslaughter’ following fatal car crash in February following ruling over ‘negligent’ actions

bruceIt has been claimed that Caitlyn Jenner will not be prosecuted for manslaughter.
The reality TV star – known previously as Bruce Jenner before undergoing a gender transition earlier this year – was involved in a fatal car crash in February that saw 69-year-old Kim Howe lose her life.
Prosecutors had been trying to determine whether they would charge Jenner with misdemeanour manslaughter for her role in the crash but, according to TMZ, she will now not face being charged with vehicular manslaughter.
The site claims to have information from ‘well-placed sources’ in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office that state those reviewing the case have decided her actions were negligent, rather than criminal…
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0 responses to “Is Transgender the new Black?

  1. is everyone just so tired of all things jenner and Kardashian ….

  2. Not even a reckless driving ticket for him/her/whatever?

  3. Transgender (but not the “courage” to remove the penis), a new “card” to play?

  4. All hat…no cattle.

  5. Bruce Jenner still has to face the civil lawsuits filed by the family of the victim, Kim Howe. And the proof-of-guilt in a civil lawsuit is far less demanding than in a criminal case. I wish the plaintiffs success.

  6. Every thing he does from now on will be pretty negligent.

  7. And who said being pretty doesn’t get you a bye?
    What happened to negligent homicide? Anyone else feel the rules aren’t being followed here?

  8. Really, “negligent, not criminal”?? Sorry, but the poor woman is dead, because of dick-headless!

  9. Any normal person would be behind bars and wearing prison stripes . As to the title of the article , I can only say this ” Meet the new boss , same as the old boss ” …….A great line from a great rock anthem . Actually the whole song damn near describes what we are going through , or about to be going through . Makes you wonder what they knew back in ’71 ?

  10. Well, if he isn’t going to be held accountable for negligent homicide, and I think that the Jury comes up with a compensation amount–let’s just hope that they (the Jury) are feeling very sympathetic towards the plantifs, and that they pick a very, very generous amount of money to award! I wonder how much liability insurance Jenner was carrying at the time? Of course, his insurance company is going to fight tooth n nail to keep any monetary compensation as low as possible. Let’s just hope that “if the jury feels the evidence warrants a guilty verdict,” that they pick a sum that overshadows the amount the insurance company is liable for! Again, I say–“if the preponderance of evidence indicates guilt,” then let him be truly held accountable, regardless of what the PC police agencies, DA, etc. have chosen to do, or not do. It would seem that justice is not blind, as we have been lead to believe!


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