Insanity! TSA Agents Pat Down Baby

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Does anyone still think that Janet Napolitano and the TSA (Transport Security Agency, part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security) are actually concerned about catching terrorists?
Last night, Fellowship of the Minds’ wonderful writer DCG wrote a post, “Doesn’t This Make You Feel Safe,” about a photo that’s making the rounds on the Internet. I can now confirm that the pic is real.

TSA agents grope baby held by mom.

TSA agents pedophiles at Kansas City International Airport were laughing as they pat down a baby, focusing their attention on the lower half of the infant’s body.
As reported by Paul Bentley of the Daily Mail, May 10, 2011, TSA agents insisted on frisking the baby after his stroller beeped when it went through security.
A fellow passenger Jacob Jester took the pic as proof of what he thought was an ‘extreme’ measure. Jester uploaded the photograph onto Twitter and wrote: “Just saw #tsa agents patting down a little baby at @KCIAirport. Pretty sure that’s extreme.”
Read the rest of the article HERE.

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0 responses to “Insanity! TSA Agents Pat Down Baby

  1. Well, frankly, if I were going to smuggle something through customs, putting it in a baby’s diaper would be my first idea. So maybe this isn’t so extreme. But did they also pat down the stroller? They do both . . . something hidden in the metal structure would be brilliant as well.

  2. The photo is visually very sketchy in composition, lighting and conditions. No details available on when or what time this was taken. Too many off-normal distortions and well-placed glares going on here…just sayin’.. get a real independent expert from the mainstream to put it in writing if you are so sure it is real it should be easy, huh?

    • Good grief. The photo was taken indoors in an airport with a cell phone.
      You don’t think the UK’s Daily Mail is mainstream? That sure is news to the Daily Mail.
      It’s also downright heartwarming that you invest so much faith in the mainstream media!

    • Good grief, you’re defending these gropers? Have you not seen the vids on youtube of TSA patting down children? Do you not know of their policy?
      See Dave, this is exactly what has become of the American sheeple….

  3. That’s a bunch of sick f”””’s

  4. Randi! Do you live under a rock? They have even shown some of these pat downs on tv!!!!!! come on get with the program.


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