Increasing numbers of Japan's youth are asexual

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This is a companion piece to my earlier post, “Japan admits ‘We are worse than Greece’,” and is a response to Ed Haskell’s comment about Japan’s debt and fiscal woes being exacerbated by the country’s demographics.
Here’s what Wikipedia says about Japan’s demographics:

Japan has the longest overall life expectancy at birth of any country in the world: 83.5 years for persons born in the period 2010–2015. The Japanese population is rapidly aging as a result of a post–World War II baby boom followed by a decrease in birth rates. In 2009, about 22.7 percent of the population was over 65, by 2050 almost 40 percent of the population will be aged 65 and over, as projected in December 2006. The changes in demographic structure have created a number of social issues, particularly a potential decline in workforce population and increase in the cost of social security benefits like the public pension plan. A growing number of younger Japanese are preferring not to marry or have families. In 2011, Japan’s population dropped for a fifth year, falling by 204,000 people to 126.24 million people. This is the greatest decline since at least 1947, the first year for which government data is available. The 1.26 million deaths included 15,844 people killed and 3,451 left missing by the tsunami.

Japan’s population is expected to drop to 95 million by 2050, demographers and government planners are currently in a heated debate over how to cope with this problem. Immigration and birth incentives are sometimes suggested as a solution to provide younger workers to support the nation’s aging population. Japan accepts a steady flow of 15,000 new Japanese citizens by naturalization (帰化) per year. According to the UNHCR, in 2007 Japan accepted just 41 refugees for resettlement, while the US took in 50,000.

Japan suffers from a high suicide rate. In 2009, the number of suicides exceeded 30,000 for the twelfth straight year. Suicide is the leading cause of death for people under 30.

Recently collected data on Japanese young people make the above demographics even more dismal.
The Daily Mail reports Nov. 28, 2011, that increasing numbers of young Japanese are asexual:

Japan is in danger of heading for extinction after researchers found that more and more of the country’s young people are shunning the idea of marriage and having children.

One in four unmarried men and women in their 30s say they have never had sex, and the majority of young women prefer the single life.

A record 61.4% of unmarried Japanese men aged between 18 and 34 have no girlfriend, up 9.2 percentage points from 2005, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research in Japan said.

The percentage of unmarried women with no boyfriend in the same age group also hit a record high of 49.5%, up 4.8 points, while nearly half the respondents of both genders said they do not want to date anyone.

Asked why they remain unmarried, 13.5% of men and 11.6% of women aged between 25 and 34 said they do not know how to be in a relationship, and 11.9% of men and 7% of women aged between 18 and 24 gave the same answer, the institute said.Meanwhile, most respondents said they are willing to get married, with 86.3% of men and 89.4% of women answering they want to get married at some stage.The study also revealed that more than 25% of both unmarried men and women in their late 30s have never had sex.

Ups and downs: Working age population projection by Japan's National Institute of Population and Social Security ResearchJapan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research

An astounding 90% of unmarried young Japanese women said the single life suits them better than marriage.

Ryuichi Kaneko, a researcher at the institute, told the Japan Times that many people may be giving up on relationships or marriage because they are busy with work or do not have the financial means to wed.

The survey is conducted by the Tokyo-based think-tank every five years to grasp singles’ attitudes toward marriage and relationships. The latest survey, the seventh of its kind, was conducted in June last year, and analysed answers from about 7,000 people among some 10,000 respondents.

Since Japan traditionally and culturally is ill-disposed toward welcoming immigrants or refugees, it is unlikely that its problem of low birth rate and aging work force will be alleviated any time soon.
A country where its young people increasingly eschew not just marriage but sex altogether speaks to something fundamentally off kilter and dysfunctional. Simply put, a nation that isn’t replacing its population through new births is a nation that is slowly committing seppuku.

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0 responses to “Increasing numbers of Japan's youth are asexual

  1. Ten years ago I said and wrote that when the economic walls come tumbling down it will be from two major places: the USofA, because of its absurd Fed Res Bunco’s “casino financials,” and also from a place that will be completely unexpected. Japan is an excellent candidate for the latter. Most people can’t accept that what was once the #2 economy could not foresee the traps it made for itself w/its absurd policies, which were a foretaste of what the US should expect, as it followed the same course.

