Infinity in Space

The word “infinity” means without bound or end.
In ancient cosmologies, the sky was perceived as a solid dome or firmament. In 1584, Bruno proposed an unbounded or infinite universe in which innumerable suns exist, around which revolve innumerable earths.
Today, the prevailing cosmological theory is the Big Bang theory, which posits that the universe expanded (the big bang) from an extremely dense and hot state and continues to expand today. Some cosmologists maintain that at some point the expansion will stop and the universe will begin to contract (the Big Crunch) and eventually collapse upon itself. Then there’ll be another big bang, and so the cycle begins anew. Infinitely.
Other cosmologists say the universe will just continue to expand, forever (which means infinitely). As the distance between stars grows, they dim and grow cold. Eventually, all life ends.
The symbol for infinity is ∞ , also called the lemniscate, from the Latin lemniscus, meaning “ribbon”.

Isn’t it fascinating that recently, the Herschel Space Observatory has revealed for the first time the entirety of a cold dusty gas ring near the center of the Milky Way.
The icy gas formation is 600 light-years away and previously only a few portions could be seen. But Herschel enabled scientists to see the whole ring by detecting sub-millimeter light, which shines through the dust that is obscuring parts of the Milky Way.
What surprised the astronomers is that the ring looks like an infinity symbol and is torqued at the center, giving it a two-lobed appearance.

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“I believe in the Big Bang Theory. God said, ‘Let there be light.’ BANG! There was light.” ~Bumper sticker I saw years ago and never forgot.
There is so much to learn. I love it when God tweaks the scientists, at least, that’s how I look at it. There’s a whole universe to explore, and God seems to say, “Come play, and see the wonders I created.”
Thanks, Eowyn, for starting my Sabbath with God’s creation.


Beautiful 🙂

Jack Farese
Jack Farese

If God always existed, why did He have to create the world and man at a certain point in time? Remember, maybe time means nothing to God, but, man has history which is time!