Is the Charlie Hebdo Paris massacre a false flag?

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False flag! False flag!
That’s the cry on the Internet as soon as news comes of yet another traumatic incident of shooting deaths.
This time, it’s the killing on Jan. 7, 2015 in Paris, France, of 12 staff members of the satirical Charlie Hebdo news magazine (hebdo means weekly), and the injuring of another 11, by three Islamic gunmen, including brothers Saïd Kouachi and Chérif Kouachi. The news weekly has published controversial satirical depictions of Islam and the prophet Muhammad.
Two days later, on Jan. 9, the gunmen engaged in a shootout with police in a street near the Hebdo office. The three assailants were killed after they had shot dead three officers.
A “false flag” incident is some traumatic public event of mass casualties that is:

  • False: The public are given an untruthful version of the event by the government and the media. The falsity can range from no one actually had been killed or hurt (it was all theater); to some of the alleged victims are real; to all the alleged victims are real but the alleged perpetrator(s) is a fall guy who was set up by the “real” conspirators behind the scenes.
  • Results in a “rallying around the flag” effect: Whatever the true nature of the “false flag” event, the objective is to arouse and manipulate the emotions (fear, anger, outrage, indignation) of the public so that they’ll “rally around the flag” in an outburst of patriotism, supplying the government and its policies with their support and loyalty.

I have false flag fatigue after spending much time and energy unraveling and uncovering the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon Bombing false flags. See our:

From the inception of Fellowship of the Minds, our commitment is to the truth and to truth-telling. Therefore, notwithstanding my false-flag fatigue, I present to you “the buzz” out there on the anomalies and oddities about the Charlie Hebdo killings, for your discernment. 

1. French President said the Illuminati did the killings

To begin, a day after the Hebdo massacre, France’s socialist president François Hollande made this curious statement on national TV (0:45 mark in the video below):

“Ceux qui ont commis ces actes: ces terroristes, ces illuminés, ces fanatiques, n’ont rien à voir avec la religion musulmane”

Translated into English, what Hollande said was:

“Those who have committed these actions: these terrorists, these illuminated, these fanatics, have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

Note that the French word for the Latin word illuminati is illuminated. (Source: Google Translate)
4 days later on Jan. 13, 2015, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls seemed to clarify what Hollande had meant when he told members of the National Assembly: “France is at war with terrorism, jihadism and radical Islamism. France is not at war with a religion. France is not at war with Islam and Muslims.”
Still, one has to wonder why President Hollande included the Illuminati among those he holds responsible for the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

2. Eyewitness video of gunman shooting policeman – no blood

Then there is the eyewitness video uploaded onto YouTube by The New York Times, showing two gunmen in a shootout with the police on a street several blocks from Charlie Hebdo. According to the media, including The Washington Post and The Guardian, a police officer named Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim who shared Algerian heritage with his killers, was shot dead by the terrorists who ignored Merabet’s plea for mercy as he lay wounded on the ground.
At the 0:13 mark in the video below, Merabet fell to the ground, writhing. The two gunmen ran toward the fallen police officer, followed by a black screen. At the 1:00 mark, the two gunmen got into a car and left.

What’s fascinating is that since I first watched the video 5 days ago, the video’s been edited. The original video showed one of the gunmen pointing his AK-47 automatic rifle to the policeman’s head and shooting him point-blank. The original video also shows there was no exploding head; no blood. All that is now edited out, replaced with a brief black-out at the 0:20 mark.
The original unedited video continues to be removed and censored on YouTube and other platforms. But as Activist Post points out, countless videos of John F Kennedy’s head exploding from a long-distance shot remain on these websites.
Here are screenshots I took from the video below of what was edited out, and of a close-up of the shooting which shows the bullet didn’t hit the cop in his head as the media claim, nor is there any blood.
Charlie HebdoCharlie Hebdo

3. British Reporter’s Freudian Slip

In the video below, reporting on the terrorists’ shootout with police, a reporter for the UK’s Sky News pointed to a big blood stain on the street pavement where officer Ahmed Merabet was gunned down, and said (1:10 mark):
“You can see the blood on the ground, which has been put there to…” The reporter then catches himself and clarifies, “because of the blood that was shed on this spot yesterday.”

