Iowa Caucus Vote: It's Rick & Mitt

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Drudge calls it a 2-way photo finish:

Mitt 25% Rick 25%

Des Moines Register calls it a win for Mitt by 8 votes:

  • Mitt Romney 24.6% (30,015 votes)
  • Rick Santorum 24.5% (30,007 votes)
  • Ron Paul 21.4% (26,219 votes)
  • Newt Gingrich 13.3% (16,251 votes)
  • Rick Perry 10.3% (12,604 votes)
  • Michele Bachmann 5% (6,073 votes)
  • Jon Huntsman 0.6% (745 votes)
  • No preference 0.1% (135 votes)
  • Other 0.1% (117 votes)
  • Herman Cain 0% (58 votes)

But Rush Limbaugh has it right: Rick Santorum is the winner, unexpectedly coming from behind to make an impressive surge in the last few days of the campaign.
Perry is making noises he’s reassessing quitting the race. So is Bachmann.
Newt blames his poor Iowa showing to Mitt’s attacks ads, then goes on the attack himself against Mitt and vows to carry on his campaign to New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida — but not Virginia because Newt’s campaign somehow neglected to register to be on the ballot in VA.
2008 loser John McCain to endorse Mitt Romney today, thereby confirming that Mitt really is the GOP establishment favorite. McCain is the leader of the Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee that approved SB 1867, with its detention without trial of U.S. citizens (Sec. 1031). That bill was signed by Obama on the last day of 2011 and is now law, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.
Given that, McCain’s endorsement of Romney is the kiss of death for me.

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0 responses to “Iowa Caucus Vote: It's Rick & Mitt

  1. Paulbots out in force voting tonight I see…
    CNN doing their best to bash every repub with everyone they interview at each candidates HQ. See, I do watch something else besides Fox 🙂

  2. And this is why CNN is completely not news….James Carvell calling it for Romney, then proclaiming he won’t beat Obama. “I may sound like a White House lackey but I’m not.” lol

  3. Dennis H. Bennett

    Zantac and Zofran, pleeeeaaaseee……..

  4. DCG…not all independents are “bots” 🙂 It looks as if
    the GOP may have to consider some new ideas other
    than war and being the NWO/UN policeman.

    • Yes my bad….
      They seem to go crazy on every web site associated w/anything Paul. They are all over the web by force!

      • I hear you…I’m not even sure it will matter ….
        the inmates are certainly in charge of the asylum
        and could easily subvert the elections as arrogantly
        as they have the Constitution….still,gotta love all of that
        youthful enthusiasm 🙂 and they’re the ones who could
        tip the balance ,so I’m inclined to nurture and encourage.
        I guess I’m still old enough to know better,
        but too young to resist .

  5. My absolute congratulations to Rick Santorum! He apparently worked very hard hitting every Iowa community. I listened to his speech last night and he was inspiring!

    • I’m light on info on Rick, but I’m looking forward
      to getting to know about him…the good people of
      Iowa have the same good common sense as the
      people up in Alaska, and I value their opinions
      just as I do everyone at FOTM.

  6. The America-hating communist MSM will now put on their Caesar Obumma kneepads and go after Rick Santorum, the only conservative left standing.
    Santorum’s surprisingly strong finish last night (I didn’t see it coming) makes him a clear and present threat to the Kenyan Muslim commie’s ability to deliver the coup de grâce to America – for which a second term will be required, and therefore Santorum must be destroyed.

    • Santorum has some baggage that lost him his last run for the Pennsylvania Senate race. I can’t remember the particulars. I expect it will be splashed all over Google News in the weeks to come.

      • And Ron Paul has no “baggage”? Santorum lost the Senate race because of his staunch support for the Iraq War. Here’s a good article on Santorum:

        • We’re all and sinners and everybody has baggage! I only meant that the MSM and opposition researchers will be more focused on Santorum now that he’s in the frontrunner category. It will be the same for every candidate that garners significant support.

      • LTG,
        I think that centers around his support for Arlen Specter, but as I understand it, his support was due to Specter’s work when it came to judges.
        But I could be wrong.

        • That’s what I understand too Dave, you know, playing “the political game”. Nonetheless, I guarantee you the SRM will turn around ANYTHING Santorum has done to make it look bad. If they can’t find anything, they will manufacturer it. Guaranteed…

    • No doubt they have been deployed to Penn today to decipher every piece of material they can find, or unseal, on Rick and how to spin it against him.

  7. IMHO, Herman Cain was the real thing and he was taken down by the liberal, smear-mongering media in this country. Beltway repubs are silent when this happens to true conservatives. Very sad….

  8. This is going to be baggage for RS: If anyone thinks that the MSM isn’t going to be going after him with a vengence… That bho had a shady real estate deal with Tony Rezko will be nothing – phooey on that – or that bho now has some issues that will challenge his standing in court – we’ll hear nary a peep. But just wait; watch and see what the MSM will do to Rick Santorum. I could get behind RS, and be a supporter, much, much more willingly than I can for Mitt Romney. I will support whoever gets the nomination. Anyone BUT bho!!! [I had high hopes for Michele Bachmann, but I just knew it wasn’t going to happen for her. Sadly.]

    • I heard about this BT, and from what I can tell, it was a “political smear” and in the end Rick was proven to be in the right (at least on the web site I read). But alas, that doesn’t matter.
      Skippy hasn’t released ONE record related to school, meds, etc. yet he’s calling on Mitt to release tax records. Hypocrite. And the SRM is silent and complacent, as usual.

      • “… the SRM is silent and complacent, as usual.” Surely you are not surprised, DCG. None of the rest of us are. Amazing what the SRM has been able to do – avoid news [unless it is a Friday afternoon dumping], make issues news when they are not [i.e., Herman Cain]. Yet, skippy can do NO wrong – and even when he does, SRM is either totally quiet, or posts headlines that WE are racists!


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