Is engineer of deadly Amtrak train crash a Muslim?

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Two days ago on May 12, 2015, an Amtrak Northeast Regional commuter train derailed 11 minutes after leaving the Philadelphia, Penn. station, killing at least 7 and injuring 200 others. It is America’s deadliest train accident in nearly 7 years.
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) member Robert Sumwalt told reporters yesterday that seconds before the crash, the train had been traveling at more than twice the legal speed limit, at 106 mph, as it entered a sharp curve at Frankford Junction.
WTXF reported that the train’s engineer has been identified as 32-year-old Brandon Bostian. Police sources told WTXF Bostian was taken to a local hospital after the crash and blood samples were taken from him in accordance with standard procedure. Bostian asked for a lawyer and told city investigators he didn’t remember what happened.
Sumwalt said federal accident investigators want to talk to Bostian but will give him a day or two to recover from the shock of the accident: “This person has gone through a very traumatic event, and we want to give him an opportunity to convalesce for a day or so before we interview him. But that is certainly a high priority for us, to interview the train crew.”
Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said it was too early to determine whether to pursue a criminal investigation, explaining that many details of Tuesday deadly crash have yet to come out. Both the train’s “black box” data recorder and a video camera in its front end could yield clues to what happened.
Amtrak had inspected the stretch of track just hours before the accident, and found no defects, the Federal Railroad Administration said.
Dave Levine, of the Dave Levine (radio talk) Showwrites on his blog:

This story doesn’t make any sense. The train’s engineer-driver was injured and survived the derailment. The media has been avoiding mentioning him and doing investigative work to find out about the man…until this afternoon.
Is he an Islamist? Was he drunk? Did he pass out at the wheel? Was he on drugs? Did he simply fall asleep? Was he texting his boyfriend at the time of the crash? What the hell was it going 106 mph?
One thing we do know–he refused to answer police questions and got “lawyered up” right away. His name is Brandon Bostian, 32 of Queens, NY.

Brandon Bostian has a Facebook page: Columnist/blogger Don Hank found that Bostian had removed a photo of himself from Facebook at 01:39 on May 13, just a few hours after the crash.
From the “Likes” on Bostian’s Facebook page, however, my guess is that Brandon Bostian is a homosexual, not a Muslim. His “Likes” include:

  • Rethink Church
  • The Rock Campus Church
  • Out Professionals
  • Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center
  • The Outs

Here’s a screenshot I took of his “Likes” page, with the date and time when I took it in the lower right, in case Bostian takes down his Facebook page entirely.

↓ Click to enlarge! ↓

Brandon Bostian1
CNN has a picture of Brandon Bostian:
Brandon Bostian
Writing for CNN, May 14, 2015, Holly Yan says this is what we know about Brandon Bostian:

  • He has been an Amtrak engineer since 2010, according to his LinkedIn profile. Before that, he was an Amtrak conductor for four years.
  • He graduated from the University of Missouri in 2006 with a degree in business administration and management.
  • He now lives in Queens, NY.
  • Bostian’s attorney, Robert Goggin, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that his client “was beat up” in the crash. “He has 15 staples in his head, stitches in one leg, the other knee is immobilized.”
  • Goggin said Bostian suffered a concussion and doesn’t remember why the train was going so fast, “I believe as a result of the concussion, he has absolutely no recollection whatsoever of the events. I’m told that his memory is likely to return as the concussion symptoms subside.” Bostian’s last memory before the crash was trying to slow down before the curve.
  • Neighbor Moresh Koya described Bostian as a responsible, nice guy who enjoyed his job: “He liked it. He was happy working there.”

H/t Don Hank

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0 responses to “Is engineer of deadly Amtrak train crash a Muslim?

  1. I’ve been wondering why there’s no deeper investigation into him. If he liked a TEA Party page on FB, the SRM would be all over him.

  2. traildustfotm

    Considering the gay link, what will they find was going on in the cabin at the moment the train left the tracks?

