Ben Carson compares ISIS to America's founding fathers

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I just received this as a news tip from FOTM reader CSM. The news is almost a year old, and yet I had not known this. Did you?
Steve Peoples reports for the AP (via Yahoo) that on Jan. 15, 2015, in a 35-min. luncheon speech to the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting outside San Diego, presidential aspirant Dr. Ben Carson compared ISIS or the Islamic State (who chop off the heads of their enemies) to the patriots of the American Revolution.

Referring to the Islamic State, Carson said, “They got the wrong philosophy, but they’re willing to die for what they believe, while we are busily giving away every belief and every value for the sake of political correctness. We have to change that.”

A Republican National Committee spokesman had no immediate response when asked to comment on Carson’s remarks.

After the speech, Carson said it’s “ridiculous” to suggest he was likening American patriots to the Islamic State, claiming the comparison was politically motivated attacks by his opponents.

You decide if it’s ridiculous. Here’s a video of his remarks, followed by my transcription of his words:

Carson said:

“A bunch of ragtag militia men [American revolutionaries] defeated the most powerful and professional military force on the planet [Great Britain]. Why? Because they believed in what they were doing, they were willing to die for what they believed in. The British were not.
Fast forward to today. What do we have? You got ISIS. They’ve got the wrong philosophy, but they’re willing to die for what they believe, while we are busily giving away every belief and every value for the sake of political correctness.”

Carson easily could have made his point about the need for patriotic Americans today to stand up for our beliefs and values, without comparing the barbaric Islamic State jihadists to our Founding Fathers.

Carson has drawn criticism for other comparisons. In Spring 2014, Carson called the scandal over patient care at veterans hospitals “a gift from God to show us what happens when you take layers and layers of bureaucracy and place them between the patients and the health care provider.” In 2013 he called Obamacare “the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” adding that “it is slavery in a way because it is making all of us subservient to the government.”

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0 responses to “Ben Carson compares ISIS to America's founding fathers

  1. That’s the problem.
    You do not know if the analogies are expressed in poorly worded metaphors or if they are Freudian slips revealing a pathological personality.
    I’m with Trump

  2. Maybe he would have been better off comparing it to our present “leaders.”

  3. This just proves to me that what I think about Carson is spot on. I wrote an article about the failure of Christians to have proper discernment. Thankfully, Dr. E and her reader, CSM, obviously do. I am working on the second article on Carson, and I definitely will quote from and link to this article. When I wrote the first article on Carson, several psychologists and one psychiatrist wrote to me, along with only one minister. All of them said basically the same thing, that Carson has a mental problem, a pathological problem. One person told me they felt that Carson was a Manchurian candidate, programmed….and to watch his eyes. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do think Carson should not be anywhere near the White House. He’d be better suited for Obama’s administration with his advisor Armstrong Williams and his chumminess with Al Sharpton.
    Heaven help us, really. There is only one man who is eligible and who has the chutzpah to debate and destroy Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am going to see Trump in Knoxville on Monday night. He is now nationally at 42%…that’s a wowzer!

    • Carson is a Manchurian Candidate, and I believe every last candidate should be examined for signs of mind-control.
      It used to be we—years ago—would make fun of someone with a nervous tic, for example. A nervous tic is a nervous tic and nothing more: It cannot be helped. But Carson—just like Sarah Palin before him—is trying to be something he clearly is NOT: An intellectual.
      We should all ask ourselves this question whenever we look at and listen to a candidate: Does this man have plenty to say but nothing to back it up? If the answer to that question is Yes, then WATCH OUT!

      • Steven, to process your comment, it would be helpful if you share with us what the signs of someone being under mind control are?