4. suicide of Police Commissioner investigating the Hebdo killings

On the night of Jan. 8, 2015, a day after the Hebdo massacre, 45-year-old French police commissioner Helric Fredou, who had been investigating the shootings, allegedly committed suicide.
Sputnik News reports that according to local media France 3, Fredou had suffered from depression and burn out. Shortly before committing suicide, he met with the family of a victim of the Charlie Hebdo attack, then killed himself preparing the report.
Recall that a lead investigator of the Sandy Hook school shooting, 49-year-old CT State Police Western District Commander William Podgorski, also mysteriously died on June 17, 2014, a day after his surgery for a “brief, undisclosed illness.” A friend who had seen Podgorski just a short time before his death, said the state trooper had appeared in perfect health. No further information has been released regarding his sudden death. (Read about other dead, missing, and disappeared Sandy Hook witnesses here.)
Helric Fredou & Wm Podgorski
Is there an innocent explanation for the above points 1-4? You decide.
You should know that politicians here in the United States are already exploiting the Charlie Hebdo massacre.
On January 7, 2015, the day of the Hebdo shootings, Republican senators said that given the Paris shootings, now is not the time to reform the NSA that has been and continues to conduct mass surveillance of every American’s phonecalls, emails, faxes, and credit transactions. See:

H/t Activist Post, Veterans Today, FOTM’s Kelleigh, maziel, Barry Soetoro Esq., Gingercake & josephbc69

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0 responses to “Is the Charlie Hebdo Paris massacre a false flag?

  1. This is just an unbelievably fabulous post! What with the news reporter slipping, and catching himself regarding the blood on the ground. Maybe if this was actually a false flag and the US knew about it before hand–it would seem plausible that that’s why they didn’t send any top delegates to France. This makes me prone to doubt all these supposedly horrific goings on!

  2. When I read about the policeman in France (who was investigating the Hebdo murders…) had committed suicide, I THOUGHT IMMEDIATELY that something is going on here. Now that I am reading all the media wailing about how muslims are misunderstood and all this crap. THEN, everywhere I am reading it seems like they are all coming out of the woodwork to get their degenerate agenda issues uploaded to American society now. I just heard this morning that University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is going to have their first Muslim Call-to-Prayer over the loud speaker all over campus, on this coming Friday. There is a great article in National Review Online by Andrew McCarthy, about how he is glad O’Jack didn’t go to Paris. (Bottom line: He is one of them!) And, how our government is overrun with them.

  3. I have been feeling like a callous person because I have barely given any of these stories in France even a second glance. I just don’t trust the “news” any more. Distract, distort or just plain invent. The “death” of Noah again recently was the last straw for me. I barely even miss Fox News on my DISH lineup.

  4. Jingo Patriotism + Event Illusory Correlation Manipulation =
    Graphic for Manufactured Consent Through Event Illusory Correlation
    It is important to understand Event Correlation serves a positive purpose in and for survival of the species, criminal investigations and literature as a partial list of examples.
    Government-Media market fear, terror; essentially domestic Psychological Warfare Operations by manipulating, directly and indirectly, Event Illusory Correlation with manufactured consent of the masses being the objective.
    If we understand String Theory in Physics [Theory of Everything T.O.E.], then we can extrapolate the Time-Space Continuum model of event(s), precisely piece together our cognitive model of Event Illusory Correlation.
    Event(s) + Awareness + Attraction + Attachment
    x Sub Conscious Linking(s)
    x Affiliated Relationship(s)
    = Event Illusory Correlation
    If the Government-Media create an Event Illusory Correlation of violence, death, reinforce it with emotions to include making a case for National Security then it does not matter whether the String is real or illusory they have succeeded in manufacturing consent for their agenda and pogroms.
    Graphic for SOCMED CRISIS COMM:

  5. Charlie Hebdo a false flag? Possible, but not likely. Closest Jihadists usually get to that is claiming Jews did something, typically after screwing it up and other Jihadists have tried to claim credit for it. (Allah’s watching, give him a good show!) French do it themselves? Not likely either. Truth is dumber and les sexy than fiction.

    • With all due respect, Anon, instead of declarations, it would be more helpful if you address the 4 points I raised in my post. I am open to counter-evidence and innocent explanations, and would like nothing better than to believe Charlie Hebdo (and Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing too) is legit. 🙂

  6. Excellent post, Doc! Couple of things jumped out at me from the start: one of the alleged gunmen conveniently leaving his ID behind. That’s the oldest con in the world. All they left out is a copy of the Catcher in the Rye. Oh, but wait, today it’s a copy of the Koran!
    Second is the source for all the info we’re getting. How many times have we been lied to by the msm, yet here they go again, unanimous in their version of facts. These are the same folks who are complicit in their knowledge of the truth behind aka Obama’s background, yet refuse to report it. The same folks who routinely spoon feed us photoshopped versions of history and deliberately mislead the world in their reporting of Sandy Hook and Boston. How can one take ANYTHING they say without a healthy dose of skepticism?

