Introduction to Labor Studies at University of Missouri

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My bud, Kelleigh put me on the trail to these!   ~LTG

 My name is Philip Christofanelli. I was a student in the University of Missouri’s “Introduction to Labor Studies course The class was taught simultaneously by Professor Don Giljum of University of Missouri-Saint Louis (UMSL) and Professor Judy Ancel of University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) through the use of a live video feed that linked the two classrooms. The class met every other Saturday for seven hours, including breaks. All of the classes were recorded and put on the class website.     

Shortly after the University of Missouri St Louis issued a statement whitewashing the intimidation tactics and anti-business course instruction of Don Giljum and Judy Ancel,  published an excellent  first-person account by Phillip Christofanelli, a student who took the Labor Studies courses at the University of Missouri St Louis. 

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  1. lowtechgrannie

    From the Communist Party USA website FAQ
    Communists believe that social change can only be accomplished through the united action of mass movements which express the majority will of the people. Peaceful methods of change are not only the right thing to do, they are the most effective way to unite and mobilize the greatest majorities.
    Violence, on the other hand, is a tool of the big corporations and the governments they control. To preserve their power, they use violence against workers’ and people’s movements.
    In contrast, Communists seek to change society peacefully. We work to expand every democratic and electoral avenue as part of our fight for working class political and economic power.
    Our party believes that it is possible to make fundamental transformations using the electoral process, the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights.

  2. This is not to downplay this Labor Studies course at the U of Missouri, but these kinds of courses and instructors are quite common place in America’s colleges and universities. What is unusual is that conservative students, such as Philip Christofanelli, are fighting back with the new technology of blogs and YouTube videos, so that Americans outside of academe know what is going on.
    BTW, a search of U. of Missouri-St. Louis’ faculty/staff directory shows no Don Giljum. He is not a Professor there; he’s a part-time Instructor. Big difference.
    Also, the videos apparently caused quite an uproar. Alas, “Administrators at the University of Missouri-St. Louis say they have completed a review of video footage from a controversial labor class and found that a lecturer did nothing wrong. Further, the school said that instructor Don Giljum remains eligible to teach courses.”
    According to this Chronicle of Higher Education account, Giljum first said he’d resign, then retracted his offer. The university is now saying the student’s videos were “highly edited” and “misleading.”
    For her part, Judy Ancel is identified on the U of Missouri-Kansas City website not as Professor but as “Director” of its Institute for Labor Studies. Her title is “Project Administrator.” Unlike those with the Professor (Assistant, Associate, or Full) title, Ancel does not have a Ph.D. Her highest degree is an M.A. in History from C.U.N.Y.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    EO, I’m glad you pointed that out because it’s important to get the facts straight. Still, they’re instructors at a publicly-funded university with wages paid from the public purse. I think every lawmaker and small-business employer who are union contractors ought to see this.
    My company and other local small companies who were signatory to the union experienced a strike in 2001. Substantial mayhem was done that included extreme property damage and arson that could have been lethal—- to the point of blowing up a whole city block. The thugs tampered with a commercial fuel storage tank! After 10 weeks when the agreement was reached, we did not have the same feelings towards the union employees. Two of the strikers, the ringleaders of the violence, had a difficult time finding any employer willing to have them back. It was a very ugly situation and the union workers never did make up the premium wages (amounting to about $10,000 each) that they lost over the 10 weeks they were on strike! Idiots!

    • LTG,
      After thinking it over, it is an important fact that the two instructors, Giljum and Ancel, have the titles they have — Instructor (part-time, year-by-year appointment) and Project Administrator/Institute Director (which usually means “soft money”), respectively. This means that neither is a “ladder” faculty, i.e., tenure-track faculty who begins as a non-tenured Assistant Professor, then hopefully a tenured Associate Professor, and finally, hopefully a Full Professor. That in turn means that neither Giljum nor Ancel went through the rigorous screening of a tenure-track hiring which assures some quality control, nor do they have the kind of curriculum vitae (resume) required of ladder faculty.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    Thanks for the clarification, Eo. I’m not at all up to the mark on the college faculty track system. I just find it distressing that parents are paying tuition for their kids to sit at the feet of these people — or that young people will be paying off college loans for the next 10 years for the indoctrination people like Giljum and Ancel call education.
    You know, it just occured to me. Obama was really just an instructor at University of Chicago Law School, much like these two bozos. I remember reading a comment by a tenured professor at the Law School saying that Obama’s first application for the position of instructor was declined by the University. Six months later they hired him at the personal request of someone in a powerful position. The professor said that Obama never attended staff meeting or interacted with the faculty in any meaningful way. He was just there to juice up his resume.

    • Yes, indeed, about Skippy. Fellowship did a post on this more than a year ago, in April of 2010. For those who don’t know about Obama never being a “professor” and what he taught his students, go to:
      LTG, I read an article just the other day that colleges and universities increasingly are using part-time instructors and lecturers instead of ladder faculty, for cost-saving reasons. The figure of these “gypsy” instructors is now as high as 40-60% of the total teaching staff. This is bad, not just for the “gypsies” (who put together a living by teaching in 2-3 colleges, thus the nickname “gypsies”), but also for the quality of faculty because the hiring of these part-timers is not as rigorous as for ladder faculty. This has implications for the quality of both instruction and research, because part-timers are not expected to research and publish. Not a good development!

  5. Commie non-violence.
    Yeah, as their favorite form of government only resulted in the deaths of between 100 and 200 million people in the century just past, depending on whose numbers you believe.
    I hate f’ing, stinking, freedom-hating commies with a life-long, engraved passion, and I will make no apologies for that.
    And the moral relativists who think commies and camel-washers are on the same level as us can all line up and kiss my a__.
    Fork ’em and feed ’em borscht and couscous.

  6. Dave, sounds like you have a tendancy toward violence yourself, there.
    As for Christofanelli – talk about a waste of a college education. College is for discussing often provacative topics in a safe environment, where difference of opinion is encouraged. This guy broke the trust of his fellow students and teachers by distributing materials out of context, which led to their unethical editing that made the teachers look like they promoted violence when they clearly did not and almost cost them their jobs. Doesn’t sound like he’s sorry about that at all. So I hope those teachers bring defamation of character lawsuits against him and everyone else involved.
    As for labor struggles, they happened. And they’re relevant because they’re happening again for good reason. Despite conservative wing-nut attempts to send us all back 150 years and to whitewash history, people will continue to struggle when their rights are impinged upon. And yes, it is about distribution of wealth. But it is not about communism. Most liberals – hell most people period – are OK with uneven distribution, but there is a point where you ask yourself ‘is this right’ and I think 1% holding 90% of the wealth is it, no matter what the system of government. Pure capitalism is what’s immoral and unethical. Luckily it has never existed and let’s hope it never does.


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