Insanity: Padded Bras for 9-Year-Olds

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The relentless drive to sexualize children continues, unabated.
You had read on Fellowship of the Minds about 3-4 year old girls dressed up as a whore and as Dolly Parton with false boobies at the child beauty pagent show “Toddlers & Tiaras” on TLC.
Now the Irish are selling padded bras to 9-year-olds.
Vivian Giang reports for Business Insider, Sep. 7, 2011, that retail stores in Ireland are offering padded bras to enhance the figure of 9-year-old girls.
The Dublin-based store Dunnesis selling padded bras for girls with a 28 to 30-inch chest while Penneys, another retailer, is featuring padded bras with the logo “Superstar” emblazoned on them, according to The Irish Independent.
Dunnes is a supermarket and clothing retail chain, that is based in Dublin, Ireland, with operations in Great Britain and Spain. The format of the chain’s stores include a grocery supermarket operating alongside a clothing/textiles store. Many products are sold under the St. Bernard brand.
Business Insider‘s Giang says Dunnes is selling bras to children as young as three-year-olds. This is the store’s website.
The sexualization of children has been a concern for advocacy groups following the controversial launch of French lingerie line Jours Apres Lunes targeted at young girls and the 10-year-old French model Thylane Loubry Blondeau‘s very provocative spread in Vogue Paris last month.

Thylane Loubry Blondeau is only 10 years old

“I have worked with young people in crisis and believe me the last thing that’s needed is to encourage girls to dress up like adults younger and younger,” said Suanne O’Connor, a childcare worker.
The British Retail Consortium recently announced a code of ethics for selling children’s clothes, which Penney’s reportedly did not subscribe to.

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0 responses to “Insanity: Padded Bras for 9-Year-Olds

  1. What happened to allowing children to be children?

    • Left/libtards need to stimulate demand for free abortions in grade school to justify socialized medicine and redistribution of wealth.

  2. It is all about money and how to make it. If people buy it, make it. This seems a simple formula and that’s the way it works. Intelligent people might think this is one gigantic joke and just ignore it, and, maybe we should all do this and hope it goes away like a passing fad. The harm will come to the little girls who are allowed to wear these or encouraged to do so, because it invites criticism from the child’s peers and other individuals will follow suit. The best way to raise a child is as a child and not hurry the growing up process, that happens too fast already.

  3. Put this together with the stuffed genitalia models used as curriculum in Switzerland, the toddler beauty contests dressing little girls up as hookers, the decriminalizing of pedophilia and the glorification of casual sex by Hollywood and the Slut Walks. I think we should start a separate category to track all these stories, disgusting as it is.
    BTW, did you know Mary Kay Letourneau was the “good touch/bad touch” teacher at the elementary school where she taught? She had two babies by her “lover” before he was fifteen.

  4. What kind of mom would buy this for her little girl? Oh yes, the pageant moms.
    Sick people…

  5. I can’t believe there are parents out there that would do this to their little girls.
    These days, they grow up fast enough as it is.
    They don’t need any “help” from their parents.

  6. i am 9 years old and i were a padded braim deffending my self beacause people say that there to young but what if there boobs develope faster like mine so dont be meanand my friend madison weres them to so dont say there to young:(>

    • I have no clue if you are 9…But a developed 9 year old doesn’t need to draw extra attention by wearing a padded bra.
      PS, get spellcheck. Your obvious errors only contribute to the fact (if errors not intended) that government education is a miserable failure.

    • Ariana,
      You wrote “I were a padded braim“. As in cotton wool for brains?
      I suggest you become literate, if you want to be taken seriously.


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