Is Obama Stretching Our Military to the Breaking Point?

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This probably falls in category of a Conspiracy Theory. After talking to a friend at work I’m beginning to think that the events in the Middle East have a darker underbelly and that the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and al Qaeda are major players.
Now ask yourself a question, if you were the enemy of a powerful nation, say the U.S. and that nation had elected a president who is an apologist for aggressive U.S. actions against muslim countries and also sympathetic to those same countries. What actions would you take to significantly weaken that country’s military and stretch it so thin that it would almost render it ineffective?
Well I believe that with the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the military action in Libya we are seeing systematic steps to see just how thin we can be stretched throughout the world. I don’t believe these protests and riots in these muslim countries are just a coincidence. It is a planned jihad against the west and specifically against the United States. The terrorist organizations are playing Obama like a cheap violin knowing that he will kowtow to the UN and keep getting us involved in these “humanitarian missions” and keep depleting our military assets .
I don’t have any proof that this is happening other than a gut feeling and the knowledge that a weak, ineffective and inept president is leading us down a dark road filled with mines just waiting to explode.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Is Obama Stretching Our Military to the Breaking Point?

  1. good theory stretch the military out with multiple conflicts. attrition will eventual erode the numbers and moral plus machinery. it happened to Assyria, then to Rome stretch out a nations frontier. keep it involved in many small conflicts, and with a muslim sympathizer in the white house (obama) trouble is sure to follow.

  2. when its over where will they hide,,,check your borders. no one else is.

  3. In Dave’s Amurrica, this impostor would have been run off 16 months ago.
    Correction, this flaming fraud of a former community pisser-offer would have never been elected dog catcher, much less POTUS.
    What THE HELL is wrong with the American people?
    Given the spinelessness of the repubes in congress, I just hope we will make it as an intact nation until January of 2013.
    I have some very serious doubts that we will.


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