Insanity: Library board can’t agree on sex crime background checks proposed after drag queen story event

It’s come to this: We now have people considering allowing “leeway” when it comes to sex offenders hosting children’s events.

And there’s a very good reason to do those background checks.

As reported by Wichita Eagle: A proposal to background-check people for past sex offenses before they are allowed to make presentations at Wichita libraries was put on hold Tuesday, after a split in the board between those who want a complete ban on sex offenders and those who want staff to have some leeway.

The policy originated in a backlash against a drag queen story time almost a year ago at the Advanced Learning Library and has been criticized by the leader of the LGBT-rights group Equality Kansas.

It was apparent from the comments at Tuesday’s meeting that there is strong consensus on the library board that prospective program presenters should be screened through a national web site listing sex offenders.

But that consensus broke down over the issue of how much discretion the staff should have in allowing past sex offenders to participate in library presentations.

Discretion advised…

Board members were split between those who said registered sex offenders should be automatically disqualified from ever giving a talk at the library, and those who said it should be allowable in some circumstances.

On a motion from board Chairman Kevin McWhorter, the board voted to send the policy back to its operations committee for further revision.

Board member Lamont Anderson Sr. referenced a long list of sex crimes covered by the proposed policy including rape, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated sodomy, solicitation of prostitution and lewd and lascivious conduct. “To me, some of these, they’re just hard noes,” Anderson said. “It’s not someone I would want presenting to my granddaughter. That’s just me being truthful. When you don’t have a locked-down policy at certain times, you sometimes can create a slippery slope where something gets through the cracks.”

But board member Jonathan Winkler argued that standards for inclusion in the offender registry vary from state to state and that a zero tolerance policy could wrongly ban an ordinary gay person for consensual same-sex conduct that was once illegal but no longer is.

“We wanted to give staff the flexibility to work around situations like that,” he said, speaking through a sign-language interpreter.

Library Director Cynthia Berner said allowing sex offenders to present to children would be a non-starter for her and the staff. But she said it might be OK to include a former sex offender in an adults-only discussion about the criminal justice system.

Several speakers, including the anti-LGBT pastor who suggested the idea of background checks to the board, urged the members to delay passing the policy and use the time to make it more strict.

Pastor Craig Coffey, who leads a small congregation in Derby, said the board erred earlier in passing a policy that appears to allow drag queen story hours like the “Say YAAAS to Reading” event that drew a standing-room-only crowd at the library last year.

Read the whole story here.


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My kids went to a small Catholic school. I was not allowed to do my mandatory service hours working for the school without having a live scan done of my finger prints. Submitting to it really was against my beliefs but for the security of the children and peace of mind for the parents I agreed. Why on earth wouldn’t the members of a community want everyone exposed to their children to be verified? I guess some people just aren’t aware, or have no respect of the duty and obligation God gives us to look out for the innocent.


How did we get the point where we want to chance letting perverts around children- this whole idiot program needs to be SHUT DOWN- the fact that grown men so desperately want to be around these kids when parents are clearly saying NO tells you all you need to know-they are ALL creeps and pervs👈

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

I must agree with you. I also think that parent’s who would take their precious children to such a dog n pony show are out of their minds.

Mad Celt
Mad Celt

These ‘drag queens’ look like refugees from a b grade horror movie.

Dr. Eowyn

So true! Parents who allowed their little children to be present before those monstrous-looking transvestites need their heads examined.


They are freaks, they are not normal.