Is That You, Sinéad?

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Sinéad O’Connor, 44, was backing singer for Natty Wailer at the recent Bray Seaside festival in Ireland.
Source: Daily Mail
On 24 August 1990, O’Connor was scheduled to perform in Holmdel, New Jersey. Shortly before the show was to begin, she refused to go on if the American national anthem was played, saying she “will not go on stage after the national anthem of a country which imposes censorship on artists. It’s hypocritical and racist.” Venue officials acquiesced to her demand and omitted the anthem, and so O’Connor performed, but they later permanently banned her.
Married three times, O’Connor outed herself as a lesbian in a 2000 interview in Curve, “although…I’ve gone out with blokes…I actually am a dyke.”Soon after, she declared in another interview in The Independent that “it was overcompensating of me to declare myself a lesbian…I am not in a box of any description.” Then in 2003 she stated that while most of her sexual relationships had been with men, she has had three relationships with women. Finally, in a May 2005 issue of Entertainment Weekly, she stated, “I’m three-quarters heterosexual, a quarter gay.”
On an 4 October 2007 broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show, O’Connor disclosed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder four years earlier, and had attempted suicide on her 33rd birthday on 8 December 1999.

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0 responses to “Is That You, Sinéad?

  1. Major headcase! I feel sorry for her children and parents.

  2. Sinead looks like a masculine, goth Elton John.

  3. oy…..
    she has children?

  4. One sick confused person. God helps those kids !

  5. Hey !
    We don’t care
    O’Connor has one of the BEST singing voices in ALL OF HISTORY
    William H. Gathercole and Norah G
    National Organization Responding Against Huje that TERRORIZE, HARM, and THREATEN the Green Space Industry ( NORAHG )

    • She has the best voice in history? That’s ur opinion, which you can have. Doesn’t change the fact “she” is one confused & sick person that is in need of mental help.

    • Hey !
      No one is asking you to “care.”
      The post isn’t about whether O’Connor is a good singer. It’s about the shocking change in her physical appearance from the ethereal beauty she was. That kind of drastic change speaks to chaos, to put it mildly, within.

  6. She is and has always been a nutcase and one of the darlings of the loony left here, along with Obama and his commie ilk. She tore up a picture of the last Pope on TV and is an insult to Irish Catholic people the world over. God forgive her, for most of Ireland won’t.

  7. LOL – I’ve heard of being beaten with the ugly stick, but I think the whole forest landed on her.
    What happened?

  8. Am I The Only One?

    Too bad she wasn’t born with both sex organs, then she could go screw herself!
    I tried to keep my words as clean as I could!..But you folks know what I didn’t say!

  9. Hey, Roy Orbison’s changed his wardrobe for the worse… no, wait, he’s dead isn’t he?

  10. This loonie POS is so typical of the leftist, liberal decadents who dirty the modern scene….she is a perfect match for the other POS Bill Maher.


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