        • I would say this, Dr. Eowyn. I listened to Sarah Palin very carefully back in 2008. Many of the things she had to say made some sense. I also listened to John McCain. Some of the things he had to say made some sense, also. But I began to notice something about McCain: When a crowed asked him, “When do you take the gloves off?” and he replied, “Barack Obama is a fine young man,” I knew his heart was not in it.
          John McCain reminded me of Marlon Brando and Rod Steiger together, in the back of the car in “On the Waterfront.” We were Brando, saying, “Tonight’s not your night! Not my night?! I could have taken Wilson apart. You should have done something for me, Charlie.”
          Then I knew it: McCain was hired to take a fall in a fixed fight.
          Then I noticed something about Sarah Palin. She looked a real babe. She was a good mother, a family woman. But there was something about the tone of her voice. All candidates sound scripted, BECAUSE THEY ARE. But something about Mrs. Palin began to slowly creep me out. She began to resemble, in a strange, off-key sort of way, of Sharon Tate in “My Living Doll.” Her factually false statements or lectures about our Founding Fathers began to irritate me: They were pedantic—and desperate. (And FALSE: Many of the Founders WERE NOT Christians—they were Deists).
          So I pay attention to the presentation: How does the candidate carry himself? Dr. Carson’s squinting eyes creep me OUT. He did NOT squint his eyes at that prayer breakfast two years ago when he told Obama just where to get off. But he does now.
          I pay attention to the voice: I know (and expect) all candidates to “stretch the truth.” But are they pedantic? Are they trying to go beyond their intellectual ability? (Say what you will about Ronald Reagan: At least the man was well-read).
          I pay attention to how the candidate reacts during crisis. For example, whenever Hillary is directly challenged, she twists and turns the tables on her opponents. She becomes polemical, and she throws the ball back in their court: “What difference does it make?” (Trey Gowdy should have gotten the (legal) rope out right then and there!
          All candidates are like characters out of Gulliver’s Travels: They have to dance on a rope, suspended very high over the ground. They know this. Very few of them are natural. (Again: Say what you will—Reagan was a natural. Even Bill Clinton, monster that he is, is a natural. Trump SEEMS to be a natural; Time alone will tell).
          Lastly, I look for HYPNOTISM. A natural like JFK, Reagan or even Bill Clinton will have an easy-flowing charisma. They will know how to work a room, react impromptu and give a variety of speeches. They are to their craft what Muhammed Ali was to his. A mind-controlled candidate, whose job it is to “hypnotize” the audience, is NOT a natural. Their handlers have to coach and coach and coach them. They behave as if they are hypnotized.
          Just like salesmen, the question is this: Are they born that way or are they made?
          (Henry Makow and David Icke are good sources on mind-control).

      • Perhaps that is why he seems creepy to me. Interesting.

  4. I agree Dr. Eowyn. This goes far beyond “bad optics,” and straight into psychopathy.

  5. Ok, 1) Just the title of this piece alone is propaganda and completely stupid. 2) How evil is it to take his words which simply compares something current to demonstrate what commitment & determination look like – acknowledging at the outset that one is good and the other is bad. 3) Only despicable Alinskyites would use such tactics to twist the truth.

    • “Only despicable Alinskyites would use such tactics to twist the truth.”
      You do realize that in making the above accusation, you yourself are being an Alinskyite?

  6. You have the right to be offended. You also have the right to take comments out of context. Or, “Spin” them, as it seems to be called today.
    Comparisons can be “Positive” or “Negative” or anywhere in between. Seldom can a comparison be exact. While, at this point, I may not want to consider voting for Dr. Carson, I am not going to be outraged over whatever he says. Other candidates are saying things I find outrageous, but I am simply waiting to see who drops out and who remains, on both sides, before I decide for whom I will vote. I am not going to climb on my “soap box” and rant and rave over some trivial statement one of them makes.

