Instant karma: Cop shoots himself while trying to kill non-aggressive dog

David Edwards reports for The Raw Story, April 17, 2014, that a sheriff’s deputy in Riverside County, California, accidentally shot himself in the leg while trying to kill a dog that he said was threatening his life.

copy who shot himself

According to a Riverside County sheriff’s spokesperson, the cop was serving an eviction notice at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday when a “large” dog tried to attack him, KCAL reported.

PreciousPrecious, the “large” “attacking” dog

“A dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner,” Deputy Armando Munoz said, according to The Press-Enterprise. “The deputy, (attempting to defend himself) pulled his service weapon, shot one round, and injured himself in the leg. He’s OK. He has non life-threatening injuries.”

But video captured by a local television station later showed the dog to be much smaller than reported and peacefully playing with children.

Precious1Precious plays with kids

When KNBC film crews arrived on the scene later on Wednesday, they found a medium-sized pit bull — named “Precious” — confined to a pen, and calmly playing with several children. The dog’s owner admitted that it had been barking when the officer arrived.

Deputy Munoz claimed that the dog’s “aggressive” behavior ended when it was startled by the gunfire.

Animal Services did not take the dog into custody because there was no evidence it or the owner had done anything wrong. Precious was not running loose in the streets. Nor did Precious “attack” the deputy; all she did was bark at the cop.

Watch the video below from KNBC, broadcast April 16, 2014.

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0 responses to “Instant karma: Cop shoots himself while trying to kill non-aggressive dog

  1. I guess Officer ( for the lack of a name ) Shithead decided to skip academy on the day the instructor told all the cadets : DON’T PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER UNLESS IT’S A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION ………..

  2. And now he will probably go out on paid convalescent leave, or even permanent disability, of course at taxpayer expense.

  3. Heavensent justice, IMO.

  4. I really wish someone had captured him actually shooting himself. So much fun to watch!

  5. If the cop can’t handle a barking dog , How in the hell is he going to handle a ” real ” hostage ” situation . ? He should have majored in acct.

  6. My schadenfreude is overflowing. That’s is what you can expect when you hire LEO’s with more brawn, probably steroid enhanced, than brains.

  7. Idiot.

  8. My relatives have a dog like “Precious,” who loves everyone, and wants to climb into my shirt pocket every time I visit. This cop really screwed up. I’m just relieved the dog wasn’t hurt.

  9. that cop should be too ashamed to show his face in public. He just earned the nickname Barney Fife. (No offense meant to Don Knotts,who was MUCH smarter than the character he played so wonderfully.

  10. I am so happy that the dog wasn’t hurt. What poor judgment and cruelty that was exercised by an officer of the law, who behaves like an idiot.

  11. Look at the cop on the stretcher. Typical young skinhead bullyboy, which is the norm for most PD’s today. The job attracts bullies. Bullies are dimwitted and cowardly. Too bad he didn’t shoot himself in the nuts.


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