In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – Obamabots Dance in the Streets?

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  Lasty Saturday, instead of pitching to help fellow New Yorkers  struggling to cope with the total devastation of Hurricane Sandy, these oblivious Obamabots literally danced in the street.  Go here for the video

 Hurricane Sandy Live Blog, Day 8: 113 Dead

The International Business Times Reports: The latest estimate of current customer outages appears in the U.S. Energy Department’s “Hurricane Sandy Situation Report #15,” which was published Sunday at 3 p.m. EST. Below is the report’s state-by-state breakdown of these power outages:
New Jersey: 999,927
New York: 654,623
Pennsylvania: 77,630
Connecticut: 64,955
West Virginia: 41,618
Ohio: 10,007
Maryland: 7,198
Total: 1,855,958

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0 responses to “In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – Obamabots Dance in the Streets?

  1. “Youth is wasted on the young”

  2. A clueless generation gone to waste……

  3. Great video of the clueless………

  4. …….was afraid my right to Freedom of Speech was being affected…..A note to WP…..cease your juvenile game of tossing comments to spam!

  5. Idjiots

  6. Ya these characters are no more than non-productive lib-lobes who don’t have the maturity to realize they’re dancing to their own demise. Considering that Obama has left them—and their future generations—holding the bag and forcing them to pay up on his trillions in debt, they won’t be dancing for very long. But immature high schoolers whose only thoughts are for free abortions, free birth control, free meth, free-anythings…..are what Obama counted on, those who are immature, lack intelligence, are spineless and gutless, are easily-lead and open to any suggestion under the sun, and who are weak-minded.


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