  3. Agreed. There is something funny about this whole thing. The engineer acted totally irreponsible or it was another terriorist attack. I pray they throw the book at him with a death sentence. I do not want to spend tax dollars on keeping him alive.

  4. I heard Alex Jones say today that a lot of train crashes are because the track system is old.

    • The engineer was driving the train to fast. He had to make the decision to speed up the train. Trains do not speed up by themselves. Unless he was totally inexperienced and that does not seem to be the case. Granted there are probably some very old RR tracks out there that get a lot of heavy train traffic and not much attention. No matter how safe RR tracks are or highways or waterways, if someone wants to act irresponsible, stuff happens and there will be consequences.

      • Your reply is most interesting, for this reason: Yes, trains don’t NORMALLY speed up on their own (air brakes). So, there could have been sabotage here to thwart that, if this is the case, and Bostian could not have done that (on his own, at least). In all fairness, the entire maintenance history of the locomotive in question would have to be traced. But the point is fair, given this age of manufactured terror: This angle has to be examined thoroughly. (But I doubt that it will).

  5. I say this in all humility– Good thing I am not the Judge.

  6. Okay, off the wall here, since the government owns Amtrak and managed it poorly, was this just another false flag, since in absolutely record time, they are denigrating Republicans for no funds, but failed to mention the government mismanagement. Another severe emergency to use in their favor?
    BTW Amtrak is due to receive another 7 billion over the next few years, doesn’t sound like withholding to me.
    Okay, over and out.

  7. Lance Jackson

    This may sound crazy but we do live in a crazy world run by pure evil. The thought crossed my mind if he was an MK Ultra programmed subject who was given whatever cue is needed to carry out their evil task. First a young pilot crashes an airliner into the ground, now this….next?

  8. Everyone,please-go to removing the shackles website,read the article on who these people were follow links for in depth info. These monsters need dealt with.

    • Doc,this will also tie in with all the research you did on chemicals on the BP oil spill. Chemtrails,Bottled water,Monsanto, Gates, the cabal. When these mercenaries protecting these germs realize their digital money is worthless, these evil beings are going down and it will be quick.

  9. Why is the title if this post, ” is engineer of deadly Amtrak train crash a Muslim?” I will admit, it sounded ignorant from the onset, but I was still intrigued after it popped up In my search results. So, I read the whole poorly written thing, and was left with not even a hint as to why the author would pose this question. Could it really be that you folks are so dumb, that you would just assume that any incident with a high casualty rate is most likely the work of a Muslim terrorist? Wow, I mean just wow! And why are there comments pointing out sexual orientation? Are you actually implying that just because there is a possibility this man is a homosexual, that he was engaging in gay sex acts while he was supposed to be piloting the train? Based on the same logic, allow me to make some absurd generalizations about you all. I infer that because you are signed up on this website, that you are probably male, white, straight, and Christian. Because you are Christian I will assume you are a moron who doesn’t accept proven scientific facts. I also find myself wondering if you will take your crazy religious beliefs to the extreme, and commit a terrorist act like many other highly religious people have. I will also assume that anytime you make an error on the job (which, let’s not forget, has not been proven yet in the case of Mr. Bostian) that your girlfriend was present and was giving you a handy not allowing you to focus on the task at hand…. because you are a straight man, and that’s how straight men behave. Am I making accurate assumptions about you and your readers? Probably not, huh. Honestly, There really should be an island for people like you guys!

    • “Why is the title if this post, ‘is engineer of deadly Amtrak train crash a Muslim?’ …So I read the whole poorly written thing, and was left with not even a hint as to why the author would pose this question.”
      You poor creature, lacking even basic skills in reading comprehension. The answer to your question is right there in my post:
      Dave Levine, of the Dave Levine (radio talk) Show, writes on his blog: “…The media has been avoiding mentioning him and doing investigative work to find out about the man…until this afternoon. Is he an Islamist?


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