Ironic: Moms Demand gives presentation on gun safety, fails to model responsible behavior

Moms Demand modeling “responsible” behavior/ Lewiston Tribune photo

I love it when gun grabbers prove they know nothing about basic firearm safety and don’t practice what they preach. Granted, the gun this woman is holding in the picture is an air pellet gun yet she is contradicting the firearm safety rules listed directly behind her.

The Lewiston Tribune in Idaho reports that Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand” held a class to teach people about gun safety. From their report:

“A new group in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley is taking a grassroots approach to preventing unintentional firearm deaths among children by educating parents and gun owners about responsible ways to store guns.

The Moms Demand Action group held its second information session Wednesday to present the organization’s BeSmart campaign message, which aims to make adults responsible for the safety of children while around guns.

According to numbers presented by the group, each year in the United States nearly 300 children younger than age 18 gain access to a firearm and unintentionally shoot themselves or someone else — often fatally. Another 500 children a year kill themselves with a gun.

“Deliberately, there is nothing in this program that says you shouldn’t have a gun*,” said Marcia Banta, a member of Moms Demand Action. “As a matter of fact, we are speaking much to people who do own guns. I am confident there is no one in this valley who sells guns that wants those guns to harm children.”

Banta, of Lewiston, has a concealed carry permit. She helped bring the program to the valley because she thinks it offers valuable tips.

As for Christie Fredericksen, also with Moms Demand Action, her family has been personally affected by gun violence. With the increased school shootings around the nation, she decided to join the organization. “It’s promoting common-sense solutions to decrease gun violence,” Fredericksen said.

The United States has the highest rate of unintentional shootings in the world, according to the presenters. Around 4.6 million children in America live in homes where guns are not safely locked up or are loaded when not in use.

“Gun violence has become all too common,” Fredericksen said. “If you haven’t been affected by it personally, you most likely know someone who has.”

The campaign’s message is simple. It encourages adults to take five steps to prevent child gun deaths and injuries. Those include securing guns in homes and vehicle by making sure they are unloaded and properly locked up; modeling responsible behavior around guns; asking about unsecured guns in other homes and vehicles kids plan to visit; recognizing the risks of teen suicide; and telling peers about the campaign.

The duo hopes to spur dialogue in the valley that will lead to fewer accidental shootings.”

*It’s ironic that the Moms Demand representative would make this statement considering their financier, gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg, is spending big bucks to eliminate your Second Amendment rights.


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1 year ago

And WHY do most of us have guns? To protect us,and those we care about,from CRIMINALS with guns. Ironically,the VERY SAME things they want us to do,in the name of “protecting the kids”,could end up getting us killed in the event of a Criminal breaking into our homes. I agree with their concerns of children accidentally killing or being killed by guns,though I’m instinctively doubtful of their numbers. But rather than treating the SYMPTOMS,why not TRAIN kids on the subject. Teach them to NOT touch guns without adult supervision,eventually teach them how to safely unload and clear a gun,teach them… Read more »

1 year ago

The “Owners” want us disarmed. None of this has anything to do with crime or “safety”, they are simply responding to their master’s commands. There are a certain type of people who love nothing more than to control others. They believe that we all need their permission to do anything. If they don’t do something they can see no reason to “allow” you to do it. In their tiny little minds no one has individual rights. They take enormous solace in belonging. They look left and right a lot before they answer questions. They don’t actually know anything, they simply… Read more »

Mist'ears Mom
Mist'ears Mom
1 year ago

How embarrassing as I live in Idaho…Lewiston – Clarkston are in 2 different states Clarkson is in WA just across the river which figures. WA is insanely idiotic with their gun grabbing.
What I want to know is? How in the world do they know “Around 4.6 million children in America live in homes where guns are not safely locked up or are loaded when not in use.”
Where did they get these stats from? How exactly do they know this? What total bs, they just make this crap up. Just goes to show how absolutely absurd they are.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mist'ears Mom

You’re absolutely right. They get these stats like they get all the other stats they use when they want to steal more of your God-given rights. Right from Uranus, that’s where they come from.

It’s like the stats they use for all the other nonsense. How many were “saved” due to draconian drunk-driving laws, gun laws, smoking laws, and every other repressive piece of unAmerican legislation they dream up.

They can’t leave anyone alone. They are wrestling cattle for The Odor.