  2. I saw a news feature about a year ago about a growing trend among young Japanese bachelors having fantasy girlfriends through online role-playing games where the females are anime cartoon characters. They even take their laptop “girlfriends” to destination vacations. I can’t remember what program it was on. Probably something on PBS.

  3. what is happening there could very easily start to happen here. think about how the young in our country play sports now xbox and playstation fantasy sports which will lead to fantasy life and fantasy sex and fantsy girlfriends.

    • Igor, it’s already happening and well along it’s way in the U.S. and Britain. Check my post below and Google “mgtow” and “mghow”.

      • But never fear, you can learn the skills or “Game” of a pick-up artist (PUA) to be suitably “Alpha” (socially dominant) to compete and attract women now. (Unfortunately, real Alpha males who’ll fight and die to defend their families and country are too responsible to be more than “suckers” today due to the inflation in fun and trickery now, and that we’re spoiled from having it too good for too long.)

        • A lot of the men in the “ghosting” and mgtow lifestyles, most of them, in fact, are not practitioners of “game” or PUA. They have become asexual or…..ahem….take care of themselves Onan – style. They’re not into rampant promiscuity, or it’s just too confusing or heartbreaking. Or maybe they’re just fat and ugly….In many circles today if you hold the door open for a woman you’re a sexist pig and if you don’t, you’re a thoughtless bastard. Men, to a large degree, have become completely disposable. Feminista women will get pregnant, toss the guy, and sic the gubmint on him before he’s even had a chance to become derelict in his duties. A lot of men who still want to risk investing themselves into traditional family life at all won’t date western women.

          • I agree especially with a man holding a door open, but my husband does it anyway. You have to keep doing what you believe is right no matter what! Sooner or later, even if it’s just your kids, will pick up on it. Your right, men have become disposable!
            See….that’s exactly what I’m talking about! Feminist have used Women, not helped them! SDF, there are Many women (western) out there that DO believe in a traditional family. It has hurt men and women alike! But to be honest, some men have played right into this movement as well.
            The majority of men and women want a traditional family AFTER they have “sampled” every flavor out there. The other day I had a newly married friend from college call me in tears b/c 3 mnths into the marriage she didn’t feel like she could compete anymore. (outa of all my college g/fs, only 2 of us are married. She has been married 3 mnths I have been married 8 yrs. I’m almost 30!) Men don’t realize a young woman’s thought process. He had told her before the marriage how many women he had dated aka “been with”, and after the wedding she had thought herself into circles worrying that he might be thinking he made a mistake. She might of made a mistake. The LORD tells us we are not suppose to “sample” for a reason.
            I Thank God every single day that He blessed me with a Great Man cause I do not deserve him! 🙂

          • There are plenty of men that still play the game. The fems encourage it and thrive on it. What a sad place we’ve come to where women can’t accept men for who they are and women take advantage of men for being who they are, and masquerade the woman they really are/should be. Just my humble opinion 🙂

  4. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this most interesting and enlightening post. There must be balance. This is just frightening for Japan.

  5. The word for what they’re doing translates in English to “grass-eaters.” It has nothing to do with being a vegetarian. It’s shunning sex and women in favor of a simple life of personal growth, hobbies etc. In the U.S. and Britain it’s catching on rapidly, a lot of it due to modern liberal feminism sending men mixed messages about political correctness versus being a traditional man…and the rabid misandry (man-hating) of modern culture and media. Names for this phenomenon in the west are “ghosting” and “MGTOW” (men going their own way)

    • Yep…men are not “allowed” to be men anymore. Everything they were created to be is wrong! And women are told that any type of submission to a man is WRONG.
      When feminist starting convincing a woman that if she does get married she must protect her individuality b/c she will risk loosing it, hurt marriage. I think that ppl are so selfish that they believed to get married means giving up themselves as an individual. It’s easier to have “yours” & “mine” instead of “ours”.

