Is Ebola pandemic a false flag?

The Ebola epidemic that began in West Africa last spring, has now become a worldwide pandemic:

  • A reported 4,500 people in West Africa had died from the terrible hemorrhagic fever. (In the infection’s last stage, the victim bleeds from every orifice.)
  • In the United States, one man had died — a Liberian named Thomas Eric Duncan who, despite being infected with the Ebola virus, nevertheless flew from Nigeria and was admitted by U.S. Customs. Two more are now infected, Amber Joy Vinson and Nina Pham. Both are nurses who had attended to Duncan at Dallas’ Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.
  •  In Spain, a woman is hospitalized and diagnosed with Ebola.

In response, some state and local governments in the U.S. went into overdrive:

  • 10 days ago on October 7, even though no one in Connecticut was or is reported to be infected, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy signed an order declaring a public health emergency for the state, thereby giving the public health commissioner the authority to quarantine and isolate people whom the commissioner “reasonably believes has been exposed to the Ebola virus.” (NECN) Recall that Connecticut is home of the Sandy Hook hoax.
  • Schools in Texas and Ohio are closed (Oct. 16) after officials learned that students and an adult had either been on the flight with the infected nurse, Amber Joy Vinson, or had contact with her while she was visiting the Akron area. (NY Times)
  • Dallas County may declare a state of disaster: Dallas County Commissioners voted yesterday, Oct. 16, to declare a local state of disaster caused by the Ebola virus. The county “has the potential to suffer widespread or severe damage, injury, loss or threat of life resulting from the Ebola virus,” according to a proposed draft of the declaration. (Bloomberg)
  • Two individuals are being quarantined in Connecticut and Florida for showing symptoms of Ebola after traveling to West Africa.

woman in hazmat suit in DullesAs the American people go into a mass panic over Ebola — one woman (pic above) even wore a hazmat suit while waiting for her flight in Dulles International Airportthere are some who say the epidemic is a hoax, if not in Africa then at least here in the United States.
The skeptics say the Ebola pandemic is another false flag to create a nationwide crisis that the Obama regime will use as a pretext to impose martial law and suspend the upcoming mid-term elections. Writing for, Richard Evans claims that “international treaties and Executive Orders to enable the Pandemic Quarantine cover for martial law were put in place between 2004-2008.” (See “Ebola Pandemic Smells Like a Hoax“)
Others say there is no Ebola epidemic in West Africa — that the only West Africans who became sick are those who’d received “injections” from the Red Cross; and that the Obama regime is using the pandemic as an excuse to set “boots on the ground” in West Africa to steal Nigeria’s oil and Sierra Leone’s diamonds. Good grief. (See Jim Stone’s blog)

I don’t know if the skeptics are right, but here are their arguments and evidence for your discernment.

I. The Fake News Reports

1. CNN’s “Inside Liberia’s Ebola Crisis” report used crisis actors:
Beginning at the 5:03 mark in the video above, you’ll see Liberians performing as “crisis actors” for CNN. Please note that an individual in full Ebola-symptom mode would be sweating, vomiting, and having diarrhea, but the two half-naked men in the van are symptomless.
Then there’s the naked “crisis actor” boy who was healthy and walking right before he plopped himself down on a mat, supposedly sick with Ebola.
2. New York Times paid the father of supposed Ebola victim:
Beginning at the 8:08 mark in the video above, you’ll see the New York Times‘ video report of a young man wearing a neon-green t-shirt, supposedly sick with Ebola, who flung himself to the ground outside a health clinic. Note that he displays none of the symptoms of Ebola: no sweat, no vomit, no diarrhea.
Most damning is the fact that, beg. at the 12:42 mark in the video, as he was walking away from the camera, the young man’s father stuffed a handful of cash into his back pocket.
Ebola cash
Ask yourself this question:

Why would CNN and NYT hire Liberians to PRETEND they’re deathly ill with Ebola? 

See also these other fake reportings by CNN at Sandy Hook and the Gulf War.

II. People Who Ignored Health Protocol

  1. To begin, there’s the clueless worker cleaning and disinfecting an elementary school in Dallas, with the sleeves of his hazmat suit rolled up. (A student or more in the school had had contact with Patient Zero Thomas Eric Duncan.)
  2. Then there’s this man hosing Duncan’s puke from the pavement of his apartment building, The Ivy, in Dallas. Duncan had projectile-vomited before he was taken into an ambulance to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.
    The above two men may be dismissed as uneducated clueless dopes. But what about . . .
    3. The “clipboard man” without a hazmat suit
    He’s the man casually dressed in shirt and pants, carrying a clipboard, seen on TV walking alongside Ebola patient Amber Vinson and other healthcare workers all dressed in hazmat suits, at Dallas Love Field on Oct. 15.
    Vinson is a nurse who had attended to “Patient Zero” Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. She was being flown to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. (See DCG’s post on this here.)
    “Clipboard man” has been identified as a medical safety coordinator with Phoenix Air, the U.S. transportation company that has provided air ambulance services for several Ebola patients, including Vinson. A company executive told CBS News “clipboard man” doesn’t wear protective gear so he can act as the team’s eyes and ears on the tarmac. A CDC official said the man had maintained a safe distance from Vinson while working on the tarmacs at both ends, so it’s okay. The man boarded the plane with Vinson, flying with her all the way to Atlanta. (CBS)
    You may say “clipboard man” is a dope. But what about the chief medical correspondent for NBC? Surely, she would know better?
    4. NBC chief medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Sniderman

