Irish respond to muslim invasion

This seems to be the most “shared” of my posts. It shows there are still some people on this planet who will stand up to the “stealth jihad” that has been strangling the West.

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MA in MO

Thank you God for the Irish. To the young lady who is so proud to be associated with the religion of peace, love and beheadings, this is the definition of muslim/islamic/terriorist: “A radical muslim is one who beheads for the shear pleasure of it; a moderate muslim is one who watches the radical muslim do the beheadings; a peaceful muslim is one who donates to the moderate muslim so they can continue to pay to watch the radical muslim to continue the beheadings.” Sorry I can not take credit for this. It showed up on one my on-line newsletters. I… Read more »

Steven Broiles

People in the West just don’t get it because they’re still asleep. Most people don’t understand the Irish. (And I am part Irish). I can’t think of another people of European extraction, save the Poles, who have been more victimized than the Irish: The Brits exterminated or sold into slavery about two thirds of them under Cromwell’s reign. All right, here’s the truth: The Irish fight not because they hate, but because they love. And let’s be clear: Muslims don’t belong in Europe, let alone Ireland, any more than they belong in Saudi Arabia. This population shift going on throughout… Read more »

MA in MO

I concur.