Iran is a terror threat to the Middle East, Latin America & USA

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Did you know that in 2010 in New York City, the heads of the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam met secretly with then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and forged an alliance against their common enemy — the white race?
P.S. To the bashers and mockers of conspiracy theories, here’s a real conspiracy!

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0 responses to “Iran is a terror threat to the Middle East, Latin America & USA

  1. Obama and Jarret are on a mission to defy Netanyahu in any way they can. Iran having nuclear capabilities is the latest way that this terrible twosome has plotted to endanger Israel. They could care less about the consequences to the world, their hatred of Israel blinds them to anything else. Congress is to blame also for doing nothing while Obama is on a power grab; the letter congress sent to Iran informing them of the worthlessness of an Obama agreement without them is worth nothing if it is not backed up with action.

    • it is not congress/senate/scotus/jcos/ or any present or past “administration” it is the constituency itself that allowed/succumbed to unconstitutional policy and failed to “live up to” the duty of being a free man defending and supporting the constitution. the melting pot has become the cesspool. until the citizenry enforce the constitution there will never be any correction or attempt by any politician/leader. as long as the constituency prefers to be lied to and plundered as it is the path of least resistance what shall the overlord task masters say to their willing slaves?

  2. We have been watching the development of this threat for a long time. The day will come when the people who have turned their heads the other way to allow it will come to ruin. Who knows how many politicians have taken bribes.

  3. really there is no issue, America has been a has been for quite a while, although it has nuclear resource it will not prevail. as for the Islamic threat and Israel it is threat and not much more. one day soon the petrodollar/dollar peg will be gone. when this is done, the last vestiges of wealth from the country will be gone with it. the error of wealth/power calculation is the constant calculation of “possession” equated in USD. if the math were done in mean impartial relegation {barter as example} the mean would reveal poor destitute naked country. Israeli population is circa 1/3russian. they have ally that is not pushed around by backward goat herder mentality. to keep in mind from Einstein to today, the greatest physicists are of Jewish descent. God is not mocked, it is foolish to think otherwise.

  4. Have to say, I am not afraid of iran, they dance to the tune of oholibah the same as oholibah does, except that oholibah actually has a corner on the market on the nukes in the middle east. If a nuclear middle east is to be avoided, oholibah must also be stripped of the cache they already have (in addition to shutting down whatever clandestine evils are going on at dimona).
    Given that the U.S. government itself is also against the citizenry, though, I would also suggest full nuclear disarming of the psychopaths sitting in the offices of the pentagon etc. too. This won’t be happening, short of a miracle of course, unless the citizenry in all three countries take steps to make it happen.

    • simple elimination of the muslims would stabilize the region. they are the least valuable in any mathematical equation and the do bring about most of the global grief. you are correct that USA gov would gladly like to eliminate it’s citizenry. it is rather obvious considering they forsook their oaths of defending the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic; choosing to bow down and sphincter chafe with their illegal anti-American muslim god.


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