Is Celebrating OBL's Death Wrong?

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Here it comes…the liberals are out in force saying we are wrong as as Christians, to celebrate OBL’s death. From the  Seattle Times: Is death a cause for celebration? 
“Why are they celebrating? They’re happy somebody was killed?” That was the awkward kid question of the day in my household. Nothing unusual about awkward kid questions, though usually they’re targeted right at some parental hypocrisy or another . But this one, asked Monday with the paper’s front page spread out before us, struck me as particularly vexing.
“Bin Laden Killed. A Nation Celebrates,” read the world-war-sized headlines, above a photo of fist-pumping, flag-draped revelers. It’s not just a kid question. Why are we partying like this — in some cases mobbing together to jump around as if we won the World Cup? “I believe that we have won!” shouted a raucous crowd at the U.S. Naval Academy on Sunday night, after the news broke that we had finally caught up to Earth’s most wanted, and shot him to death.
That was sure the approach I took with my kids: uncomplicated. I answered that the guy had killed 3,000 innocent people, many of them sitting at their desks in the Twin Towers. We chased him for a decade and finally caught him. So people are very happy that justice is done.
As soon as this came out of my mouth I began to review the multiple holes in what I had said. Number one was that we’re calling this “justice.” But isn’t it really closer to revenge? Let’s face it, this was straight-up, eye-for-an-eye vengeance — without the muddiness of due process or international conventions. That’s what made it so fist-pumpworthy.
People weren’t celebrating “justice served.” They were celebrating “ass kicked.” There is a difference. Then there’s all the other stuff that happened in that decade. How the guy suckered us into a disastrous detour into a different country, Iraq. How we killed thousands there and lost thousands more of our own. How we remain bogged down in two wars in two countries, while the guy we were hunting was all along living in a million-dollar retirement home somewhere else.
Maybe what the demise of bin Laden does is finally close the book on the awful aughts. That decade when we lost our way, lost our money and, at times, lost our minds. Yes and lost so many American lives under OBL’s direction. Remember the bombings of 1993, 1998, 2000 and 2001 Mr. Westneat? Remember the American lives lost during those terrorist attacks?
From Job 4:8: “As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it”. Nuff said…

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0 responses to “Is Celebrating OBL's Death Wrong?

  1. There is no question whatsoever that OBL deserved to be punished because what he did was so awful that even now after nearly 10 years I still get emotional thinking about it and I’m a muslim.
    Its uncomfortable watching death being celebrated in anyway and that means anyones. Yeah an eye for an eye it was. But the alternative of capturing him and bringing him back to the US for a trial would never have been a fair trial and the death penalty would have been obvious for some tyrant like him.
    His actions changed the world forever he removed what security anyone ever felt in their country, home and lives. I still remember the vulnerability I felt in the days of the 9/11 attacks. We had scores of no muslim friends phoning and calling to see how we were and offering support. I was shocked at first thinking what has this got to do with us? But slowly the realisation hit as the days moved on that as a muslim the world would never trust us again.
    The very religion we took pride in and believed in would be questioned and targeted.
    How can anyone kill 3 thousand people and justify it by blaming religion.
    (ive just realised this is a blog in itself which i will continue writing later)
    But in answer to your post, yes it is closure for millions of people. Especially for those who lost loved ones through his evil acts. Everyone needs closure of some kind and it is well deserved for many people. I don’t think OBL has much sympathy from anyone. Yeah Its hard hearing how anyone died but its just occasionally the details come out on certain people. In this instance I think the americans needed to hear them.

  2. A tweet from my pastor: “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” Mark Twain quote.

  3. No.
    Now can we please get back to mocking him.

  4. Well, what should you feel? The alternative to feeling happy about this is to feel sad. Or indifferent. If you feel sad, you are on the other side from where we are. If you feel indifferent…well then you don’t care. And that’s cool. But how is that more human-worthy behavior than feeling happy? Is not caring better than being happy when it comes to death of a person like Bin Ladin?

  5. Anyone who isn’t happy at bin Laden’s death (after 9/11 and all) is clinically depressed, a left/liberal retard or possibly both.


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