Inappropriate: 31-year-old rapper gives “boy advice” to 14-year-old actress

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Minor Brown (l) “comfortable” with the elder Drake (r)

Drake is a 31-year-old rapper who apparently texts boy advice to a 14-year-old English actress. Wonder what the 14-year-old girl’s father thinks of this…

From Daily Mail: Millie Bobby Brown says she and Drake often text one another that they miss each other.

The Stranger Things star, 14, told Access at the Emmys Monday that she and the rapper, 31, communicate by text about a number of topics.

‘We just texted each other the other day and he was like, “I miss you so much,” and I was like “I miss you more,”‘ she said, adding, ‘He’s great.’

Brown said that the In My Feelings artist gives her advice with how to deal with boys: ‘About boys, he helps me.’ 

The Spain-born actress called the Toronto native a ‘great friend and a great role model,’ adding, ‘I love him; I met him in Australia and he’s honestly so fantastic.’

The Netflix star said that she hopes to catch him in concert later this fall when his tour arrives in Atlanta.

She opened up to W magazine earlier this summer about her relationship with the rapper, as a picture they took together while both working in Australia went viral last November.

She told the magazine in July that since their first meeting, they now talk all the time.  ‘He invited me to his concert,’ she said. ‘And now we talk all the time. I ask his advice.

While the Stranger Things actress is comfortable with Drake, there’s other male stars that still leave her starstruck.

Discussing whether she’s changed since she first found fame, she said, ‘I don’t think I’ve changed. I’m not thinking, Oh, I know everything now. I still get nervous. I still get anxious.

‘Although, even back then at the BAFTA tea, when I met ­Justin ­Timberlake, I swear I could have fainted.’

And Millie could ‘barely speak’ when she came face-to-face with her childhood idol, Zac Efron.

Asked her favorite toy as a child, she said: ‘A microphone that had High School Musical on it. I could sing with Zac Efron!

‘I watched High School Musical every single day. When I met Zac Efron, I could barely speak.’

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7 responses to “Inappropriate: 31-year-old rapper gives “boy advice” to 14-year-old actress

  1. Isn’t that soooo sweet, 14 years old and a “fatherly” 31 year-old man giving advice? That’s like throwing fresh meat to a hungry lion. I bet I can learn a thing or two from that “innocent little teenager, don’t You?

  2. The 31 y.o. must be a liberal since most liberals can not be embarrassed nor shamed.

  3. “Wonder what the 14-year-old girl’s father thinks of this…”
    I’m quite sure he doesn’t mind and probably enjoys the publicity this text relationship has gotten. Millie’s career supports her entire family including her father, and rumour has it he has already sold off her first sex scene when she turns eighteen.

  4. Seeing that was like looking at porn.. I was very uncomfortable, guilty.

  5. Hey, you don’t suppose this guy’s a pedophile, do you? Where else is a girl to get help with boys but a 30+ year-old rapper? She’s a slow motion train wreck in the making.

    I’d say “why doesn’t he chase women his own age” except, judging from the photos, men look more to his liking. Maybe he can open a pizza restaurant.

  6. I’m not saying there is not anything inappropriate going on between them, but taken at face value, sans any shred of evidence of sexual misconduct, what is wrong with a teen age girl having what she considers to be a positive male role model in her life? It is possible her real father is not in her life and she is legitimately looking for guidance. Young girls need father figures. Do you all want her to make big mistakes on her own that could have drastic consequences? Until there is evidence of anything, ya’ll are too quick to judge strangers for something that just might be entirely innocent. Ya’ll are branding him a pedophile without justifiable cause.

    • In the era of #MeToo combined with the lack of moral standards in Hollyweird and the entertainment industry, this minor girl could find a better suited “role model” to provide boy advice.

      I don’t care if a 14 year old girl considers a grown male giving her boy advice appropriate. Young teen girls, especially in the entertainment industry, should be protected and guided by their parents.

      I don’t know any dad who’d be ok with his baby girl getting boy advice from a grown man.


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