Independence Day

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It’s July 4th, Independence Day, but do we realize what it took to get us to this point:

  • The men who risked their lives on the high seas in search of a new world. 
  • The men and women who suffered the hardships while establishing and building this new country. 
  • The Founding Fathers who bravely penned the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • The men and women who have fought and died to preserve our freedoms for almost two and a half centuries.

This is a greatly abbreviated list but the point is this country’s birth was filled with risks, dangers and the blood of countless patriots, and the blood still flows even today.

We must never forget the sacrifices made, and while this country is 235 years old and is still growing, still maturing, in recent years we have taken some steps backwards that have hurt our country immensely. We elected an albatross that has been hung around our necks courtesy of an ignorant electorate.

But with the resilience of this great country we have corrected mistakes in the past and we will again and next year we will elect a TRUE LEADER! 

~Tom in NC

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4 responses to “Independence Day

  1. And now the danger is those who are ready to take it down to a point where it will never recover. God help us and God Bless America.

  2. Amen to that…bring on 2012!!

  3. Once again, I am spending the day in mourning for the loss of my country. I mourn the loss of the rule of law, the ongoing holdings of a Supreme Court that believes speech is money, and the corporations are people, based on a decision that actually didn’t hold that, but did mention it in the indexing notes of the clerk, but not a word from the then Justices.

    I mourn the loss of conservatives that can actually repair what is wrong with the nation, and mourn a country that believes preemptive war is the way to solve what is and has always been a police matter. I mourn for a nation that cannot seem to think its way out of a paper bag, to say nothing of fighting a depression using, as a start, the rebuilding and repair of infrastructure, but not with Made in China bridges for the Oakland Bay Bridge.

    To see the massive sorrow we have brought with guns and bombs, with uranium tipped missiles and depleted uranium that has contaminated the Middle East, and it will remain thus, for billions of years, is to see a nation that has lost its way. We need to read Jefferson, and rid ourselves of foreign leaders that have split loyalties with other nations.

    Speaking of what is right, and wrong with America, this from RT gives a bit that ties into the beloved stars from the stars and stripes, and what the Republicans might want to do about them. Trust me, I think the Dems have more problems than upside down stars, but that’s another story. The video is here, and it does tie to another story discussed recently. Enjoy, then set off the Roman candles, which are I hope not also made in China, and we’ll have to make the world better starting again, tomorrow.

    Happy Fourth, and here’s the link.


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