Is this man 'Petrus Romanus'?

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Are We About To Witness The Rise Of Petrus Romanus?

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And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” Revelation 16:13,14
Is this man ‘Petrus Romanus’?
First published in 1595, the prophecies were attributed to St. Malachy by a Benedictine historian named Arnold de Wyon, who recorded them in his book “Lignum Vitæ.” Tradition holds that Malachy had been called to Rome by Pope Innocent II. While there, he experienced the vision of the future popes, including the last one, which he wrote down in a series of cryptic phrases.
Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Archbishop emeritus of Cape Coast (Ghana), was born on 11 October 1948 in Wassaw Nsuta, Ghana.
According to the prophecy, the next pope is to be the final pontiff, Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman. Some Catholics believe that the next pope on St. Malachy’s list heralds the beginning of “great apostasy” followed by “great tribulation,” setting the stage for the imminent unfolding of apocalyptic events, something many non-Catholics would agree with.
This would give rise to a false prophet, who according to the book of Revelation leads the world’s religious communities into embracing a political leader known as Antichrist. In recent history, several Catholic priests – some deceased now – have been surprisingly outspoken about what they have seen as this inevitable danger rising from within the ranks of Catholicism as a result of secret satanic “Illuminati-Masonic” influences.

“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven- hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.” – Malachy’s Prophecy Of The Last Pope
hese priests claim secret knowledge of a multinational power elite and occult hierarchy operating behind supranatural and global political machinations. Within this secret society are sinister false Catholic infiltrators who understand that as the Roman Catholic Church represents one-sixth of the world’s population and over half of all Christians, it is indispensable for controlling future global elements in matters of church and state. The dark forces seek to fulfill a diabolical plan they call “Alta Vendetta,” which is set to assume control of the papacy and to help the False Prophet deceive the world’s faithful (including Catholics) into worshipping Antichrist. As stated by Michael Lake on the front cover, Catholic and evangelical scholars have dreaded this moment for centuries.
Unfortunately, as readers are told, the time to avoid Peter the Roman just ran out. source – WND
(Editor’s Note: We present this to you for your consideration, as it is a widely-discussed story. However, please note that as bible believers, we put our faith only in the prophecies mentioned in God’s word – the Holy Bible – from Genesis to Revelation, and not in the word of man outside of the bible, as was Malachy and the “prophecy” of Petrus Romanus.


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  1. dear brothers & Sisters in Christ
    WHO CRUSHES THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT in this, the year of the snake??! PRAY, PRAY. PRAY & FAST!!!
    The Angelic Salutation is THE MOMENT when THE SWORD WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST WAS MADE FLESH, & all evil was & forever will be defeated for all eternity.
    Hail Mary, full of grace!
    The Lord is with Thee
    Blessed art thou amongst women
    and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.
    Holy Mary, Mother of God,
    pray for us sinners,
    now and at the hour of our death

  2. Seems like the heat in the kitchen is being turned up.
    So many people can’t take the heat. Well, unless this Petrus Romanus is a close relative of the Three Hebrew Boys who withstood the Fiery Furnace, then good luck!!!!!
    Meanwhile we are praying for God to intervene in the series of war outbreaks that are being orchestrated by the greedy oligarchs and their puppets and subsiduaries.
    I don’t blame the Pope for resigning from his post at all.
    He is honest to announce that his health and age both are making it difficult,if not impossible to carry out the duties he would love to be fulfilling. We do need a great person to take his place, so inspite of all the dire predictions and any amount of frogs jumping out of mouths, remember that they were just one of the many plagues that tempted Pharoah to pursue the Children of Israel as they left Egypt, and look what happened to him and his chariot riding army. The God I serve, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the Great I AM God, the Ayiah Asher High God, the Holy ONe of Israel, whose word became flesh and dwelt among us, OUr Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth is BEAUTIFUL FOR SITUATIONS. So there has to be a way out of no way for the inhabitants of this planet to make their way across this particular version of the Red Sea which seemingly is in our way. The Terminator may indeed be passing over us but we have the Blood of the Lamb daubed on our three spiritual doorposts so our first born will survive and we will be able to make it through to the New Heaven and the New Earth just like the Bible says is to be. Halleluyah!!!!

  3. For the purpose of discussion…Who’s crazy now?
    The Transnational Hand Behind The Rise Of President Obama, The Coming Kingdom Of Antichrist, And Petrus Romanus

  4. We do find it interesting the Pope made a recent General Audience Address which we posted about: – “By faith, – writes the author of the Letter to the Hebrews – we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the visible world was made out of the invisible” (11.3). Faith implies, therefore, being able to recognize the invisible, by identifying traces of it in the visible world. The believer can read the great book of nature and understanding its language (cf. Ps 19.2 to 5), the universe speaks to us of God (cf. Rom 1:19-20), but we need the Word of His revelation, that stimulates faith, so that man can achieve full awareness of the reality of God as Creator and Father. In the book of Sacred Scripture human intelligence can find, in the light of faith, the interpretative key to understanding the world.”

  5. As I wrote in a slightly earlier posting, all we can do –and perhaps all we should do– is wait and see.
    The choices to be made will not be by us, nor are they likely to be of our will’s desire.
    Best to attend to our spiritual fortress and ensure that it is secure.

  6. Incidentally, as a devout Catholic, which was the ancient Church continuing on throughout history and the Catholic Church in the current 21st century, and as the Church that was responsible for putting the Bible together, its Canons, lead by the Holy Spirit for all of you Bible believers, relies on the Holy Scriptures, Tradition and the Magesterial Teaching of the Church. The Triune God will guide the Catholic Church, as it always has, in the selection of the next Pope.
    I will miss Pope Benedict XVI but understand how age and health are affecting his current ability to go on as Pope. I pray to God for him and the next Pope.

  7. I am a Xtian but not catholic. Did this supposed prophecy by St Malachy say there would 112th pope is this Petrus or rather that he would be the last pope? Secondly, is it clearly stated that he would be a false, bad or evil pope, or rather does the said prophecy just state that he would be pope in very difficult times?

    • Like all prophecies, the language of the one attributed to St. Malachy is rather vague and ambiguous, which lends itself to all kinds of interpretation. Malachy simply named the last pope as “Petrus Romanus”; whether that’s the pope’s given name or chosen name as pope or simply, as some say, being the last pope, he would be like the first Peter — Simon, to whom Jesus entrusted the founding of His church: “On this rock (petra in Greek) I will build my church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” St. Malachy never said Petrus Romanus would be evil or good, just that he would be the last pope.
      From Wikipedia:
      “The Prophecy of the Popes is a series of 112 short, cryptic phrases in Latin which purport to predict the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few antipopes), beginning with Pope Celestine II. The alleged prophecies were first published by Benedictine monk Arnold de Wyon in 1595. Wyon attributes the prophecies to Saint Malachy, a 12th‑century Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland. Given the very accurate description of popes up to 1590 and lack of accuracy after that year, Catholic historians generally conclude that the alleged prophecies are a fabrication written shortly before they were published. The Roman Catholic Church also dismisses them as forgery.”


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