Is America still the greatest country in the world?

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We should stop deluding ourselves.

It takes a cable TV show to speak the truth.
This is the beginning scene of the HBO series The Newsroom where TV anchor Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels) bluntly and brutally speaks the truth about why America is not the greatest country any more … and how we can be again.
Language warning: F-word

There is so much we can add to why America is not the greatest country in the world any more. Here’s one that McAvoy left out:
No people can be the greatest country in the world when they (lawfully!) kill their unborn children — 50 million since the 1973 fateful Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade.
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  1. Figures don’t lie but liars figure ……….As to the last line of the video …….Thanks Barry you ……………………………………………………………………….

  2. I really enjoyed his rant, with some predictably liberal exceptions. In the bigger picture, Jeff speaks to the need for a huge wake-up call.
    When the main stream media started their mantra, just after the Berlin Wall came down, that we are “the only remaining superpower”, I knew they were creating a huge deception that would come back to bite us.

  3. He left out the most important part! Any country that kicks God out of EVERYTHING, will never be a great country again! There simply is no reason for God to bless America anymore!

  4. Row VS Wade should be the decesion that Wasington made before crossing the Delaware!

    • We still have the Constitution and the intention of what undergirds it.
      That we have allowed our government to carry on as though this was not a fact is bizarre to say the least. The human economic collapse that the US is experiencing can only be due to the way members of the Senate in particular are paving the way for our bank deposits and other assets to be frozen as they have been in Cyprus and as they are bieng limited and witheld from citizens in Spain. When this state of affairs threatened people in Iceland, they said “enough is enough”‘ and they stood up to the banksters and they have been able to escape the fate that has befallen Cyprus and Spain before that.
      Argentina also made a stand against the banksters and the economy in Argentina is beginning to show many promising signs of upwards development in many areas, in science and in agriculture especially.
      We do have an opportunity to reinstate Glass Steagall with HR 129 introduced again in this Congress by Marcy Kaptur D Ohio. There are over forty co sponsors for this bill, this would shut down the banksters and their intended grab of deposits here in the USA. There is a paper published by the Bank of England and the FDIC which will enable the provisions of the Dodd Frank Bill to assist our Congress to adopt the Cyprus Bank Freeze model here in the USA. Dodd Frank was enacted as a substitute for Glass Steagall and anyone who voted for this bill has to be complicit either knowingly or unknowingly with this plan to bring the US citizens to their knees. The way that the coup was carried out against Cyprus is exactly what was happening to cause the depression of the last century and it was exposed and documented in the records of the investigations of the Pecora Commission at that time, and the perpetrators of that financial crime were punished. Phil Angelides did a mini Pecora report about a year or so ago, and it’s findings showed that the same situation was developing again except on a global scale.
      The intention now is to shrink the system down to a leaner meaner model of the virtual economy that we are currently “enjoying” so that the derivatives trading can continue at the expense of our money and our lives. The deposits in our banks are being viewed as the next big financial exotic instrument they can use for their speculation and skullduggery. The Congress is lulling constituents into a trance while they are waiting for Dodd Frank to kick in, and it is not going to do what only Glass Steagall will do because it doesn’t properly separate the commercial banks from the investment banks, ring fencing and the other terms used to cover up the intent to Cyprustize the USA are in place so that the last desperate grab for remaining in control by the banksters and the oligarchs can come about. Once money is rationed the way it is being rationed in Cyprus and the actual deposits utterly frozen by the troika who are acting on behalf of the oligarchy then life will come to a standstill here in the USA as it is grinding to a halt in Cyprus and in Spain as well. Businesses are limited to the same amount per day as individuals and they cannot keep going because checks and credit cards are not working any longer, everything has to be paid for in cash and no business can purchase merchandise and pay their employees under these conditions. The ports are not operating and the world is watching the banksters get away with this heist without a global uproar, this is amazing to me. How can we sit here and allow this disease to take hold here in the US when we have a constitution that allows us to be free. We have the ability to tell our representatives in Congress to reinstate Glass Steagall and stop the banksters in their tracks. We cannot allow the rot to set in any further.
      Obviously it will take a superhuman effort, but the alternative is unthinkable.
      We cannot allow the FDIC and the Bank of England to engineer the fall of the United States of America and the Constitution which is the only one of it’s kind that allows us to utter sovreign currency the way it does. We are a sovreign nation by principle and we are entitled to our own sovreign currency that should be being uttered by Congress right now to allow our human productive economy to be developed. We have stunted this economy since the sixties of the last century so we have a lot of catching up to do, but it is still not too late. There is a window of opportunity that is open still for Glass Steagall to be reinstated and for Congress to start uttering credit for giant infrastructure programs that will put our people back on their feet and refloat our States. We can through our Constitutional principles make treaties with other nations so that they too can retain sovreignty and start developing their countries properly. The countries in the EU have given up their sovreignty and are being run from an unelected parliament in Brussels and Frankfurt, and that is where this Cyprus Spain Italy thing is being orchestrated. The plan is being taken up now in Canada, it is no use pretending to be an ostrich and put our heads in the sand, saying, it could never happen here. Facts are that it is on it’s way, and like the asteroids it will be very very destructive. We can take steps to prevent this catastrophe from happening and we must do so. HR 129 is the first step and the uttering of credit by Congress step two, a new Bretton Woods and treaties with other large sovreign countries for similar economic recoveries to take place world wide and with right intentions to develop our nations and keep our planet as safe as possible from asteroids and comets flying around us and perhaps colliding again with our planet etc etc. There is no reason to doubt our ability to realize a plan for the future that makes sense, we don’t have to become a larger version of Cyprus to understand what a complete nightmare is being prepared for us as the banksters, the oligarchs and the weak characters in Washington aiding and abetting them in treason that will rob us of our existence. It’s gettin’ kinda hectic wouldn’t you say?

  5. Is America still the greatest country in the world?
    Not when we elect our destructor for a second term.
    Prior to that, I had still held out a slim hope for the America I was born into 49 years ago.
    Only problem is, that America no-longer exists.
    For the last 50+ years, conservatives have been laughing at the commie libs, slapping themselve’s on the back while truly believing that no one would ever buy into their BS.
    Not only did the sheeple buy it, they have now taken over.
    What little is left of this country will soon be bled dry, and you can forget about becoming France, the UK, or even Greece.
    We are going to be Zimbabwe.
    -On steroids.

  6. I am 78 years old and have wept tears over what is happening to this once-great nation. The day Roe v. Wade was passed by our Supine Court I thought, that’s it, that’s the litmus test of the nation’s faith in God. Think about it – when killing babies, the most defenseless, is all right, even encouraged, we have crossed the border into hell.


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