Interview with Dr. Terry Lakin, Obama's political prisoner

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On December 7, 2010, U.S. Army surgeon and Bronze Star-recipient Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was convicted, sentenced, and dismissed from the military for daring to challenge his deployment orders on the grounds of Obama’s unproven constitutional eligibility for the presidency, and thus dubious authority as commander-in-chief.
The good doctor was court martialed but denied the right of discovery. Military judge Denise Lind refused to grant the defense discovery documents comprised of Obama’s birth certificate and school records — not even his kindergarten records — because, as she put it, those documents might be “an embarrassment” to Obama. In so doing, Lind effectively stripped Lakin’s attorneys from mounting a defense.
All of which makes the trial a travesty of justice and Lakin a political prisoner of the Obama administration.
On May 14, 2011, Lakin was released, after serving a sentence of six months for “Missing Movement by Design.” See a video of his family and patriots at the airport welcoming him home, here.
Nearly two months before Lakin was released from prison, however, on April 27, 2011, Obama — with great fanfare — held a press conference to reveal an image of his purported Hawaii-born birth certificate (which countless experts subsequently have determined is a forgery).
In this video below, talk radio host Peter Boyles asks an excellent question:
If Obama had “proof” of his Hawaii-born birth certificate all along, why didn’t he produce it sooner, which would have saved Lakin from being court martialed?
Instead, Obama let Lakin go to trial; be convicted; kicked out of the U.S. Army, stripped of his lieutenant colonel rank and of his military pension and health coverage; and jailed. After Lakin was released from prison, he was denied a license to practice medicine in Kansas — a decision that he is appealing.
What kind of man, not to mention a President of the United States of America, would do that to an army surgeon who has been awarded a Bronze Star?

Lakin has written a book on what he went through, Officer’s Oath, which will be out in 3-4 weeks. Just in time for the November presidential election!

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  1. I like Terry Lakin too and I believe that the stand he made was not in vain, he will be vindicated. My personal opinion about Barack Obama is that he is a puppet, that he may not even be an American citizen is important but I would impeach him right now for Benghazi alone. Either he failed to do his duty because he was to lazy, indifferent or incompetent or something much, much worse and if it can be proven he will know the wrath of the American people! Hillary is not off the hook either! Aloha!


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