Is Chris Christie Too Fat to be President?

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MSNBC’s Chris “I-feel-a-tingle-up-my-leg” Matthews, who’s pretty chubby himself, thinks so!

Appearing at a local event in Washington, D.C., on December 9, 2010, Hardball host Chris Matthews trashed Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie as too fat to be President. The Washington Examiner reported that Matthews derided the New Jersey governor, mocking,
“Chris Christie is moon over New Jersey, he should not wear white shirts, I tell you that. I saw him the other day and I was amazed by it, he must be 300 plus, and that’s something he’s just gotta deal with because you’re not going to say, ‘I’m going to cut the budget,’ well, how about starting with supper?”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (on right)

What do you think? Would you vote for Chris Christie even if he’s fat?

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0 responses to “Is Chris Christie Too Fat to be President?

  1. It is unfortunate that individual’s votes are determined by the photogenicity of the candidate. Our country needs to start looking at the character and the conscience of the candidate. If more people did this, we wouldn’t be stuck with the fraud.

  2. No, but Prissy Tingles’ head is too fat for TV. 🙂

  3. Chris Christie has something liberals don’t have-COMMON SENSE. I love watching this guy in action. He calls a spade-a spade. The difference he has made thus far is phenomenal. Political Correctness can run amok if you let it. He does not.

  4. I’ve always said looks will take you further than talent ;
    That’s just the way our skewed society prioritizes things. Studies show that the good looking kids get more attention from their teachers in school, get better grades, have more friends, better social life and status, get better jobs and earn more money in their lifetimes. It sucks, but looks count, sometimes more than brains…..fortunately, I’ve got both……;)

  5. Well, libs voted in Clinton for second term, even though he CLEARLY lacked judgment and self-control when messing around….
    Christie is da man!

  6. How can we trust him to make good decisions for our country when he makes wrong decisions 3 times a day (at least)? No dice fatty.

  7. Well…. if he is a ‘comfort food’ hound, then he would be in trouble in the WH, as his anxiety levels would reach unknown proportions that no gallon of ice-cream could even cool. But, I like his style, and I am unimpressed w/ his looks being a factor for his candidacy.

  8. I think that we all realize by now that loud mouthed Chrissy Matthews is a big hateful liberal bully who prefers that Americans keep right on voting for lying imposters who have a BIG FAT MARXIST BRAINS, instead !!!!

  9. Its a bullshit question. It is pure prejudiced. It is the same thing as asking is someone too black, too asian, too white, just plain stupid and wrong to even go there. Just because a person is overweight DOES NOT MEAN they sit and eat “comfort” food all the time. Or that they eat wrong. Some people are genetically predisposed to some weight issues. And it is one of the hardest things to do is loose weight. Using worlds like “fat” and “fatty” just show how ignorant and mean some people can be. And you know who you are.


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