Independent panel calls Obama's downsizing of military "dangerous"

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0 responses to “Independent panel calls Obama's downsizing of military "dangerous"

  1. I’ll go on to read the rest. But I know that this is planned. This POTUS has demonstrated he has no great love for our military.

  2. Everything about this Kenyan communist fraud is a danger to our America.

  3. The damage being done to the military, including the maintenance of the bases is astronomical. We know it was planned, we know they have more planned, half of us realize what is going on and that is why we spend hours on websites, phones and emails, trying to get the word out. They are a civilian army trying to save this country. We can’t let the deaths of our ancestors that fought and died for America to go to waste.
    If they can prevent voter fraud in Nov. I feel we can prevail and I feel we can hit restart.
    We do need people monitoring all the voting precincts, we need people that if they have a machine default, take a picture. We need people to stand outside and get rough counts on voting stances. They need to know we will be watching, closely, this time? We have to become the bullies they were.

  4. Obama disgusts me on so many levels. I am ashamed that this POS is getting by with the mass destruction of our country one branch at a time.

    • I agree with you;I’m even MORE disgusted though,by the fact that Congress has,with few exceptions,sat on their hands for the past 6 years,rather than take action against the alleged president like they should if,in deed,they represented the people who elected them. Seems their continued paychecks take precedence over the proper and Constitutional operation of the United States. What COWARDS most of them are!

  5. Wow!

  6. Just looking at this man gives me a sick feeling!


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