Innocent people could have been arrested: Woman who lied about details of hate crime explains why she did it

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8 responses to “Innocent people could have been arrested: Woman who lied about details of hate crime explains why she did it

  1. Bottom line: Some people will stop at nothing to achieve the goals of their agenda. And they don’t care how many people they hurt to do it.

  2. The liars in our society are multiplying. How many times have people been falsely accused of racism, especially since Obama became president? And let’s keep in mind the fact that lies are considered a basic tool for a Marxist provocateur.

  3. Never forget that the goal is to destroy society so that they can replace it with a UN-approved version. All of these apparent illogical, immoral actions are all justified in their minds because they further their agenda.

    Appealing to them, or their ostensive organizations for fairness or common sense is a waste of time. The more episodes and the more often these things occur without consequence, the easier subsequent episodes become.

    Step back and look at what discourse has become in the last two years. Today it is considered “normal” to insult and malign the President, not to mention anyone else who disagrees with a Socialist agenda. There are no consequences for lying and slandering people. Instead they actually receive praise from their peers.

    It is hard for me to see this and to know that they do not know shame.

    • Lophatt . . . Bravo! You are right on the money. The most striking sentence in your comment is . . . . “It is hard for me to se this and to know that they do not know shame.” The fact that people today just seem to have a disconnect with their conscience, so nothing fazes them.

  4. “””Never forget that the goal is to destroy society so that they can replace it with a UN-approved version”””
    It is no longer dem vs republican. It is Nationalism vs. Globalism.

  5. Communism is coming into fruition quite quickly now… That’s a commie plank 101 – turning people in….

  6. Steven Broiles

    The last time I checked, lying, in and of itself, was still a sin. And bearing false witness against another—a more complex form of lying—was still a sin. This woman admitted she lied about the “time and place” of her attack. Then she complained that upon examination of her bruises at the precinct, a police officer told her her bruises “were from makeup.”

    All Right, are you going to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so Help you God,” lady? We can’t pick and choose what parts of the story we wish to be honest about. A woman can still be a real victim even if she is drunk.

    I also appreciate Ben Shapiro’s remark about the truth vs. the “narrative.” To the ideologists and the collective hive-mind, the truth does not matter so much as the “narrative” matters. As if we’re supposed to obey a narrative. (Or get on our knees and adore an abstraction.) This was predicted by Simone deBeauvoir in one of her books as far back as 1954: “In the future crimes against the individual won’t matter as much as crimes against the collective.” Think about that for a moment: WHO, precisely, IS “the collective?” The question itself is deliberately misleading, for as “the collective” is the whole population (real), it is merely referred to in an abstract manner: No “collective” is ever shown or depicted. Rather, it is those rich oligarch fat-cats who run the show who are offended: Whether the society is “capitalist” or actual communist, it is THEY who “run the show.” It is THEY who profit or lose from their ideology, their “narrative.” George Carlin was right: “The REAL OWNERS of this place don’t want that…. They want OBEDIENT WORKERS…. people smart enough to run the machines… and just dumb enough [not to be able] to figure out how badly they’re getting f*cked by a system that threw them overboard 30 f*cking years ago!”

    So what we’ve been witnessing ever since the Duke Lacrosse case is the individual coming forth claiming a false victimhood, with an obedient media following her until they’ve had their “newsgasm.” Once they smoke the cigarette and go home, they move on to their next “narrative,” or as Carlin would say, “their next abomination!” And the dumb sheep followers won’t mind and won’t care about the truth value (viz., the falsehood) of the “victim” and those whom she accuses—they will move in to stone the alleged attacker, just as they did to the Covington Boys (and the Proud Boys, here in NYC three months back).

    This is the charade of the tyrant, the fascist and the communist. This is the charade of the aggrieved person of color, the aggrieved feminist. They are all USEFUL IDIOTS of the tyrants and their peddlers of narratives. It’s all mis-en-scene and distraction in the rich and powerfuls’ attempts to hold onto their wealth and their power.

    As Carlin would say, “And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care….”
    We at FOTM do notice and we do care. We can see through this almost-Crowleyian Magick.


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