Introduction to Labor Studies at University of Missouri

My bud, Kelleigh put me on the trail to these!   ~LTG

 My name is Philip Christofanelli. I was a student in the University of Missouri’s “Introduction to Labor Studies course The class was taught simultaneously by Professor Don Giljum of University of Missouri-Saint Louis (UMSL) and Professor Judy Ancel of University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) through the use of a live video feed that linked the two classrooms. The class met every other Saturday for seven hours, including breaks. All of the classes were recorded and put on the class website.     

Shortly after the University of Missouri St Louis issued a statement whitewashing the intimidation tactics and anti-business course instruction of Don Giljum and Judy Ancel,  published an excellent  first-person account by Phillip Christofanelli, a student who took the Labor Studies courses at the University of Missouri St Louis. 

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Dr. Eowyn

This is not to downplay this Labor Studies course at the U of Missouri, but these kinds of courses and instructors are quite common place in America’s colleges and universities. What is unusual is that conservative students, such as Philip Christofanelli, are fighting back with the new technology of blogs and YouTube videos, so that Americans outside of academe know what is going on. BTW, a search of U. of Missouri-St. Louis’ faculty/staff directory shows no Don Giljum. He is not a Professor there; he’s a part-time Instructor. Big difference. Also, the videos apparently caused quite an uproar. Alas, “Administrators… Read more »


Commie non-violence.
Yeah, as their favorite form of government only resulted in the deaths of between 100 and 200 million people in the century just past, depending on whose numbers you believe.
I hate f’ing, stinking, freedom-hating commies with a life-long, engraved passion, and I will make no apologies for that.
And the moral relativists who think commies and camel-washers are on the same level as us can all line up and kiss my a__.
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Doug Smith
Doug Smith

Dave, sounds like you have a tendancy toward violence yourself, there. As for Christofanelli – talk about a waste of a college education. College is for discussing often provacative topics in a safe environment, where difference of opinion is encouraged. This guy broke the trust of his fellow students and teachers by distributing materials out of context, which led to their unethical editing that made the teachers look like they promoted violence when they clearly did not and almost cost them their jobs. Doesn’t sound like he’s sorry about that at all. So I hope those teachers bring defamation of… Read more »