Insanity: Dog in London accused of hate crime after pooping outside a home

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The UK lost all common sense several years ago.

From Daily Mail: We all know it’s irritating, unsightly and unhygienic, but one case of dog fouling has been logged by police as a racist hate crime.

The incident is among numerous alleged hate crimes uncovered by The Mail on Sunday that critics say are so petty they are undeserving of police time and expense. 

Further examples in a list of more than 2,500 alleged ‘hate incidents’ logged by the Metropolitan Police in 2015 and 2016 include:

  • An envelope that had been opened and resealed;
  • An accident involving a car that bore a Remembrance poppy;
  • A disputed line call in a tennis match;
  • A dead rat found in a garden;
  • And a man telling library staff he was campaigning for Brexit.

Last night, David Davies, Tory MP and former special constable, said the recording of such ‘non-crimes’ was a waste of police time. ‘This is part of the reason that police struggle to investigate serious offences such as home burglaries,’ he said. ‘People need to start thinking more carefully before they call the police.’

The 2,507 hate incidents are revealed in a 118-page document disclosed under Freedom of Information laws.

A description of the dog fouling incident reads: ‘An unknown dog has fouled outside of victim address and victim perceived this to be a racial incident.’ 

Another canine-related case logged as an alleged hate crime says: ‘Suspect’s dog barking at victim.’

On another occasion, a supposed victim of racial abuse reported that he ‘believes a letter addressed to him was opened and then resealed before he had collected it from the Post Office’.

Several of the claims were over parking disputes or car crashes. One entry says: ‘Unknown suspect has reversed into victim’s car causing extensive damage. Victim perceives to be a hate crime as she had a poppy in front of her car.

Another man claimed that his neighbours were parking only outside his house and were ‘targeting him due to him being black’. Disputes between neighbours feature prominently. One entry says: ‘Victim on hearing her neighbours in their house has put her ear up to their door to hear what they are talking about. In a conversation they have referred to her as [redacted] and made remarks of trying to get her moved out.’

Another reads: ‘Witness has had parking issues with her next-door neighbour, their children apparently throw stones and balls over the garden fence. Witness has recently found a dead rat in garden and perceives this to be racist.

On another occasion, a resident in a block of flats reported that a neighbour was racially abusing them by ‘smoking heavily’.

Meanwhile, an angry father called police after his daughter lost a tennis match to complain the defeat was due to a racist umpire. ‘Informant feels his daughter was subjected to racial discrimination at a tennis match where line calls went against her,’ the incident log reads.

Other arguments involved unhappy customers in shops, pubs and on public transport. They include one person who felt a bus driver had given them a ‘racist look’ and a woman thrown out of a pub for being ‘drunk, aggressive and erratic’ who told police she had been targeted ‘because she is Polish’.

In a separate complaint, a pupil struggling in a swimming lesson reported his teacher for ‘faith-based abuse’ for speaking to him in an ‘abrupt manner’.

Current rules mean police have to record any allegation described as motivated by prejudice as a hate incident, even if it is insufficiently serious to be regarded as a crime. And control room staff are required to note down the details even if the informant does not want any action to be taken.

Scotland Yard has withdrawn claims it has 900 officers dedicated to investigating alleged hate crimes.

Met police chiefs were criticised for bragging about the resources during a surge in London murders. One tweet boasted: ‘We have 900+ specialist officers dedicated to investigating all hate crime.’

All references have now been removed after the force admitted that while 900 detectives working with Community Safety and Safeguarding Units in each of London’s boroughs have had hate crime training, they devote most of their time to investigating domestic abuse.

It said: ‘We found a number of tweets gave the impression 900 officers were “dedicated” to the investigation of hate crime… This information was incorrect and at the first opportunity was removed.’


