Infectious typhus, fueled by homeless, reaches epidemic levels in southern California

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Typhus, or typhus fever is an infectious disease spread by fleas. Symptoms can include high fever, headache, chills, and body aches, rashes and in some rare cases, meningitis and even death.

KMI 640AM reports, Oct. 9, 2018, that health officials in Southern California are warning residents to be aware of a typhus outbreak that’s reached ‘epidemic’ levels in some areas.

University of Southern California Associate Professor of Medicine Neha Nanda says “what’s different this year is there’s this clustering of this disease in downtown L.A., so hence the concern of this being an epidemic.”

Long Beach has also seen a high number of infections with 12 cases so far in 2018.

Officially, the source of the outbreak is said to be from fleas found on pets and wild animals, but some health experts believe it’s being fueled by the homeless crisis.

A press release from the Pasadena Public Health Department says:

The Pasadena Public Health Department (PPHD) is reporting epidemic levels of typhus fever this year. Typhus fever is a disease spread to humans by infected fleas. In 2018, 20 Pasadena residents have been confirmed to have typhus fever, well above the expected one to five cases per year.

Flea-borne typhus, also known as murine or endemic typhus, is a disease carried by fleas infected with bacteria (Rickettsia typhi or Rickettsia felis)….

Locally, the primary animals known to carry infected fleas include feral cats and opossums. People with significant exposure to these animals are at risk of acquiring flea-borne typhus. Pet dogs and cats that are allowed outside are more likely to come in contact with infected fleas and could spread the disease to humans. Although pets and animals do not get sick from typhus, the disease can cause high fever, chills, headache and rash in people. Typhus can be treated with antibiotics.

“Typhus fever is a disease that can cause serious complications requiring lengthy hospitalization, and rarely, death,” said Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, Pasadena Health Officer. “All residents should to take steps to prevent fleas in and around the home.”

There are simple precautions to prevent the spread of typhus fever disease:

  • Maintain the yard free of debris and trim overgrown vegetation to prevent harborage of wild animals like feral cats and opossums
  • Do not leave pet food outdoors
  • Do not provide food or water for wild animals
  • Keep garbage containers tightly covered
  • Seal all openings and crawl spaces under the home
  • Routinely treat pet dogs and cats with flea control medication

Local healthcare providers are required to report any Pasadena residents with a suspected or confirmed typhus diagnosis within one working day to PPHD at (626) 744-6089 Monday to Friday 8 AM-5 PM, or (626) 744-6043 after hours. Diagnosis requires a high degree of clinical suspicion since flea-borne typhus typically presents as a non-specific febrile illness and early diagnostic tests are unreliable.

For more information on preventing typhus, visit the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District at

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21 responses to “Infectious typhus, fueled by homeless, reaches epidemic levels in southern California

  1. The best that could ever happen to California to cleanse herself of the scourge along with Moonbeam, Latrine Waters, and deceiving fickle Feinstein. Keep it there, no need to spread and contaminate.

  2. Don’t let that crisis go to waste! Big Pharma, get working on a vaccine! Oh, you have something already prepared?

    • I can see the ad now: “Are your aliens dipped for ticks? If not, get “Scourge Be Gone”, by Monsanto.

  3. Good luck getting this under control if it’s spreading through the homeless. The bureaucrats can’t solve basic problems and this one will not be solved either…

    • I tell you it’s been going on for a very long time. I went to those classes back in the early 1980’s and they were having problems then. All they wanted to do was test and treat them.

      Nobody seems to think this through. Why should we throw open our borders and endanger ourselves because Mexico refuses to do anything about their problems? We have “trade agreements” with them. Why not twist the screws?

      Whatever happens, the “solution” is NOT to ignore one’s own laws and welcome them in by the thousands. Then they lavish free stuff on them to get their illegal votes. The productive people pay for this and catch their diseases.

      That’s why I don’t understand why Moonbeam and others like him aren’t chased through the streets.

  4. This isn’t new. I remember renewing certain certifications I held in San Diego and having the county Board of Health send people out with films to show us about this very thing.

    They had an impossible time controlling it because the illegals run when they see them coming. Because they run, they spread it even farther. There are several other diseases as well that are spread largely the same way. Tuberculosis is a big one too.

    These morons fail to understand that it isn’t about their “personal ideologies”. If they want to lie down with these particular “dogs” and get up with these particular “fleas”, fine. It is a violation of their oaths to endanger their constituents.

    Quite frankly I wish they’d all move to the Ratlands of Mexico. They’d all feel so good about themselves, getting sick with the poor and downtrodden, basking in their victimhood.

    I’m glad I don’t have kids in school. Of course I have grandkids. Would you knowingly send your kids to a place where disease is in the air?

  5. Charles H Slate

    Outbreaks and plagues of tuberculosis …
    I seem to recall this happening somewhere else, somewhere in Europe, years ago. There was a government campaign of some sort to control the spread of the disease by sanitizing people’s clothing. It used made use of some stuff called Zyklon B.

    • Sigh, Lo—in my district we’ve continually had TB discovered amongst the kids, aides, teachers. I once had a tuberculer child in my room 3 periods a day all year….and was NOT notified until the beginning of the NEXT school year that I’d been exposed for an entire school year prior (I’ve not tested positive for either exposure OR the disease….but what a STRESS to live through!!!!) I’ve had HIV positive kids in my room who were “biters” with one-on-one aides to try and keep them from biting/injecting other children with HIV…and yet…it is ILLEGAL for the school to warn YOU if you have a child in this classroom…AND—we have had several cases of leprosy in our local schools that arrived here in children from Mexico/Central America…—typhus???? The plague can’t be far behind…it’s HERE always anyway in our rodent populations, but not spread within our human population by them…YET. How long before the typhus-infected rodents bring the medieval plague to us, too?

