Is This a Threat?

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The Washington Federation of State Employees has issued a video from Western State Hospital  (a mental hospital) asking Washington State citizens to call the legislature to prevent cuts to their budget. The LPN in the video states, “because of State cutbacks, voilence has become all to common.  What they (the politicians) need to do is find real solutions to the budget mess instead of putting the lives of the public at greater risk.” The last words in the video come from a “patient” that states “I’ll kill you“.  Here’s the video.

Was this intentionally planned by the union? And what happened to becoming more “civil” with our discourse? This sounds like some violent rhetoric to me.
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  1. As a retired medical professional, I can vouch that this is true. Even in a medical hospital, we were overloaded with patients…(2005).
    We didn’t have a chance to eat, take a break and we had so many patients it was dangerous for both us and them. If we got sick because our immunities wore down, we were threatened with our jobs for the most part…if we didn’t make it to work.
    People just don’t understand…there are allot of hospital errors, true. But we have to look at the corporations that own these hospitals. They are suppose to be “not for profit” yet…
    No one wants to go union because we care about our patients…(most of us). And when we put them first and the doctor doesn’t like it, or it makes the hospital no money, we are fired. More cuts…too dangerous. Lives are at stake everywhere.

    • I’d rather the state not make cuts at Western, that’s where the really dangerous people are. There are plenty other areas for the State to cut from yet they always start with the most vital services/needs.
      I just don’t like this particular tactic from the union.

  2. DCG is right. They always threaten cuts for the most sympathetic and/or violent outcomes first, while entitlements are spared.
    In fact, the state still has enough money to fund public bicycle trails:


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