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9 responses to “Insanity: Dog in London accused of hate crime after pooping outside a home

  1. I am so glad I live away from big cities, (in the countryside), with limited neighbors.

    • Don’t worry, with the way things are going you too will be able to be accused of hate crimes as third worlders as being imported and placed in rural communities all around the US. Remember Obama said there were communities that were” too White”.

      “There could be more tinkering with the US Refugee Admissions Program (the primary focus of RRW) while Trump is in office, however, the chance for either removing the Refugee Act of 1980 from the books or seriously reforming it in the next few years died on Tuesday when the Democrats took the House.”

  2. Funny how “perception equals reality” applies only to certain groups, but never when it comes to the perception of Christians and white people.

    The UK is further down the road of Left insanity than the U.S., but we’re catching up to them.

  3. Speaking of dogs and crap, here’s who got the ball rolling on the “Refugee Act of 1980”. The Senate of the private foreign Corporation and its President of THE UNITED STATES, INC., 1/17/1980. Then 2016 Sotoro/Obama put this Corporation in Bankruptcy Chapter 7, Liquidation ongoing with Trustees, followed by Bankruptcy of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., Chapter 11.

    Lana, thanks for posting the YT vid with Ann Corcorn site as it reversed my thoughts 4 years ago. NOTE BELOW: The 1980 Constitution/Treaty use words “Industrial” & “Organization” for corporate title, yet Corporation Charter & D & B Number is “Program”? It doesn’t reconcile other than these criminal parasites thrived with semantic deceit and undisclosed Bankruptcies since Lincoln.

    October 26, 2014 – Now we know what they’ve been operating under since 1980; Holy Crap! The “Constitution Of The United Nations Industrial Development Organization”,(a private Corporation listed with Dunn & Bradstreet, UN Development Program UNDP -793511262).

    United Nations (UN)-D&B-824777304 Private Corporation.
    More UN Private Corporations & D & B Numbers:
    UN Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-053317819; UN World Food Program (UNWFP)-054023952; UN International Children’s Educational Fund (UNICEF)
    017698452; UN World Health Organization (WHO)-618736316ro

    On January 17, 1980, the President and Senate confirmed another “Constitution,” namely, the “Constitution Of The United Nations Industrial Development Organization,” found at Senate, Treaty Document No. 97-19, 97th Congress, 1st Session. A perusal of this Foreign Constitution should more than qualify the Globalists intents. The “Preamble,” Article 1, “Objectives,” and Article 2, “Functions,” clearly evidences their intent to direct, control, finance and subsidize all “natural and human resources” and “agro-related as well as basic industries,” through “dynamic social and economic changes” “with a view to assisting in the establishment of a new International economic order.” The high flown rhetoric is obviously of “Communist” origin and intents.

    An unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable oligarchy of expatriates and aliens, who fraudulently claim in the Preamble, that they intend to establish “rational and equitable international economic relations,” yet openly declared that they no longer “stabilize the value of the dollar” nor “assure the value of the coin and currency of the United States” is purely misrepresentation, deceit and fraud. [See: Public Law 95-147, 91 Stat. 1227, at pg. 1229] This was augmented by [Public Law 101-167], 103 Stat. 1195, which discloses massive appropriations of rehypothecated debt for the general welfare and common defense of other Foreign Powers, including “Communist” countries or satellites, International control of natural and human resources, etc.- A “Resource” is a claim of “property” “and when related to people constitutes ‘slavery’.”

  4. The “special relationship” England has with America has a nasty underbelly to it. To wit, whatever happens or trends over there has a nasty little habit of coming over here in about ten years….

    WHY in God’s Name do we hang onto England? We don’t need them.

  5. I have been a vocal proponent of mandatory diversity training for all dogs. Cats don’t require this training because it is impossible for a cat to be racist.

  6. I Think My Dog’s a Democrat – Bryan Lewis Official Video
    parcel lyrics; Well, I think my dog’s a democrat
    And it breaks my heart
    To have to say
    An ugly thing like that
    But there’s a big old pile of evidence
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