"Is ObamaCare Constitutional?" Poll

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USConstitution.net has an online poll on whether you think ObamaCare is constitutional.
You have a choice between “yes” for socialists; “unsure” for maroons; and “no” for patriots who love the Constitution. 
CLICK HERE to vote.
H/t beloved FellowshipOfMinds member Muffin!

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3 responses to “"Is ObamaCare Constitutional?" Poll

  1. No it is not constitutional and neither is the fraud in our whitehouse! He needs to go NOW!

  2. The new HealthCare ,as I understand it, allows Muslims to be exempt from having to buy health insurance. This is because Sharia law forbids participation in usury. If this is true,now we have a way to legally force the towelheads back to their “Allah” land.

  3. Yeah, what Tina said!


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