Indiana Priest Speaks Out – Obama Declared War on the Catholic Church

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H/T Ann in Phoenix

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0 responses to “Indiana Priest Speaks Out – Obama Declared War on the Catholic Church

  1. The Conference of U.S. Bishops and the U.S. priesthood are coming late to the battle. Where were they in 2008 when a Barack Obama ran for the presidency — a man who had thrice voted against the Born Alive Infant Act, thereby effectively voting for infanticide? I didn’t hear any bishop or priest speaking out against candidate Obama then.
    Now they’re screaming, after making their pact of silence with the devil.
    If you haven’t, take a look at Professor Paul Rahe’s indictment of the American Catholic Church being in league with the Democratic Party for decades because of the allure of money-to-the-poor “social justice”, thereby colluding in the expansion of the Welfare State. But our Founding Fathers had warned us that a more powerful government is also a more dangerous government, and the US Catholic Church is finding out now.
    Paul Rahe, “American Catholicism’s Pact with the Devil,”

  2. Thank you, LTG, for posting this spot-on homily from Father Maletta. I also agree with Dr. Eowyn’s analysis set out above. Nevertheless, even if they put their trust in Obama’s promises and were late with their opposition to him, they must speak NOW and they are! The Catholic Church will not comply with the HHS mandate and that has been made extremely clear! And yes, I agree with Father Maletta, this is not about reproductive services, this is about waging war with the Catholic Church, throwing out the Church’s services to humanity, and installing a socialistic system instead, where religion is the enemy. In spite of what happened in the past, we must fight, especially in our own local communities all around the country!

  3. lowtechgrannie

    Shouldn’t he also be denouncing Biden, Sebelius, Pelosi and the other Catholics in powerful positions in the Obama government who are pushing this?

  4. I believe he was denouncing Obama and his “administration” which would cover these individuals. However, it is my belief that the Bishops collectively should denounce their heretical positions and hold them to the fire! These people need to experience a cause and effect for their actions against their beliefs, against Catholicism, their public stance which opposes Catholicism!

  5. Another celebrity priest, trying to get attention of the Media. Save us lord from Corapis!

  6. why aren’t all bishops in the us instructing their pastors to speak out against this bill at all sunday masses?


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