Is Perry a Bully?

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Pictures Show Perry Physically Intimidating Ron Paul

Alex Jones Comment: Ron Paul’s campaign needs to make a public statement on this incident. Perry’s thuggish behavior is identical to how he confronted me in a Mexican restaurant several years ago.
Pictures taken during a commercial break in last night’s GOP debate at the Reagan Presidential Library document how Texas Governor Rick Perry attempted to physically intimidate Congressman Ron Paul, prompting Paul’s security to intervene.
Photographs published by the AP and Reuters show a stern looking Perry holding Paul’s wrist and waving a finger in his face.
Reports by Fox News and International Business Times state that during the break Perry “walked up to Paul’s podium, physically grabbed Paul’s wrist, and pointed at Paul’s face with his other hand.”  Full Story

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0 responses to “Is Perry a Bully?

  1. Until we know what they were talking about I can’t make any judgments but… that looks pretty bad.

  2. Not sure about the bully angle, but I know he is a RINO.
    And I still do not get why so many “conservatives” continue to view him as the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

    • Concur Dave, again we are stuck w/RINOs.. Sigh. At this point, Cain, Perry , et al not doing it for me. West is not an option 🙁 And no way Palin can win. God, why can’t repubs put forth a serious candidate? Rubio…hello!

  3. I don’t know…..compared to Mitt, he’s not so much of a RINO… I like whaty he said about Social Security being a Ponzi scheme that had Rove etc going apoplectic. I like Perry.
    Michelle Bachmann is going no where fast and neither is Ron Paul.
    Rand Paul was on Hannity and asked him about the Perry/Paul “incident” after the debate and Rand Paul said it was absolutely nothing & that there was no problem between them and that it was an example of a what Gingrich was talking about…trying to make it out as though the Republicans were destroying each other/themselves so Obama comes out looking better.

  4. My biggest concern with Paul is his complete lack comprehension of world politics. When I heard him, in the previous debate, say that the Middle East should be left alone my jaw dropped to the floor. Then he said that Israel should take care of its own problems, and that they weren’t the US’s concern, I stopped looking at him as a candidate right then and there. Israel is our only friend in the Middle East. You don’t turn your back on your only friend. Maybe he said something different, this time, I missed some of the debate, but it would be too little too late anyway. No candidate can pretend like the Middle East doesn’t matter, ever, and be taken seriously.

    • Judy,
      For most of Ron Paul’s political life, he was a Libertarian, before he switched his party ID to Republican solely because he, rightly believes 3rd parties never win elections, including presidential elections. Libertarians are isolationist in foreign policy — thus Paul’s statement about leaving the Middle East alone.

  5. Republicans will have RINO canidates as long as they allow the lame stream media to choose their canidates…and Paul was a Jeffersonian/libertarian while Perry was an AL GORE DEMOCRAT.
    as far as letting Israel tend to it’s own problems…if you do your due diligence,it’s because he views the US (ie State Dept interests…not necessarily We the People) interference as counterproductive to Israels interests and peace …. but anyone who went to
    and listened to ANY of his speeches or past interviews would see that he has been 100% consistent and true to his word for over 30 years….
    you just have to think when you listen to him,hmm okay?

  6. Rand Paul, his son, said the exchange was friendly and the picture is misleading.

  7. This was no physical confrontation, it is a picture op showing two men discussing the price of rice in China, nothing more. Perry is holding Paul’s arm to keep him from picking his nose. The next picture would have shown them embracing and returning to their respective spots. This is child’s play compared to the argument Barack Obama had with himself after his speech last night. I think he even slapped himself once or twice. He forgot to mention what Carney talked about, “putting Party above country.”

  8. Message to Dan
    I am tired of hearing people complain about Perry being an “Al Gore Democrat” back then
    People, one hopes grow and evolve as they progress in life. At the time that Perry supported Gore he was a conservative Dem, quite the different Al than he is now.
    Pre Obama I was a Dem from a long line of Democrats. I was a delegate from my state for Hillary Clinton! The dirty tricks and fraud by the DNC and Acorn etc as they gifted Obama with the nomination made the scales fall from my eyes and created an incredible epiphany…….I never could understand the support let alone fervor for Obama as I always saw him as a dirty, lying rat but what I lived through has made it impossible for me to go backwards and I couldn’t vote for Hillary now if she were to run against Obama.
    I have evolved into a Conservative and so I understand how ones’ world view, vision can change.
    I actually like that about Perry, it shows he is a man capable of growth and thought not an immutable Idealog.

  9. big texas tough guy, douche


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