Is there a Mi Cha El Mey Er?

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Muslim classroom

A true story.
During attendance call on the first day back at school in Bradford, England, a teacher began calling out the names of the pupils:
“Mustafa El Ekh Zeri?”
“Achmed El Kabul?”
“Fatima Al Chadoury?”
“Abdul Alu Ohlmi?”
“Mohammed Ibn Achrha?”
“Mi Cha El Mey Er?”
Silence in the classroom.
“Mi Cha El Mey Er?”
Continued silence as everyone looked around the room. She repeated, “Is there any child here called Mi Cha El Mey Er?”
A boy stood up and said, “Sorry, Miss, I think that’s me. It’s pronounced Michael Meyer.”

Just remember that Europe today is America tomorrow!
H/t my sis-in-law Shireen.

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  1. “Press ‘2’ for English… “

  2. There is such a thing as being too Liberal.

  3. That would be very funny except for the chilling implications, and yes, with our present course, I can definitely see this as America in a few years.

  4. Not without a drag-down bloody fight! …. At which point “laid back America” just might realize what’s at stake!


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