    • Yep, SDF. Liberal feminism did their best to destroy traditional marriage.
      Read in the DailyMail this week that women in the UK are now seeking “cohabitation agreements” when moving in with a man. It’s all about protecting what they have earned so hard for themselves. And yes, Miranda, I do believe it’s selfish. Heaven forbid you expand yourself, take a risk, and try working hard on making a marriage work. That would take all of the fun out of finding the next “Mr. Right” for these feminists.

  6. Your exactly right DCG…these women play “the victim” but they are EXACTLY where they want to be. It is all about FUN. I have to remind myself all the time that….
    *You pay for the Good things upfront & the Bad things later!*
    (think about it)
    – “The Ant and The Grasshopper” an Old Fable by Aesop
    – The story of Naoh and The Ark (The Book of Genesis)
    This story isn’t new, it is one of the oldest stories in the book. Sure the characters have changed, the setting is different, even the plot has evolved, but the Moral of the story…..always Consistent.

    • Kipling’s “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”

      • Anonymous-
        I love this poem…your right it fits too. I didn’t think about it. Did you read the explanation of this poem on the site you listed? His explanation is off. Or at least off from my own interpretation. IMO, I don’t think that the gods of the copybook headings represent environmentalist. I thought they represented (the ant) what is Right, (IMO-True Believers). If this site’s explanation is right then I have to admit, that I’m not as crazy about the poem anymore.
        The way I take it is that ppl never learn and that every society or generation has its new groups to follow b/c it’s a fab so to speak. That the copybook headings always do whats right even tho it’s not popular,they are outa touch with society, they never evolve. But in the end their way always survives and they are willing to teach and help.
        Am I way off base? Please be gentle, you have to realize that I am a product of the “No Child Left Behind” Era. (LOL!!) 🙂

        • Thanks Grouchy! I adore this poem, in fact the first time I read it, the meaning jumped right out at me. I really don’t think I could see it another
          I was just making sure that I understood why he posted it….b/c it could support or not support my earlier comment. I think too much!! 🙂

        • No, not off base. (The interpretation given at that site is a little off. Kipling certainly wasn’t a critic of Capitalism and specifically criticizes Marxism in there: “By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;” The site’s author puts too much left/liberal spin on Kipling’s critque of self-destructive human follly… and left/liberal stuff fits self-destructive folly quite well.)
          For our purposes here, this stansa is quite appropos:
          On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
          (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
          Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
          And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”
          Kipling pre-dated the Sexual Revolution, etc. but the natural consequences of actions tend to be independent of what people would like them to be.

          • Anonymous, thanks for the site! And for reminding me of this poem…I hadn’t looked at it in ages. It means more to me now that I am not a 19 yr old,self-absorbed,college student! 😀

  7. It’s all that plus something else. In our case and Britain’s, an unraveling of culture and morals is in the mix with the same result.
    “And, Feminism ignores how the breakdown of the traditional family because of Feminism’s anti-mail pogrom has actual increased the amount of men who won’t marry and who will use women for sex and entertainment. … So, after gaining most if not all the legal equality Feminism set out to win, it has now created a culture where women pressure other women to use their bodies as sex objects, creating the perfect culture for predatory males to reap the benefits of the woman’s lack of inhibitions and, in turn, the men who are seen as providers and not hot sex partners are pushed aside until much later in life. This pushes child rearing and bearing back until couples en masse have onely one or two children– hardly enough to keep the Western birthrate growing.”
    Somewhere along the way Feminism decided that personal responsibility and monogamy (not to mention marriage, modesty, etc.) were bad… go figure.

