Irish Navy terrifies President Lucifer

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Obama assassination bid fears – aircraft carriers on standby off Irish coast during G8 summit

US officials are taking the personal security of Barack Obama so seriously that they will be positioning two aircraft carriers off the coast of Donegal.

irish_navy_04Can somebody please tell me which one of County Donegal’s fearsome fishing boats Pres Lucy fears most? ~TD 

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No problem. But just in case, the boys on the green rock are training.

At least one Irish leader had the courage to speak truthfully about the American president. (Thanks to Maui Jim at The Surf Report for sharing this video.) ~TD

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0 responses to “Irish Navy terrifies President Lucifer

  1. Remember: Guinness is good for you!

  2. Was that Guinness or Harp ? Harp on draft is a taste treat . A bachelor party in the early 80’s is all I can remember to this day . An Irish b.p. , b.t.w.

  3. Today, before an audience that included many Catholics, the POS had the gall to call for an end to Catholic education in Northern Ireland.

    • I only caught a passing moment of his speech in Northern Ireland, but instantly recognized his move. He was using one of his favorite tricks of stirring up dormant hatred for personal advantage. That’s one of the reasons race hatred in America has gone back to worse than 1960.

      He seemed to be trying to dredge up residual hurt and anger that the people of Ulster had struggled for years to put away thru real acts of Christian forgiveness (Protestant and Catholic). This man is doing the devil’s work.

    • OMG! He goes out of his way just to piss people off! He’s detestable!

      • and arrogant!

        Imagine if an Irish politician were to come to America telling Americans what to do or not do.

        • What is frightening is what Trail Dust said concerning Ulster. After all this time of relative stability, peace and quiet among N. Ireland’s Catholics and Protestants, it is as if (o)bama is doing his level best to stir up a hornet’s nest and undo all the progress that has been made. Your phrase, “President Lucifer” is quite apt. He is a destroyer of all that is good in this world.

          • That’s why, even back in 2008, someone figured out that the POS is just like Batman’s demonic Joker (the Heath Ledger version, the portrayal of which cost him his life), whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc and foment chaos, just for the Hell of it — which, of course, is exactly what the Devil does.

            • traildustfotm

              I just took time out of a busy day to read your link to an article with insight about Heath Ledger’s death. I recommend this advice to anyone who would look into the nature of evil. Thank you for sharing it, Dr. Eowyn.

              CS Lewis said that writing the “Screwtape Letters” had caused him to develop a “spiritual cramp”, and he needed to rest and recover from it when he was done.

  4. Personally, I think they are setting up for an “assassination attempt”……beginning to look for a head wound and miraculous recovery. :/

    They’ve “talked” WAY, WAY too much about a such “attempt”….remember Hilarity even “mentioned” it many years ago. I do not EVER remember these kinds of discussions/speculations with any other pres.

    Praying DAILY for the pos’s safety and “Saul” conversion!

  5. Well, totalitarians are almost always paranoid, so it’s really no surprise the Kenyan mullah comrade Dear Ruler would be, as well.


  6. All gorgeous music, but we need a minute or more of each piece, not 10 or 15 seconds!!

  7. Dressage Rider

    Okay, is this why SS is protecting POS with tractors??

    • Oh that is rich! The Irish have a sly sense of humor. I think the prostitutes riding in every “farmer’s” tractor will tip off the bad guys.


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