Infiltrators in ICE

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Federal probe identifies “cracks” in ICE

Passport fraud, money laundering and potential terrorist findings from the inside
By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director
7 March 2011: There is a major national scandal involving multiple breaches of national security by Muslims working in federal law enforcement positions that you are not hearing about. Through a combination of blatant stupidity and calculated design, we’ve let our enemies inside our “house” and access to our security, which is a situation that is purposely being downplayed by this administration and the complicit corporate media.
The very people who embrace the ideology that caused the mass slaughter of 3,000 people nearly ten years ago has infiltrated nearly all agencies of our government, from the White House to various law enforcement agencies. A glimpse into the realm of corruption and the “impossible allegiance” by practicing Muslims to their job and country is illustrated by a recent case involving an intelligence analyst working for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It should provide an indication of just how bad things really are.
Last week, testimony in a Texas courtroom disclosed that an investigation of “alleged misconduct” by a “small number of employees” of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is in progress. By all accounts, that is an understatement that is being reported by the corporate media. According to sources close to this author, the number of government employees under suspicion is growing, and most involve Muslims working in positions of law enforcement authority and oversight.
The corporate media is reporting this story as a case of passport fraud or misuse by an official within the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but it’s a much larger story that involves high-ranking officials, alleged monetary kickbacks, blackmail and potential money laundering for Middle Eastern terrorists.
Washington, DC ICE Deputy Director placed on administrative leave
On 4 February 2011, the deputy director of intelligence at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) headquarters in Washington, DC, James M. WOOSLEY, was escorted from his desk and the building by internal security officials. He was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation of allegations that he helped an employee submit fake travel expense reports and received financial kickbacks from the employee for his efforts. As of this date, he has yet to be charge with any crime.
As WOOSLEY was being escorted from ICE headquarters, FBI  agents were raiding the El Paso, Texas home of WOOSLEY subordinate ICE Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Ahmed Adil ABDALLAT, 63, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Jordan and a devout Muslim. The FBI seized nearly 30 boxes of evidence from ABDALLAT’s residence.
A federal detention hearing for ABDALLAT was held last week, who is also accused of using a diplomatic passport to make eight-(8) unauthorized personal trips to Jordan since 2007. The trips are at the center of the allegedly fictitious travel reimbursements.
In March 2007, ABDALLAT was issued a diplomatic passport to perform various temporary duties in U.S. Embassy’s in several foreign countries. The indictment alleges that on eight different occasions since October 2007, ABDALLAT  used his official diplomatic passport for the personal purposes to travel to and from Amman, Jordan. Half of those trips occurred after ABDALLAT was permanently assigned to duty in El Paso and no longer had any official embassy, mission or related activities which required overseas travel on a diplomatic passport.
During last week’s detention hearing, FBI Special Agent Shannon N. Enochs testified that WOOSLEY,  ABDALLAT ‘s supervisor for over ten years, approved ABDALLAT ‘s bogus travel expenses that totaled about $123,000.  WOOSLEY and another official reporting to him were reportedly paid about $58,000 as part of the plan. According to the FBI agent’s testimony, ABDALLAT would compensate WOOSLEY by personal checks, wire transfers to his bank account, and left him cash at his DC headquarters. ABDALLAT also allegedly paid some of WOOSLEY’s mortgage and utility bills.
ABDALLAT, meanwhile, reportedly made three wire transfers to Jordan totaling over a half-million dollars during a six-month period. An investigation being headed by the FBI has also linked ABDALLAT to Jordanian bank accounts containing an additional $1.2 million.
According to sources close to this author, the investigation involves additional officials within the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, and financial transactions that exceed the total amounts identified to date.
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  1. Foxes guarding the hen house. 🙁

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Important to remember there are two James Woolseys. The one of the CIA is not the same as this guy with ICE although they have the same name.

  3. Could some one help me understand the mentality of our law makers. It seems to me that when the U.S. Government continually tolerates the destruction of the working class, they are eventually going to run out of money to spend or steal. We Constitutionalist, of all peoples, may soon be forced to express our discontent and protect the U.S. against the tyranny of this government, hopefully before H.Clinton the U.N. and this administration achieve disarmerment of this nation, therefor, and without opposition, possibly completing their agenda to Socialize America. Maybe.

  4. The last I’ve read, those millions of charity dollars for Haiti earthquake relief haven’t been distributed.
    To reinforce your point, here’s another odd couple: Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush and Iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad both rhapsodizing about the New World Order.

  5. Thanks Steve and sage_brush. I hope to be part of the 80 million if and when times come. Semper-Fi


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