Is Obama the Kingfish of the 21st Century?

Huey P. Long  aka “The Kingfish”, populist Democrat Senator and Governor of Louisiana, was a legend during the Great Depression for his “Every Man a King” plan to redistribute the wealth of the super rich.  When I saw this old video, it reminded me of you-know-who.  From now on, I’m not calling him Skippy, I’ll call him Kingfish Junior. 
FYI, the full text of this speech is on the Youtube page.

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Danny Adams
8 years ago

The only flaw I see in this analogy is that Obama would have to be a lot more effective and popular to be the new Kingfish…

8 years ago

Yea, the only Kingfish Obama resembles is the one from the old t.v. series Amos and Andy. Good old Kingfish trying to run the neighborhood and buttin’ into everybodys business!!!

al sowins
al sowins
8 years ago

And Holder is Alphonsus J Calhoun, with about the same grasp of the Law. Joe Biden is Lightning, tending to picking up after his masters are done for the time. Thats his payback for demeaning Oscumbag during the campaign. Pelosi and Reid have the wrong blood type so are not allowed in front of the yellow line. They have to sit in the back of the bus, with the republicans. Sharpton and Jackson and their assorted thugs are Amos and Andy and the Black Mafia, smalltime crooks empowered by their pathetic, ignorant, amoral electorates and institutions. How to deal with… Read more »