  7. “I have false flag fatigue…”

    You must have been reading my mind when I read this speculation a day after the attacks.

  8. “From the inception of Fellowship of the Minds, our commitment is to the truth and to truth-telling. Therefore, notwithstanding my false-flag fatigue, I present to you the buzz out there on the anomalies and oddities about the Charlie Hebdo killings, for your discernment.”
    And God bless you Eo, for this and all you do to make this one of the best sites ‘out there’.
    It is precisely because of your strong beliefs and your devotion to truth-seeking, that I’d take a bullet for you any day [I have taken a bullet, this is NOT a jest]. I say this even though we have differed in the past and may again in future, BUT: let the sparks fly and illumine the darkness!
    I just came home after another heroic day w/Lela, my oldest daughter, and this was the first email out of 137 [I erased some] that I opened to read & respond, so does that say something about my regard for you all?

  9. Not only is this a false flag, but I’m going to call it a mossad false flag at that due to the surrounding circumstances. For one France was going to be recognizing Palestine, for two the devil worshiper natanyahu had threatened France previously, for three, due to citizenship in oholibah declining because more moderate judaics just can’t take his psychotic dictatorship anymore, this is apparently being used to scare less informed judaics out of France (and into oholibah.) giving a pretext for more empire-building expansionism. and for four, any muslim with two braincells to rub together could see these being the natural results of such an action and would be disinclined to do such a thing. As per usual, ask who profits from the actions… it isn’t the lay jews, who are part of those targeted, who are being made to fear in order to force them to move, as per the usual devil worshiper behavior, it isn’t muslims, because that is also intended to have negative backlash against their demographic.
    From what I see, the devil worshiping state (France, the U.S., and oholibah/”israel”) profit from this, and yet more “terror” is generated for the war *for* terror to get people to accept kakistoplutocratic totalitarianism.
    Not to discourage you Dr. Eowyn, but expect more of this as the year goes on, remember the devil worshipers want to wear people ragged and completely terrify the public to the point of panicked exhaustion. Lets hope that Good Christian folk will stand up, seek God’s guidance, and pray against the schemes of evil.

    • Seumas. I would point out the role of the Progressive Globalist Elites Super-State as the functionary, as the ‘Peace March’ was more inclusive than your stated Three Devils: “(France, the U.S., and oholibah/”israel”)”.
      It is not enough to pick and choose a select few from a larger scoundrel class.

      • Indeed K2 the cult of the devil is much larger than those thralls, the “octopus” has much more than just a few tentacles. However to put a name to all of them across the board would more than likely exceed the comment length on this site. The ones so named seem to be the closest to the incident, although I imagine mercs or some private corporations were also involved. Funny thing how one never hears of mercs in mainstream or alt media, despite the fact they are bigger and meaner now than they ever were in the past.
        As always though, watch who profits, and how they profit.

        • Seamus: I did name them with brevity “Progressive Globalist Elites Super-State”.
          I cannot speak for FOTM however I would be thrilled to see your list of as you stated: “However to put a name to all of them across the board would more than likely exceed the comment length on this site.”
          Your list would go far in the process of understanding who is profiting from 1. Perpetual War, 2. Perpetual Violence and/or 3. Crashing Western-Civilization for Change of Governance Systems if my “Progressive Globalist Elites Super-State” is insufficient or in error.
          Thank you for your understanding and assistance in clarification for me.

  10. Ya know-I used to laugh at all those “Conspiracy Theorists”,always seeing Uncle Sam doing illicit business and sliding illegal behavior past the regular folks for big,”unknown-to-the-honest-people” reasons. Now,I’m realizing I’M one of ’em,and THEY’RE NOT NUTS! I’m starting to see truth in the old expression,”Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.”

    • Ditto! You’ve described my and Steve’s arc as well. It was only after years of blogging and being very informed and attuned to the news and what’s behind the news, that I’ve come to the realization that many of the “conspiracy theories” that are so maligned and mocked by the MSM actually are true.