    • Anonymous-
      You hit the nail on the head babe! Feminist cracks me up. I don’t get it! For example, they fight for women to not be seen as “sex symbols” so the decent men comply. Guess what? Women start putting less and less clothing on…why? B/c they are trying to get a man’s attention. (Why would Men ever buy a cow as long as they are getting the milk for FREE?)
      The F. Movement, for the most part, hurt women more than it helped them. What was so bad about a woman’s life in the 50’s honestly? Yes she had to cook & clean (too self absorbed now) while the man was working, but she was respected more than a woman is nowadays. Our young girls & guys do not understand what it’s like to be respected anymore. They don’t see it at home like they should. Marriage is all about respect & they have never been taught how to “Be Married”.
      (Besides the fact that in today’s society it is acceptable to taste every “pie” before making a decision.) IMO, young men do not want to get married b/c they fear the competition between the man and woman. Men and women were created w/differences for a reason. The F.M. is slowly sucking the life out of the men today. And I think many don’t even comprehend it. Something is being neglected. They are unhappy, something is wrong, b/c we have forced younger generations to view things differently then they should, men do not connect the dots between their needs & their wives anymore. Same with a woman & her husband.
      Personally, as a woman, I feel that feminist use me and I do not appreciate it.

      • Commentary by a man (25) about this situation today… a little uneloquent, but that’s okay.

  8. Hard to believe a nation that has survived for thousands of years is now looking squarely at it’s own extinction in a mere generation or two.
    You have to wonder how much of a role our involvement and influence may have played in bringing them to this point.
    It is just possible we may have pampered and thus wussified them a little too much, and the same for Europe as well.

  9. Extraordinarily insightful Paul Harvey; the following commentary was broadcast 47 years ago…. April 3, 1965.
    It’s short…less than 3 minutes.

  10. Also, the “cultural marxist” push behind left/liberal Feminism (starts at 8:07 in Bill Whittle’s video below)… much like what’s behind the Cloward-Piven strategy, only they don’t realize things will be too broken to rule if they do.

  11. Ok… I may be biased as an Asian (not Japanese) who also does not have any sexual experience, nor know how to get a boyfriend. That does not mean I’m asexual, because I do like guys. I just don’t know how to meet a good guy and don’t want to “kiss many frogs” before finding the right one, because I’ve grown up believing that it’s shameful. I was raised believing that I should always “work hard” in life, so I don’t socialize much, I’m a shy and private person. So perhaps the lack of relationships may be cultural/social (hypothetical, because I don’t know the details because I’m not Japanese, but I know they have a culture of “working hard”).
    Another thing is, it’s very typical for educated people in developing countries to have children at an older age, and to have just a few children when they do. Because 1) you want to have your own life and achieve your individual goals, so you don’t want to have children when you’re still young (The younger women who don’t want to get married are just enjoying their freedom. How can men ever completely understand? They don’t get pregnant and don’t have the social pressure of having to take care of the family.) 2) you want to give your children the best resources and a lot of attention, and that’s difficult to do when you have many kids.
    Now, one of the problem is the capitalist society. The nature of capitalism is to “keep growing”. You make stuff to sell, to get money, to make more stuff, to sell more stuff, to get money, to make…. etc. Also, in capitalism, what makes economy better is growth. Not even consistency. Not even quality. Just GROWTH and EXPANSION. So well duh, you can’t expand economy while at the same time having fewer people to do work. (I mean capitalism is kind of a dumb idea in the first place, once you’ve conquered the whole world, how are you going to keep expanding?). Ok, so you CAN take those work overseas, but there is a limit on what you can take overseas, because those are all the brainless, crappy, exploitative factory jobs. Another idea is you can take in immigrants, but we all know that Japan doesn’t really do that. The reason why America is still running is because they take in illegal immigrants from Mexico and have lots of people living on minimum wage. Privileged Republicans just don’t realize that their country would stop running if those illegal immigrants who would do ANY crappy, exploitative job stop flowing in. And although it may not be as significant as immigration, a large part of US have bad sex education that fail to prevent teen pregnancies.
    So, my point is, before you criticize some other country based on your own standards, perhaps you should reflect on what those standards really imply.

    • Spare me your diatribe. Privileged republicans? Care to name the wealthiest politicians in office? Hint, there’s many dems in that list too.
      Name one country that is wealthier and had a higher standard of living than the US that doesn’t operate on capitalism.
      Or would you prefer the whole world live like those who live in Cuba, China, etc? I’ll keep the standards we have in the US now over any other commie, socialist, or third world country run by tyrants. I’ll take it over the ME too. Those privileged wealthy oil gents sure know how to treat their ladies.

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