Nancy SnidermanDr. Nancy Sniderman: pic on left was taken when she was in Liberia

Sniderman was part of an NBC news team that recently went to Liberia to report on the Ebola epidemic. When a member of the team, freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, tested positive for Ebola, Sniderman and 7 others were put under voluntary quarantine. They are to avoid public contact for 21 days.

Note: Mukpo was flown to the U.S. on a specially-altered flight with an isolation chamber and is being treated at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha with an experimental drug, brincidofovir or CMX001, and a blood transfusion from Dr. Kent Brantly, who had beat Ebola.

But Sniderman violated the quarantine — all because she wanted her favorite soup. Last week, she and a flunky pulled up in her Mercedes outside a New Jersey restaurant, the Peasant Grill. The flunky went in the restaurant and got soup to go, while Sniderman waited in the car, wearing sunglasses with her hair in a ponytail.

The Daily Mail reports on Oct. 16, 2014 that Sniderman is unrepentant. Instead of taking personal responsibility, she’s blaming her flunky. She said: “members of our group violated those [quarantine] guidelines and understand that our quarantine is now mandatory until 21 days have passed. We remain healthy and our temperatures are normal. As a health professional I know that we have no symptoms and pose no risk to the public.

As a physician and CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT FOR NBC, surely Dr. Sniderman would know that an individual infected with Ebola is symptomless for as many as 2 weeks, or so we’ve been told. But a new research study published in the journal PLOS One now says 21 days might not be a long enough quarantine period for those who have been exposed to the Ebola virus because in some cases (0.1-12%), the incubation time may be more than 21 days.
(P.S. Through the years, I’ve grown to dislike Nancy Sniderman, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Now I know.)
Then there’s the matter of whether Ebola fever can even be diagnosed before the patient reaches the horrific end stage of hemorrhaging from every body orifice.

III. Diagnosing Ebola

The CDC says that:

Diagnosing Ebola in an person who has been infected for only a few days is difficult, because the early symptoms, such as fever, are nonspecific to Ebola infection and are seen often in patients with more commonly occurring diseases, such as malaria and typhoid fever.
However, if a person has the early symptoms of Ebola and has had contact with the blood or body fluids of a person sick with Ebola, contact with objects that have been contaminated with the blood or body fluids of a person sick with Ebola, or contact with infected animals, they should be isolated and public health professionals notified. Samples from the patient can then be collected and tested to confirm infection.
Laboratory tests used in diagnosis include:
Within a few days after symptoms begin:

  • Antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) testing
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  • Virus isolation

Later in disease course or after recovery:

  • IgM and IgG antibodies

Retrospectively in deceased patients:

  • Immunohistochemistry testing
  • PCR
  • Virus isolation

But if, according to the CDC, Ebola can be diagnosed with such tests as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, polymerase chain reaction, and IgM and IgG antibodies, then why is it that as recent as December 2013, the Department of Defense’s Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense published a document soliciting contractors to develop ways to diagnose Ebola? The report is titled Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) For Medical Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Countermeasure Developmental Studies, and can be read here.
On page 33, the document reads:

The DOD has a need for technologies for the prediction, detection, identification, and clinical diagnosis of infection by warfare pathogens and toxins.

On page 29 under “Scope of Proposals Sought,” the document reads:

4. Diagnostics: Develop and integrate chemical, biological, radiological & nuclear (CBRN) technologies to enable early warning, identification, and continued situational awareness of potential global health threats.

On pages 30-31, under “Mission Areas,” the document reads:

Overarching priorities of the Biological Medical Prophylaxis program include […] Infectious agents upon which the Biological Medical Prophylaxis program places its current focus include Ebola virus, Marburg virus, poxvirus models of variola virus and those agents causing Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Tularemia, Plague, Q-fever, and Brucellosis.

What do you think? Are we being deliberately whipped into a frenzy? Or is the Ebola pandemic real?
While our attention is focused on Ebola, there is a far deadlier virus that’s sweeping across America. It’s the mysterious respiratory disease that doctors think is enterovirus EV-D68, which we have every reason to suspect was brought into America across the Mexican border by the ongoing “surge” of illegals, including unaccompanied children, without a health screening. (See Steve’s post on this here.)
The enterovirus has struck every state, sickened some 700 and, according to the CDC, killed 5 children and 2 adults. And for a supposed respiratory viral infection, it has caused a polio-like paralysis in some patients.
H/t FOTM’s MomofIV, josephbc69, and Anon.

