Iowa’s message to the POS

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Yesterday, the POS campaigned in Iowa, hoping to recapture some of the magic the state gave his run to the White House in 2008.

As reported by ABC’s Devin Dwyer, greeting Air Force One as it touched down in Sioux City under sunny skies and sultry heat was this hand-painted banner draped across the top of an airplane hangar:

“SUX” is the airport code for Sioux City, but we all know what the homonym of SUX is!

You go, Iowa!!!

H/t FOTM’s Anon & DCG


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0 responses to “Iowa’s message to the POS

  1. Iowa rules!

  2. It would do my heart so good to know that the sign was no accident and was worded that way because that is how Iowans feel.

  3. ROFL!

    That is too funny.



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