  7. I believe Dr. Carson is exhibiting the pathology of a Manchurian Candidate here. There is something really creepy about the man, especially his squinting eyes. He seems to be exhibiting the traits of someone who is mind-controlled. And his poorly constructed metaphor, comparing the Founding Fathers to ISIS is pedantic: Our Revolutionary patriots were willing to endure death to defend the idea of our Liberty, but let’s be real: ISIS has NO “philosophy”: The members of ISIS are doing what their paymasters are telling them to do. They are cleverly masked mercenaries, yet mercenaries just the same. Yes, it is true that “we,” meaning our Ruling Elite, are willing to “gi[ve] away every belief and every value for the sake of political correctness.” (Sounds like Bill O’Reilly to me!) This is NIHILISM, and it is the nihilism of our Ruling Elite and NOT the nihilism of the man in the street.
    Dr. Carson is speaking to an audience, and that audience is NOT US, primarily: It is the audience of the Ruling Elite, and he is giving them the performance they wish to hear. It is the performance they wish us to hear, hoping we’ll believe it. It is a message of a deliberately poorly constructed argument, with a dash of truth at the end, and it lacks sincerity. And he would have us believe that those squinting eyes are concentrating, looking for the truth. Well, if that’s the case with Dr. Carson, it seems that the truth is an awfully hard thing for him to find.
    We should examine every last candidate for signs of mind-control. Dr. Carson is not the first, and he won’t be the last. (Sarah Palin comes to mind, and the politics of an individual is not the controlling factor in a mind-controlled candidate). To date, the only two candidates that don’t seem to exhibit any of the signs of mind-control are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump—and I admit I may be mistaken about them.
    Dr. Carson is not dangerous in the manner which Barack Obama is dangerous. He is dangerous in the manner which George W. Bush was dangerous.

  8. While I won’t vote for Carson because I LOVE TRUMP I have to concede that his use of the comparison is accurate about ISIS. Sure, they’re batshit crazy, murdering MF’s who deserve to spend eternity in the fires of Hell, but they are committed and the Obama administration is committed to assist islamic fundamentalism as much as he can.
    I really don’t believe that Carson ever intended to compare the methods of the Founding Fathers to those of the psychos of islam, regardless of their degree of insanity and desire to murder and the next POTUS would do well to turn on islam with wrath, clean this country up and excuse no one.
    A dose of patriotic zealotry on the part of every male member of this country…excluding the crazy liberals, of course….toward eradicating islam’s foundations in the US, wherever it is found would go a long way to fixing things.
    The entire peace loving world should do what Eve should have done. Refuse to talk to the snake, hunt up a big stick and smash the bastard’s head. Lot simpler that way.

    • In a way I want to agree with you, Jack, but let’s be realistic: If Adam & Eve did not sin, someone else would have! You’re right—Eve should have gotten a stick. Problem is, the snake HYPNOTIZED HER!

  9. Kevin J Lankford

    I do believe carson is a little confused; equating a willingness to kill, with the willingness to die.

  10. So Rubio was interviewed post Paris and said that with ISIS you either fight and win or not and lose. So I do not like that statement because if you fight you win.
    Not fighting is not an option and shouldn’t come out of an American’s mouth, much less a candidate for President. So IMO Rubio is insane. I don’t know what the hell Rand Paul is but screw him too.

    • Well put. I think that either Rubio or Rand would be a complete disaster but you can absolutely count on the stupidity of the American voter to make sure we’re screwed again on the POTUS race.

  11. I might be missing something, but Carson’s comment was quite clear. The American patriots won against the British (in part) because of their level of commitment and determination, not because they were militarily superior. Carson was likening ISIS to American patriots in this regard as a warning, not to equivocate the morality of their cause. He clearly stated that they had the wrong philosophy. The point he was making was not to underestimate the enemy. If the founding fathers were able to create this great and powerful nation, imagine what kind of a nation evil founding fathers (ISIS, Caliphate) could create. Keep in mind Satan is not an innovator, he mimics. It would seem fitting that Satan would seek to establish his earthly kingdom foretold in revelations by modeling the work God did with establishing America (but I’m not claiming he is doing that with ISIS). Anyone suggesting that Carson was somehow praising ISIS instead of warning his audience about them has either got a poor grasp of the English language or has an ax to grind with the man.

    • I heard and understood Carson saying that he wasn’t comparing ISIS’s motives to our Founders’. But then, may I suggest that you also have a poor grasp of the English language since you refuse to acknowledge what I wrote in my post:
      “Carson easily could have made his point about the need for patriotic Americans today to stand up for our beliefs and values, without comparing the barbaric Islamic State jihadists to our Founding Fathers.”
      That you don’t find it repugnant that Carson finds even ONE common ground between ISIS and our Founding Fathers is sad and distressing.
      As for my having “an ax to grind” with Carson, may I remind you that I was among the first to praise him when he first appeared on the national scene. See:
      Black neurosurgeon delivers stunning critique of Obama’s America,” Feb. 8, 2013.
      Black neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC,” March 16, 2013.

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