Is California being targeted by our shadow government?

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Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California…
The public is waking up fast to the climate engineering issue and people have an ever increasing amount of questions. This video was taken at a live Q and A session in California, many aspects of the critical geoengineering issue are covered.  – Dane Wigington

I put these up because somebody I respect brought them to my attention. I am not convinced, but my curiosity on the subject is in full gear. On the other hand, my fear monger alert is also turned on.
What are your thoughts? 

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0 responses to “Is California being targeted by our shadow government?

  1. Wow. This is a real thought-provoking post, TD!

  2. While the land that is California historically has had droughts, which means we don’t need a conspiracy theory about geoengineering to explain droughts, the present drought is the most severe in the state’s recorded history.
    A main problem I’ve had with the Chemtrails/Monsanto people is: Why would the shadowy Powers That Be want to do this. Don’t they breathe the same air and eat the same food that we do?
    However, the first video of Dane Wigington (a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and a licensed contractor) finally provides an explanation — the Geoengineering spraying (“Chemtrails”) is a wrong-headed attempt to combat global warming by supposedly cooling earth’s temperatures, which turns out to have horrible unintended consequences, one of which is California’s historic drought.
    If this is true, it is downright frightening — that the U.S. govt, specifically NASA, is so arrogant as to “play God” with Earth’s climate. What is needed is a “smoking gun”: Surely, there must be a government document somewhere stating the rationale and the plan for this Global-Warming Geoengineering.
    There are other questions that come to mind:
    1. Does Congress know about this? Has Congress given their permission for the geoengineering? What about the Californian members of Congress? Don’t they breathe the same air that the rest of us little people breathe? Don’t they live on the same planet that we do?
    2. If what Wigington says is true, NASA’s geoengineering doesn’t just affect California, it’s changing GLOBAL climate. What do other countries know? Why aren’t they protesting?

  3. As for why Mexifornia is targeted,it doesn’t bid well for them that they’ve consistently had the WORST water management plan for years. It consists of,”Conserve water,if that’s possible without becoming ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘unhandy’. If there’s still a water shortage,attempt to legislate transfer of water by pipeline from surrounding States excluding Oregon,since they’re Desert and don’t need water.” What they SHOULD do is build desalination plants on the coast of So-Cal to provide fresh water,and pipe excess fresh water to Lost Wages,whom ALSO has been trying to usurp N. Nevada’s water. The money collected from the Vegas Municipality would also help get Mexifornia’s budget closer to being “in the black” again. (Was it EVER??)

    • truckjunkie . . . very thoughtful. I for one am still amazed that CA is not trying to reap desalinated water from the ocean in order to supply water for farms, households and businesses. Even if the initial cost is high, would this not even out over the space of time, once the initial investment had been made? It certainly is a problem to have CA trying to confiscate water from Oregon. Now we have one of the Native American tribes here in Oregon who has decided to end a contract they had with farmers over water. They want to insist on their “contractual first rights to water” here in I believe it is in Southern Oregon.

  4. I put nothing past the evils man will do to man and nature for power. “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    I had my suspicions about hurricane, turned superstorm, sandy…I believe that “event” was the ‘October Surprise’ that got obama re-elected, the timing was too serendipitous for me. I remember, he wasn’t doing well in the polls and after Sandy hit and chris christie was all over him like he was his god because obama’s minions rushed aid to the jersey coast, everyone saw obama as “presidential”. Just think, as a result of superstorm sandy, obama was re-elected, he has since ‘come out of the closet’ for sodomite rights and pitted Christian families against sodomites using the government, race relations are a joke, foreign affairs are a joke, illegal immigration is a joke, healthcare is a joke, economy is a joke, our government blatantly bows to corporations while giving us the finger, judges legislate from the bench to push obama’s bosses agendas ….everything is inflated and ready to burst. obama is the dividing rod for the house known as the United States…and we all know “a house divided cannot stand”.
    Also, here’s a link to a site discussing monsanto and GMO drought seeds from almost 3 years ago…
    Keep in mind, monsanto got the OK from the USDA for their drought seeds shortly after obama was re-elected…
    If anyone is interested, here is a site that explains what you can take to help detox aluminum from your body…
    God bless

  5. Well, no conspiracy needed: progressive left/liberal powers that be out there wanted to be environmental (Save the Smelt, “bust” those nasty old dams, scrap those “costly” water projects for “fatcat” growers, etc.) and now don’t want to be responsible for any of the consequences. (I’m surprsied they don’t just blame Bush or racism… )

  6. William Thomas who wrote Chemtrails Confirmed, talking extensively about what was in the trails and what the objectives were. Here is a short update:
    As to why they would want to cause a draught like this in California ?…You have to put yourself into the mindset of a psychopath who wants total control. The elite have a plan of population reduction and one of their chief methods outlined is to control the food supply. My feeling is that this is one way of forcing all small farmers off of their land and finally putting a total monopoly on food sources into the hands of big Agribusiness who will plant GMO and other chemically poisoned crops. No small farmer is going to be able to withstand this if he is having his water reduced or cut off.
    Further, after much research, it has become evident to me that the elite who are behind the genesis of these projects are practicing Satanists and are actually working with demonic entities and taking instructions from them.

  7. The drought in California is because of sin.
    “California: The Great American Wasteland”

    • ” Because of the sins of abortion, homosexuality and earth worship, the Lord is turning California into a wasteland: look at the severe drought in California.”
      Are you saying California has a monopoly on sin ? If so, this statement is absurd. Those evils are happening all over this country and while California may be worse than some states when it comes to these issues, it by no means has a monopoly on sin.
      The article does lay out some pretty compelling evidence that our weather is being deliberately messed with. You don’t believe in cause and effect ?
      And what about all the natural disasters and climate upheaval that has happened before when all the above sins were not going on. I guess God got bored and decided to raise a bit of hell ?
      I’m a believer, but this type of simplistic explanation of the bad things that happen doesn’t hold water for it ignores the very things that are happening under our own noses that have a direct causal influence- things that we do ourselves or allow others to do.
      God doesn’t have to punish us for the transgression of abortion or homosexuality. We’ll soon enough reap the direct results of that too when our own race starts to die out for practicing these things. As for earth worship, God did give dominion over the Earth to man, and dominion means to care take – not lord it over. Seems to me there are things God would be angrier about than loving the planet he created and treating his creation with respect.

  8. MAKE NO MISTAKE: The oligarchs and their lackies have taken a lesson from Stalin in his Great Ukrainian Famine. They are beta-testing the same thing here. California has always had water politics, but this goes farther: They know that once the San Jaquin Valley goes, a large number of Americans will starve.
    That’s exactly what they want.
    And the Nestle Corporation has already made hundreds of millions draining one lake for bottled water.


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