Is this Michelle Obama's weenie?

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On July 3, 2014, after officiating at a wedding of two homosexuals in New York, comedienne Joan Rivers was asked by an off-camera reporter: “Do you think the country … United States will see the first gay president or first woman president?”
This is what Joan Rivers said, sounding weary and definitely not in a joking mood:

“We already have [the first gay president] with Obama, so let’s just calm down. You know Michelle is a tranny… a transgender. We all know.“

Two months to the day of Joan Rivers’ outing of the Obamas, she was declared dead after she had stopped breathing during a routine endoscopy in a clinic.
The word “tranny” may refer to either a transvestite or a transsexual/transgender. Long before Rivers’ outing, there were rumors on the Internet that the First Lady of the United States of America is actually a man. See my post “Michelle Obama is a transexual?.” The rumors are such that, by now, more and more Americans think Michelle Obama is a man.
Even Alex Jones weighed in. On July 9, 2014, probably prompted by Rivers’ outing of the Obamas, Jones said (10:27 mark):

I’ve always looked at her [Michelle Obama’s] jaw, her shoulders, her pelvis, all of it looks male. She has that male superman physique [Alex Jones makes hand gestures of an inverted triangle]. And, it just clicked. You know what? I bet she is not who she says she is…. They lie about everything else!

On Thursday (March 13, 2015), The Ellen DeGeneres Show released a preview clip for an upcoming episode showing Michelle Obama and DeGeneres dancing to the song “Uptown Funk.” Towering over Ellen and six other dancers, Mooch wore a pair of white pants and a black top and short jacket that reached to just below the waist, thereby exposing her crotch and hips.
The video of Mooch dancing has gone viral. The dancing begins at the 3:14 mark:

Here are screenshots I took, showing what appears to be Mooch’s penis:
Here’s a cropped enlarged view of the screenshots:
Michelle's weenie
Here’s an even more magnified view:
0.58 cropped & enlarged
That strange-looking “fold” in Mooch’s white pants looks similar to this one in a pic taken early in Obama’s first term:
To the ladies among FOTM’s readers:

Does your crotch ever show a weenie bulge like Mooch’s?

I can honestly say that none of my pants had ever shown a “fold” like Mooch’s weenie bulge.
What do you think?


I missed Mooch’s swinging nuts when I first posted about “her” dancing. Please see “Michelle Obama’s swinging nuts on the Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Feb. 21, 2017.

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0 responses to “Is this Michelle Obama's weenie?

  1. The least ~ Michael~ could do is make an effort to hide it. You should start a Send Michael Obama A Roll of Duct-Tape Campaign!

  2. I think she’s a he

  3. another shadow…this time on ellen degenerate show…..I think a shadow of things to come

  4. you know what? in the last 2 weenie shots, both “weenies” appear to be the same size

  5. Survey needs another option, “Wth does it matter?”

  6. Is Michelle a man? The evidence certainly “points” that way.

  7. “That’s a man, baby!” –Austin Powers

  8. Hey, LOOK, she’s not the first! Why do you think Hillary Clinton always wears pantsuits? So when she bends over, you don’t see her b*lls!
    “In olden days a long silk stocking was looked upon as something shocking/Now Heaven knows, anything goes….”
    Yep, the Kinks were also right: “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls.” WELCOME TO THE VOMITORIUM! STEP RIGHT THIS WAY!
    (Every now and then I need a good dirty laugh!)

    • If someone had the brass ones to walk up to Michael and pull it’s pants down or hike it’s dress up that might clarify some doubts a bit, but then the person doing the act would probably disappear, never to be seen again
      I had Obama lovers explain to me the crotch package as. a racist hater photoshopped the 1st whatever to discredit our beloved dictator or Moochell just has larger then most labia…..yup uh huh, if you say so.
      If it is a real weenie It’s not something I would brag bout if I was Michael, looks more like a cocktail weenie
      The song’s about 40 years old, could have been written yesterday
      From blues Longjohn Baldry
      The gays are straight,
      and the straights are queer,
      and the BI’s just call
      everybody dear.
      Because a thrill’s a thrill,
      even in paradise
      Leather whips And fingertips
      I know a boy who is growing, growing.
      A thrill’s a thrill
      Even in paradise
      Instead of playing Hail to the Chief whenever
      Obama makes an appearance A Thrill’s a Thrill
      might be more apropriate

  9. Those pants are an improper fit and design. No woman should ever be wearing those.
    I miss Joan…she would have a good time with this!

    • Unless a woman is super-model thin, white pants are unflattering and very unforgiving because they show every stain, fold, bump, & bulge. White pants especially should be eschewed when a tranny wants to conceal his weenie. LOL
      Just goes to show Mooch’s oversized and self-delusional ego.

    • Ok, but that was NOT a woman wearing those pants! And that’s the big story here, not the pants themselves as a fashion item (or not)

  10. Even watching her/him dance reminded me of dance movements of a male. Why on earth would there not be a greater effort of hiding these bulges? I’m not sure whether special underwear is needed, or some special suppression cup or what, but it is rather gross looking at “the first lady” displaying such an oddity, and it has happened numerous times!

  11. Holy moly!!!!

  12. Hey Michelle / Michael, show us the pregnancy pics!!!
    Hey Hitlary, show us the pregnancy pics!
    Hey Barry, show us a fkn valid US birth certificate.
    All fake, all frauds, all mafia minions.

  13. If this isn’t a male part, she’s the most unlucky woman on the planet. Also, I find it rather classless for the first lady of the United States to be dancing like that.

  14. It never learned to really work or be productive. This is all it can do after years and years of being a collectivist community organizer. It needs to dance on a pole in some dumpy queer/queen bar back in chicagostan.

  15. for me the strongest evidence lies at the 4:01 mark to about 4:08. it is hanging to her right.

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  17. Is it just me, or was she trying to rearrange it while dancing. Looked like some sneaky grabbing was happening.
    So undignified for a First Lady.

  18. I wonder if she has a ” c.c.w. ” ?…..I also wonder if her favorite r’n’r’ song is the last song on ” Toys in the Attic ” by Aerosmith ?…..I also , also wonder if Ellen said to her ” Is that a sock in your pants or are you just happy to see me ? “

  19. Yeah, can’t see anything at all feminine about the “moocher”.

  20. Michele Obama FATHERED those 2 daughters. Obama is a gay indonesian hooker planted by CIA. Obama’s SSN was stolen from Harrison Bounel (died in Newtown CT) at this Hospital:

  21. The First Yeti’s machoness is uncanny
    Many wonder if he could be a tranny
    Perhaps he’s got a knack
    To tuck his gear back,
    And carry it around in her fanny?

  22. Black dude also sees Mooch’s weenie:

  23. wonder if she has a licker license?

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