  11. Dr. Eowyn –
    I appreciate FOTM’S exposure of the Sandy Hook hoax and the fake Boston Marathon bombing event. Recently, I made the decision on the website not to highlight any (so-called) “conservative” website that cannot acknowledge the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon events as “government contrived.”
    Frankly, I’ve become very wearied of those who purport to be “Conservative” and yet, they are “water boys” for mainstream media propaganda, parroting everything that is trotted out and dangled for their eyes to see and their ears to hear.
    Regarding the latest major “violence event” in Paris, Moralmatters has been covering it from the beginning. My “take” on these “events” is to note the certain “commonalities” that isolate them to false flag (hoax) status. Following, is my one definitive article in that regard:
    Telltale Signs Of Government Contrived Events
    As to the “false flag fatigue” I can very well, empathize. But, I’ve made it a big point on Moralmatters to cover some of these major “events” because reality and truth are held hostage by the “powers that be.” I’m convinced that in these last days, deception is running rampant and that many people will look to sources that will not molest or compromise absolute principles.
    Lately, I’ve attempted to challenge Moralmatters readers to realize the strong and deadly addiction that emanates from mainstream media and to encourage reading reliable Independent sources other than the humdrum Network cable news.
    Regarding the alleged Paris “shootings” I’ve consolidated all the 5 Moralmatters articles that I’ve authored so far. In these mini-commentaries I’ve also supplied the reader with multiple informational links. For those interested, have at it:
    Paris Shooting Hoax

    • Thank you, Pastor Bickel, for the links! Keep up the good work you’re doing on Moral Matters. 🙂

      • Dr. Eowyn – I’m happy to link FOTM. Your website is excellent! You cover a wide range of important issues. It’s websites such as yours which offer reality and truth to those pathetically influenced by mainstream media propaganda.

    • Dear thechristianmessagedotorg:
      Thank you for your comments, as they present an immense amount of good info in a convenient location.
      Just as you, “I’ve become very wearied of those who purport to be “Conservative” and yet, they are “water boys…” of neo-cons who are reactionaries in conservative clothing, giving us a bad name linkage, ‘guilty by association’ in effect.
      It took me twenty years to move from my adolescent progressivism to understanding that my sentiments were actually rooted in my father’s old-country conservative anarchy.
      My eyes were suddenly opened when I read Dr Richard Weaver’s astonishing tour de Force “Ideas Have Consequences”, which I’ve long recommended to readers here and elsewhere. Sadly Dr Weaver died far too young, BUT his masterpiece has NEVER gone out of print since 1948 at the University of Chicago Press. Good reading!

      • josephbc69 –
        Thank you for your kind words.
        I’m always elated to witness someone relating how they’ve come out of the culture’s darkness!
        Now that you have, spread the word to those still entrapped – especially to those who think they are “Conservative,” yet are the same who continue to embrace the wicked god of mainstream media propaganda!

  12. fellowship of retards

    • Just name calling, but not an iota of what can pass as substantive argument. Even Saul Alinsky in hell would be ashamed of you.
      But then what you give as your email address “cockupyourass@*****.com” really says it all about you, “dr john” in Dublin, Ireland. I sure hope not all Irish are as asinine as you.

      • We Will Call Him ‘The Jerry’ of Anti-Thought.
        The Jerry will label you in a discussion, as soon as you propose any Independent or Original Thought that stands in contradiction to The Jerry Segregated Group Think (J.S.G.T.). The Jerry utilizes this tactic for the following observed reasons:
        1. Allows The Jerry to falsely present uninformed opinion as fact, fact without principle.
        2. To belittle, dehumanize those The Jerry has been indoctrinated to fear.
        3. Smokescreen to cover the lack of concrete substance to The Jerry position.
        4. Inability to carry a reasonably expected civilized discussion of any depth, real meaning, past infantile regurgitation of The Jerry Segregated Group Think (J.S.G.T.) preapproved by The Party, The Super-State.
        The Jerry fears the What If?

      • dr john makes me ashamed to be Irish.

    • “And you look like a fine thing Jerry” -Excerpt from El Macho by Mark Knopfler

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  15. Fear not, the God of Peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly, no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way. Deceit will be dealt with accordingly and multiplied by 7. They wish to do it their way, there is only YAHWEH. Peace to the Fellowship.

  16. Yay! I thought you would have picked up on this one. Good job. Definitely a false flag. Any of you good at facial recognition? I was searching and found an article in the mirror on Jeanette Bougrab, Stephane’s wife. I found some pictures (linked below) that I thought was rather interesting. The picture at the rally shows someone behind her that I think is the same guy compare to the picture of Stephane…

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