India Uses Biometrics for New "Universal Identity" Numbers

The government of India is installing a new “universal identity number” system for its population of 1.2 billion which will be tied to biometric markers.

New Delhi says the biomarkers will help combat corruption and voter fraud. It’s just a matter of time before Americans, too, will be forced into biometrics identity cards, which precisely is what the Real ID is about.

In fact, one of the three companies that have contracted with the Indian government to scan the biometrics of every Indian is a U.S. company called L1 Identity Solutions, which Wikipedia says was recently acquired by the British-owned BAE Systems. It is claimed that “L1 and Digimarc control over 92% of the driver’s license market. Together they provide nearly all biometric solutions for state driver’s licenses, L1 being the largest provider. L1 was just awarded the passport card contract…. What Blackwater has become for the Department of Defense, L1 has become for the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security.”

Here are excerpts from a January 27, 2011 article from The Economist :

“The Indian government is trying to give all 1.2 billion Indians something like an American Social Security number, but more secure. Because each “universal identity number” (UID) will be tied to biometric markers, it will prove beyond reasonable doubt that anyone who has one is who he says he is. In a country where hundreds of millions of people lack documents, addresses or even surnames, this will be rather useful. It should also boost a wide range of businesses.

So far the process has gone smoothly. More than 1m people have been enrolled since October, and the pace is accelerating. It needs to: 1m is less than 0.1% of the population…. When an individual is enrolled, his biometric data must be compared with everyone else’s to ensure there is no duplication….

This mighty task has been awarded to [three] private contractors…Accenture and L-1 Identity Solutions of America, plus Morpho of France….

The government’s aim is to improve services and reduce corruption. A shocking two-thirds of the subsidised grain that the government allocates to the poor is either stolen or adulterated. When middlemen say they have delivered so many bags of rice to so many thousands of peasants, there is no way to tell if they are lying. But if each peasant has to scan her irises every time she picks up her ration, it will be harder to scam the system. Similar controls could be used to curb voter fraud…. A secure identity system will also help schools, reckons Suhas Gopinath, the boss of Globals, a firm that helps schools handle information. It would make it easier to monitor each student’s progress, he says. And if a student migrates to another state, his school records could move with him….

Britain has put off plans for biometric identity cards partly because of worries about soaring costs and technical snafus….”

Read the whole article HERE.


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9 years ago

this smacks of the regime that is in power currently in the United States-

9 years ago

India has long been a testing ground for many Anglo-originated drugs and procedures, this is just the newest of them. There are likely many in the East Indian elites who see it as another kind of ‘crowd control’. No doubt it will be introduced on a large scale this year in North America; it has already been used by certain companies here [see on this]. We’ll be told it’s “just like a vaccination!”
Have you made plans how you will resist?

9 years ago

joesph-it is supposed to come up here this May.

9 years ago
Reply to  tina

I say again: Have readers made plans how they will resist? I think we must do it ala the Sixties: mass protests by passive resistance, or they tazer and/or shoot us. If we are “playing dead” already in the streets and the MSM gives it even minimal coverage, it will be bad ju ju for the NWO.

9 years ago
Reply to  josephbc69

Sage-I say they can go jump in a lake! Ha! have you paid for your items with cash lately? It is amazing the way they look at you,like what the hek is this? I have been doing this for quite some time,the reactions are funny. Actually,last fall I asked the clerk in Wal-Mart,Have people been paying alot with cash lately?? and she said yes.

9 years ago

resistance is futile, so say the borg from star trek the next generation. however as innocent as this i.d. system is suppose to be i believe that it is truly a major step in a very dangerously bad direction.