Iranian defector says U.S. speaks for Iran at nuclear talks

While it is true that Amir Motaghi is an Iranian defector and therefore has an axe to grind, given who he is — a former close aide to Iran’s president — and the gravity of his accusation — that the Obama administration is acting as Iran’s mouthpiece and advocate in the ongoing nuclear negotiation — Motaghi’s assertion should be reported and noted.
Motaghi’s accusation is also consistent with what we already know about Obama and his duplicity. See “US Intel Report Drops Iran From Terror Threat List.”

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I believe what this man has to say about Obama. Valerie Jarrett is Iranian so I would believe that she and our worthless POS president are doing what they can to insure that Iran becomes a nuclear nation.


Dr. Ewoyn, I had forgotten about this but what are the chances? What was I doing on 9/11: I was living in Naples, Florida and had gotten up around 7:30 as I was waiting on the telephone man to check my computer outlet. He arrived about 8:50 just after the first plane hit. I told him what was going on and he needed to watch this. We saw the second plane hit and the first words out of his mouth were “it’s Osama, he did it”….I really didn’t know who Osama was at that time and asked him again and… Read more »


Can anyone honestly say they are surprised by this?
Looks as though it will be up to the other nations of the region to stop the Persian barbarians from getting a nuke.