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Protecting their free speech

Remember the union battle at the Port of Longview where members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) stormed the Port of Longview, overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain?  They also held six guards hostage for a couple of hours and broke down gates and smashed windows in the guard shack
They had the full support of union thug leader James Hoffa who stated, “you can’t blame unions for an isolated incident”.
Now these fine union citizens have decided to sue, alleging police brutality!
Via KATU: The ILWU filed a lawsuit against Cowlitz County, its sheriff and the city of Longview’s police chief Thursday alleging police brutality.  “The ILWU is filing this lawsuit to stop the abuse of longshore workers and their supporters who are being violently pursued and intentionally prosecuted for exercising their free speech and associational rights,” said ILWU International President Bob McEllrath in a statement. “Longshore workers and their supporters are no longer free to move about their hometown without fear of being ambushed in front of children and families by an overzealous, out-of-control Police Chief and Sheriff. This blatant abuse of authority has to stop.”
The union accuses law enforcement of constantly harassing its members through aggressive and intrusive surveillance techniques. It also alleges police are arresting members for misdemeanors that usually only merit citations, acting aggressively and brutally toward members while arresting them without cause and not arresting members when they turn themselves in; instead, the union says police are arresting their members in “made-for-television-style scenes.”
Meanwhile, two longshoremen arrested in a scuffle with police Wednesday appeared in court Thursday. Byron Jacobs, 28, and 54-year-old Michael Muller face felony charges of assault on a police officer.  Jacobs also faces a harassment charge.
The county has already spent at least $40,000 in overtime responding to demonstrations and violence at the EGT terminal. And that was before Wednesday’s demonstration when about a dozen people who attempted to block a grain train were arrested and accused of trespassing.
Since when did free speech and “associational rights” include the right to destroy personal property and take hostages? 

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  1. “Since when did free speech and “associational rights” include the right to destroy personal property and take hostages?”
    Since the Dear Ruler came to power.

  2. It may be ironic but that is God’s way. If you think this idea through, the reaction of the Union “thugs” unsophisticated as it may seem, is the pendulum swinging to the other extreme, which is the oligarchical “thugs” domain. In between and outside the box is the mush of people who have lost their memory it seems, records of the past are still available, and very concisely too, on We need to return to the observance of the US Constitution, which commemorates the winning of the War of Indepence from the British Empire, and the Oligarch’s Bankers.
    Woodrow Wilson committed treason when he allowed for the FED to assume responsibility for issuing money to the US Government, utterly disregarding Article 1 Section 8 of our Constitution, conceived brilliantly by Alexander Hamilton. FDR passed the Glass Steagall Act to separate commercial banking from investment banking, and up until Larry Summers got Clinton to allow the Gramm Bill to dismantle Glass Steagall, the US was doing much better than it is now. Now the crisis is not confined to the USA it is global, so the application of the Glass Steagal Standard is required globally. The reason that the IMF and G20 finance ministers are so reluctant to apply this standard is because it would mean that the illigitimate gambling debts incurred by the banks, would all be quarantined and retired, meaning that tax payers would no longer be saddled with these debts.
    There is no reason whatsoever for any taxpayer citizen to be responsible for any of the toxic derivative exotic instruments failures. There is no reason for the citizen taxpayers to have to bailout out the bankers who have taken too many risks and cannot keep up with their insatiable greed.
    MARCY KAPTUR D Ohio has prepared the RETURN TO PRUDENT BANKING ACT which is awaiting it’s hearing in the House of Reps. which would once passed, reinstate Glass Steagall and get us back on the road to recovery. We could than have the too big to fail banks placed under bankruptcy protection, the unpayable gambling debts retired, and the bailouts cancelled once and for all. If this doesn’t appeal to Obama and his backers, oh well They have had a good run for their money. The Congress could then start uttering credit through a new Federal National Bank for projects which will increase our access to higher energy flux density sources, so that we can commence work on scientific, industrial and agricultural development projects such as the NAWAPA, the North American Water and Power Alliance, which would help us evolve as a species into the sort of beings that we were created to be, in the image of God. We would be able to start expressing ourselves as a species to wilfully create ideas and concepts that would enable us to overcome the disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornados and volcanos more efficiently by allowing NASA to continue to do research etc. We could irrigate deserts and by planting green leafy trees and plants replenish the water we would bring to the dry places two and half times more, by increasing the rainfall in those areas and lowering the temperature by at least two degrees over there.
    This principle could be applied in Africa in the Sahara, to refill Lake Chad and joing the Blue Nile to the White Nile by way of a canal system and irrigate land to feed millions, as well as utitlizing the water lying below the Sahara in underground lakes. This same idea could be used in Asia too and increase mans ability to feed himself, and help against flooding and droughts by redistributing waters. Yes, this will take years, generations maybe, but it will be for the betterment of mankind and God’s creation, and get us to know the earth and the Universe we live in better. Geospheric Engineering and all that goes with it, with enable us to create ways in which to colonize other planets in the Galaxy and beyond. God is longing for us to join him in the heavens and he has given us the ability to come with “witty inventions” that will be usefull for cultivating life on other planets, just as the process of photo systhesis created an atmosphere which is condusive to animal and human life, so we can rise to greater heights. These and greater works you shall do, saith the Lord God.

    • “God is longing for us to join him in the heavens and he has given us the ability to come with “witty inventions” that will be usefull for cultivating life on other planets.”
      So God is an UFO alien who lives on some other planet, just waiting for us to fly there in a spaceship? Which planet would that be? In which galaxy? Which universe of the Multiverse?
      Good grief, Alice, you’re beginning to sound just like Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam with the big Mother Spaceship in the sky ready to whisk away the black “original men”, leaving the evil “blue-eyed white devils” behind. Just what in the world have you been smoking?

  3. In case anyone got offended my comment was not in anyway condoning “thugishness” , the intent was to show extremes up and that is God’s way, irony is the way original ideas are worked out, from beginning to end. Like, He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Author and Finisher of my Faith, who knows the end before the beginning, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. All in all. You know GOD, the Ayiah Asher High, the Living God, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. The Holy one of Israel. The Rock of Ages, the Rose of Sharon. El Shaddai.

  4. These union activists are really going over the top more and more everyday…. sheesh… if acting like that is supposed to be “ok” and was, in an indirect way, endorsed by Hoffa, then who knows what “all” they are capable of doing! I mean he didn’t condemn them or their actions, really, did he? Big surprise…


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