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  7. Diatomaceous Earth is an off-white powder, and kills fleas within the home and also in yards. I used it for years, twice a year while I lived in California with my dog and 2 kitties. I never had fleas, neither did they.

    • Yep. Boric Acid does the same thing too. Plugs their spiracles.

    • Must interject here Andy…ONLY USE…..”FOOD GRADE” Diatomaceous Earth. You don’t want people running out using that old swimming pool diatomaceous earth filtering stuff…or the kinds with poison bait in it for ants, etc…… I have to look high and low these days for the correct/difference. I use the food grade to dust my chickens for mites/worms, etc…and my vegetable garden for pests, yard for ticks/fleas, etc. I can find it only one place near my home these days…at a small business gardening supply….The big box stores only have the “bad” kind that would poison your pets/farm animals…..

  8. Now the armpit of America festering with disease.Who would have thought?

  9. Thanks, Democrats!!

  10. Why can’t we all just try and get along? What’s wrong with people nowadays. Too much alcohol and drug use?

    • While I share your sentiment, it’s virtually impossible to do this coexisting with people who simply don’t give a damn, or perhaps are so depleted in their self-worth they become suicidal. Starting with abuse of alcohol, then moving on to abuse of Rx drugs, I’m surrounded by people who don’t care about themselves or people around them, nor the consequences of their dysfunctional behaviours.

      50 years after becoming a member of the Society of Friends (Quakers) I tried living as Christian a life as I was capable, but too frequently found myself surrounded by predators, the last 10 years being the worst, losing $50,000 life savings to 3 individuals who supposedly helped me in my business while I recovered from accidents & 3 operations.

      Many of the comments I see here on an extreme variety of subjects seem to center on the lack of cohesion in societies; as William Butler Yeats wrote, ‘all center has loosened,’ so we all are drifting, from the highest in the land to the lowest, without the moral compass or spiritual guides we need to cohere.

  11. This disease is spread by fleas, and that means only one thing: THE BUBONIC PLAGUE may yet make a comeback.
    But how did the fleas get it? From people who inhabited those areas where typhus dwells, i.e., in FOREIGN LANDS.

    • “But how did the fleas get it? From people who inhabited those areas where typhus dwells, i.e., in FOREIGN LANDS.”

      Excellent point, Steven!

      From an article in the journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol. 19, no. 6 (June 2013), pp. 1021–1022:

      Typhus has been endemic in Mexico since before the conquest period (6)…. We have confirmed the presence of murine typhus in Yucatan.”

      From Wikipedia about a typhus epidemic in Mexico:

      “Due to fear of an outbreak of epidemic typhus, the US Government put a typhus quarantine in place in 1917 across the entirety of the US-Mexican border. Sanitation plants were constructed that required immigrants to be thoroughly inspected and bathed before crossing the border. Those who routinely crossed back and forth across the border for work were required to go through the sanitation process weekly, updating their quarantine card with the date of the next week’s sanitation. These sanitation border stations remained active over the next two decades, regardless of the disappearance of the typhus threat.”

  12. Diseases in concentration camps

    What types of diseases were in concentration camps and how did they affect people?
    Diseases included typhus, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and dysentery. Typhus is a disease spread by lice or fleas. Death may have occurred to 10-60% of people who had the illness. The percentage of death was much higher due to lack of hygiene, cures, and bad conditions. Typhoid fever is a disease spread through dirty water supply. It is a type of fever that is very hard to get rid of. The fatality rate of Typhoid fever was 20%. Tuberculosis is a disease that spreads in the air ,and you have to breathe it in to get the disease. Tuberculosis can cause pneumonia.

  13. My first thought at seeing the header for this post? This crap is coming in with all the illegals and refugees.

  14. I am sure one of the biggest enemies of mankind is Mexican government. If the world destroys them, there will be much less evil in the world. They send drugs to the world to poison people. They support open borders to facilitate the invasion of Muslims and Mexico to the whole world. Mexicans were the teachers that showed Muslims how to take over countries that are more powerful. Muslims dont have nucclear power but they are taking Europe using the Mexican strategy, which is to lie and say that they enter a country to help and only to have a better life, or that they are escaping from bad people. The Muslims say that they are attacked by ISIS, the Mexicans say that they have to move to USA because they are under attack by drug lords. Mexicans dont care if Muslims kill Christians in Europe or USA, they just want more money, their ambition is unlimited.

    The rulers of Mexico have a covenant with Satan, to get his help to make more money. Many Mexicans worship demons.

    The world should unite to destroy Mexico and to take some of its territory and give it to European nations like Nederlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland. Mexican population should be sterilized for birth control. They reproduce like rats. rulers dictate their orders to Israel and USA.
    They are already taking California and Texas. Soon they will have control over the Area 51 and all technology if USA, then they will dominate the world. People like Trump can not do anything against Mexico, he seems to love Mexicans, or he was already bribed by Mexican government, they paid him to do things like continuing DACA program, and NAFTA and welfare for illegals. Why is USA stupid giving welfare for aliens? MOst migrants from Africa and Latin America hate USA, so why is USA helping enemies? Is USA idiot or what? Not even the animals help their enemies.


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