Interview with Henry Makow

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If you frequent Henry Makow’s website, you probably have never heard or seen the man.
Here’s an interesting interview with Makow, a Jew and cultural conservative, in which he discusses a diabolical subset of Jews who are masonic satanists, and more.

H/t Alexander Gottwald

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  1. Thank you, this is really good, I knew some of this, but he really puts things in a language that I understand, which has given me more understanding. I have his website now and will be reading more there. Our defense in all that is going on is truth. Praise the Lord! We have the Holy Spirit who leads us into all Truth through Jesus Christ.

  2. I’ve been a regular visitor to Henry’s site now for almost 10 years. Most of what he discusses rings true with me, but strange I had never seen him in a video or heard his voice in an interview. It helps to add a face an voice to what I have been reading all this time.

  3. Kudos Dr. Ewoyn for helping to spread Dr. Makow and his work by listing his site here ! I actually found your work through his site a few years ago. I had been studying the elite power structure and it’s lies for some time, but I must say that it wasn’t until becoming a student of Henry Makow’s archives that I TRULY had my eyes opened to the depth of the lies and manipulations we have been told and well as the general identity and “religious ideals” of the elite. Though Mr. Makow is not a convert to formal Christianity, he holds to many Christian ideals, one of which is love for all, not just his own tribe.
    As Christians we know certain things are not right. However because we are living in a culture that is essentially no longer Christian culture, ( see E. Michael Jones interview on Red Ice Creations here: )
    using the Bible to explain one’s positions will fail to convert or open ears to present dangers.
    With the material contained on Henry’s site, one is armed with the hard evidence to be able to articulate why so many current issues are designed to deconstruct society, damage families and relationships.
    In addition I had NO idea of the massive Christian holocausts that have taken place in this last century. All we are ever taught is that Jews were the persecuted. Yes we knew, that Communism was horrible and many people died, but because of Henry we can now know who and why; same can be said for the Armenian Holocaust.

  4. This is a great interview. I encourage everyone to visit Henry’s site.

  5. Thanks for sharing my interview with Henry Makow! I really appreciate that. Just for your attention: There is an English blogpost as well on my blog with lots of links related to the topics we’ve been discussing in the interview, not just the German one you’ve been linking to above… 🙂


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