Iran Has Downed U.S. Stealth Drone

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Oh, joy. Iran and its buddies like China will now have access to our sophisticated stealth technology.  🙁
Another shining achievement of the Obama administration.

U.S. Military Sources: Iran Has Missing U.S. Drone – December 05, 2011

A U.S. super-secret spy plane believed to be in Iranian possession could be a major loss for the U.S. military — and a major gain for Iran.
According to a senior U.S. military source with intimate knowledge of the Sentinel drone, the aircraft likely “wandered” into Iranian air space after losing contact with its handlers and is presumed to be intact since it is programmed to fly level and find a place to land, rather than crashing.

“This is a big prize in terms of technology,” a senior U.S. military source told Fox News.
The spy plane uses the same stealth technology as the drone used to monitor the compound during the raid that killed Usama bin Laden, U.S. military sources told Fox News on Monday.
Military sources confirmed that the Iranians have the RQ-170 drone, which is so advanced that the U.S. Air Force has not distributed even a photo of it. However, they did not say that the Iranians shot down the spy plane, as was reported by Iran’s official IRNA news agency.
IRNA quoted an unidentified Iranian military official saying Sunday that the spy plane was shot down by Iran’s armed forces and suffered minor damage.. The official also warned of strong and crushing response to any violations of the country’s airspace by American drone aircraft.
Earlier, the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan issued a statement saying the aircraft may have been a drone that operators lost contact with last week while it was flying a mission over neighboring western Afghanistan.
A U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the classified nature of the incident, said the U.S. had “absolutely no indication” that the drone was shot down.
Iran is locked in a dispute with the U.S. and its allies over Tehran’s disputed nuclear program, which the West believes is aimed at developing nuclear weapons. Iran denies the accusations, saying its nuclear program is entirely peaceful and that it seeks to generate electricity and produce isotopes to treat medical patients.
Iran said in January that two pilotless spy planes it had shot down over its airspace were operated by the United States and offered to put them on public display. In July, Iranian military officials showed Russian experts several U.S. drones they said were shot down in recent years.
Also in July, Iranian lawmaker Ali Aghazadeh Dafsari said Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shot down an unmanned U.S. spy plane that was trying to gather information on an underground uranium enrichment site.
The RQ-170 Sentinel is made by Lockheed Martin and is equipped with stealth technology. The $6 million stealth aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin has an RQ in its name to indicate it is unarmed.
Neither the Air Force nor manufacturer Lockheed Martin has released much information about the plane, dubbed “The Beast of Kandahar” in 2007 when its existence was finally confirmed.
“The RQ-170 Sentinel, a low observable UAV, was built by Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs,” Major Cristin L. Marposon, a public affairs officer for the USAF at the Pentagon, finally told in 2009.
Sources said that the plane was designed for surveillance, not for attack.
Little is known about the plane beyond its intended goals, however, with no official images released or details about its composition. Leaked photographs purportedly of the craft depict a sleek, biwing design, intended to present a stealthier, harder to hit profile that other drones or other aircraft.
“The USAF has not issued any public release photos of the RQ-170,” Melissa Dalton of Lockheed Martin told
Early reports suggested that plane — which supposedly has a wingspan of about 65 feet and can fly at around 50,000 feet — would be made almost entirely without metal to help it dodge radar, and special paint provides additional stealth.
Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., told Fox News on Monday that “it’s less likely than not” that the Iranians did not shoot down the plane, but it had a mechanical or computer malfunction that caused it to go down. The Iranians then used it “for propaganda purposes.”
“In the past, they have claimed these shoot-downs and been unable to produce any pieces of the drone, and currently, they have not exhibited any piece of the RQ-170 yet,” he said.
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7 responses to “Iran Has Downed U.S. Stealth Drone

  1. a gift from obama and jarrett??

  2. Of course HuffPo spins it a completely different way…don’t worry, be happy!
    “But experts suggested that even if the Iranians have found parts of the unmanned spy plane, they can probably glean little from it. Because it likely fell from a high altitude, there may be very few large pieces to examine.”

  3. Perhaps they outsourced the manufacturing of this drone to some slaves in some exploited third world country, which is why the engine fell out of it, causing it to crash.
    So perhaps they didn’t follow the assembly instructions very well because they were not well versed in the language they were written in. Like: What dis piece here? Look like upside down. Maybe we just forgettaboutit. So maybe the secrets are safe.
    Also we should be collaborating with Russia and China on projects that will benefit mankind, to explore the Cosmos and get to know more about God’s beautiful Universe. Why not get along with other sovreign nations, and let the oligarchs and their perpetual war and chaos agenda drop dead. That’s what the oligarchical principle is all about, genocide, so they should go on ahead and try it. We can easily get on without them and their nutty monetary system, and their austerity.

  4. Brilliant…but then that’s the problem when things break at eight miles high . At $6 million , they should have tied a longer/stronger string to it.

  5. Yeah, right. We better order sixteen trillion dollars worth of string immediately, and charge it to the taxpayers.

  6. With the way in which Obama operates – as a sneaky Black and White Fraud, I believe he set IRAN a “gift”.
    The Democratic Part with The Clintons had CHINAGATE – when a WHISTLEBLOWER exposed that Al Gore and Bill Clinton were threatening State Department officials with the loss of their jobs – if they did not alter a report – to be more “politicaly correct” – to further conceal the sale of US classified information on our missle system to Communist China.
    I believe Obama’s appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was engineered to further cover-up CHINAGATE.
    As it stands, PAKISTAN has provided CHINA with the downed aircraft – from the TEN-year mission – that got Osama bin Laden.

  7. @ Grouchy:
    From the moment I heard about it, it all seemed suspicious to me – because the story kept changing – from – “IRAN shot it down” – (so where is the crash site) – “IRAN considers it a spy plane from the US that was shot down” – (so where is the crash site), etc. – then “it “drifted” into IRAN’s air space” – (as if the handlers would not know this was happening)!!!!
    But yr comment – is the BEST – “why is it not programmed to crash – when all contact is lost with he controllers?” = EXACTLY!


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