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Gunny G

Eowyn, There is a link on Drudge,
It says that the Dallas hospital has a machine that the military is using right now to detect for Ebola. Funny, but they are not allowed to use at this time because of FDA rules. LOL Something about “research” only. It can detect in 1 hr with 90% certainty
I guess that contract got filled for DOD.


Oh, folk may not be faking it… just letting things get further along than they should in order to “never let a serious crisis go to waste” for their benefit, that’s all– which is playing with fire and will backfire. (Haven’t these people, who watch way too many movies, seen that already?)


OK, I just watched the whole video. Now I know why the guy curses so much. I want to put so many expletives in my comment right now.
What was caught on this tape from CNN, and the NY Times is total Bullshit.
It is total fabrication of dying Ebola patients. You even see a guy get paid off with US dollars.
It makes me think if something is real then why do you have to make something up?


Hmmmmm, all this right before midterm elections. How strange? You would think this would get people to really think about who they are voting for, but I have a feeling it might keep people from voting.


No way two nurses got Ebola it defies all odds and is nearly impossible. No way any nurse would have flown after caring for this patient. This is reading like a bad Hollywood script. The Stinkometer is on overload.

Padraigin Eagle
Padraigin Eagle

Irresistible Lola, the Kinks made me do it! Sing along strong now. I met them in club down in Sierra Leone, where they mix vile potions that taste just like ebola Where you drink formaldehyde in the water and it tastes just like ebola bola e-b-o-l-a bola. The virus came the virus went, Centers for Disease Creation heaven sent, oh oh oh Eboma, Barack Ebola She walked up to me and gave me that glance. I asked her name and in a dark brown voice she said, “Eboma” Michelle Eboma, he rhymes with co coma Well, it’s true that the… Read more »


I hope Lola appreciates your dedication, Pad


Government at work again to restrict rights in Connecticut….1st Sandy Hook, now ebola. I wonder what the next “massacre” or false pandemic will be thrown their way? And the nation will follow.
And I see the popularity of people involved with ebola wearing green shirts (especially Duncan); I guess they are the new brown shirts.


Mom, Did you watch the Video? I was wondering why the guy kept pointing out “Green shirts” Hmmmm


Yes, Steve, I watched the video and all the green shirts correlated with ebola crisis actors who have no problem spreading a lie just to get paid. Pretty sad for the people and despicable actions of our govt.


Mom, thanks. I guess you can’t tell the players without a score card. LOL




Thank you for removing the veils of deceptions.
After decades of political and economic deceptions piled upon Ponzi schemes, and trillions disappeared in the fog of war, We the Sheople of the Untied States are beginning to grasp the realpolitik of what occupies the white House. [credit for ‘Untied States’ goes to Jim Willie, @


Joseph, bad link. 404 error

America UNITE
America UNITE

We should all circulate the URL link for this story (below) and make sure it gets reported far and wide. Even if it’s “just a glint in -0-‘s eye” at this point, this needs to be NIPPED IN THE BUD IMMEDIATELY.
Now they want to import Non-Americans *sick with ebola FOR TREATMENT* in our hospitals!? Stop the insanity NOW.


Excellent post, Dr. Eowyn! Something smells fishy about this whole story from the start. Here’s one thing we do know: there hasn’t been a major news story in the last 50 years in which the public has not been fed massive lies by the lamestream media. Not one. We also know both Boston and SH were outright frauds. Whenever all the media hacks line up with 24/7 coverage it’s a sure sign of more BS.


Great post, Dr. Eowyn. The media is obsessed with ebola like nothing I’ve seen before, a fact which immediately makes me suspicious. And we all know it’s possible that the CDC could use extraordinary powers to lock the population up if they could convince the majority there is a plague. Things to ponder when I try to sleep tonight.


[…] Dr. Eowyn’s article first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds. […]


[…] This really inspires our confidence in Ron Klain, the newly-appointed “Ebola response coordinator” Ebola Czar — he didn’t even attend a White House strategy meeting on how to deal with the alleged Ebola epidemic. (See “Is Ebola pandemic a false flag?“) […]


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this thorough, interesting and significant post. The timing of the elections with the “Ebola” outbreak is indeed noteworthy. The man who has the cash stuffed in his pocket is also noteworthy. And, it is also noteworthy that every time a scandal occurs involving the king, a new crisis arises and/or resurrects itself from the “dead”.

Padraigin Eagle
Padraigin Eagle

The Kinks knew a tune or two
Joandarc, you should read about that other King, “who was given the script in his hand, way back in ’76 circa Zaire land, The Stand Uncut in Dallas set, Stephen’s brand of future upset, Ebola, oh oh oh oh Obama, oh oh oh Eboma”…


[…] a “live” report from the 1991 Gulf War; faked a report from Liberia on the Ebola epidemic in 2014; staged a fake Muslim “peace protest” in 2017; and has a producer who was caught on […]