In Hawking's Case Intelligence is Only Skin Deep

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Kirk Cameron to Stephen Hawking: You’re Not So Smart

by John Nolte

Obviously Steven Hawking is a very bright guy, but his elitist hostility towards those who have an explanation for something neither he nor anyone has ever been able to explain, is rather bizarre.
Fox 411:

Last week, award-winning scientist and best-selling author declared that the belief in heaven or an afterlife is a “fairy story” for people afraid of life after death. …
That complete rejection of the existence of God infuriated Evangelical Christian Kirk Cameron, who shot back at the world-famous scientist with his own retort—prove it!
“Professor Hawking is heralded as ‘the genius of Britain,’ yet he believes in the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything and that life sprang from non-life.” The former teen heartthrob steamed to TMZ. “Why should anyone believe Mr. Hawking’s writings if he cannot provide evidence for his unscientific belief that out of nothing, everything came?”

Cameron’s exactly right. Hawking’s making a scientific statement based on zero evidence. Where’s the scientific recreation of Hawking’s belief? Where’s the creation of life out of matter that isn’t already alive? Where’s the creation of something out of nothing? The Big Bang doesn’t explain what created the Big Bang and no one can truly wrap their mind around the infinity of space.  As far as I’m concerned, it requires the summoning of more faith NOT to believe in God than the other way around. Honestly, I don’t know how atheists do it.
Besides, it’s just a fact that Jesus-freaks like Cameron and I not only have an explanation to many unanswered questions, but also no small amount of historical and archaeological evidence with which to back it up.
Hawking’s got nada.
Anyway, there had better be a Heaven. I’d hate to think I’ve behaved myself all this time for no reason.
If I was in Hawking’s shoes, confined to a wheelchair, body crumpled and deformed and unable to speak except through a computer I would most certainly believe in Heaven, God and Jesus and look forward to the hereafter, when I would have a whole body, stand tall and praise the Lord with my own voice.
Posted by Tom in NC

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0 responses to “In Hawking's Case Intelligence is Only Skin Deep

  1. maybe Hawkings has a God complex, from all the praise heaped on him, or maybe his mind is going.

  2. I realize Hawkins has some capacities but he is asserting too many things that he knows nothing about. It is so stupid to affirm that God or Heaven don’t exist for no one can truly say whether he does or not. Those who believe have Faith but apparently Hawkins has none. Poor guy….it could have helped him a lot

  3. For all of Hawking’s towering intellect and off-the-scale intelligence (alleged), a fundamental rule of LOGIC seems to have escaped him:
    And this is that one cannot ever prove a universal or Categorical Negative, as in “There is no God” or “There is no Heaven.” Why? Because one would have to have seen EVERYTHING in the universe (or multiverse, as some cosmologists say) to be able to assert a Categorical Negative with any confidence.
    As an example, it is one thing to disprove a Categorical Positive proposition that “All swans are white” — all that is needed is for me to find just one swan that isn’t white. It’s quite another thing to assert a Categorical Negative that “White swans don’t exist.” Even if I or you or everyone on earth can testify that we’ve never seen a white swan, since we haven’t seen EVERYTHING in the universe, we can never confidently say that “White swans don’t exist.” Who’s to say there’s isn’t a white swan hiding somewhere on Earth, or on another planet in this unfathomably huge universe?
    That is why logicians don’t fall into the trap of stating a Categorical Negative — that an entire class of something doesn’t exist, as in “There is no God” or “There is no Heaven” or “There are no Angels” or “The Devil doesn’t exist”, or as Hawking so charmingly puts it: “They’re all just fairy tales!”
    Since Hawking obviously has not seen EVERYTHING in the universe, to assert as he does that “There is no God” or “There is no Heaven,” Hawking not only violates Logic, but he is also being intellectually arrogant. Shame on him.

  4. There is Tom. It is beautiful.

    • catscanner150

      I know it is and I look forward to the day that I no longer have arthritis and just feel the joy of being with the Lord.

  5. You tell him Kirk!!!
    I pity people like Hawking who have no faith. What do they have to look forward to? What in their present life fulfills them? How empty they must be…

  6. I’ve been in a rather lengthy debate on NB over the last several days regarding Creationism, Evolution and now Intelligent Design. Being an architectural designer and sometime engineer, I place a lot of emphasis on math in what I do, and I’ve always found math to be a logical science.
    That being said, it occurred to me during this debate that it would be interesting to see if anyone had done a statistical probability study on Evolution. The number I’ve seen most often is 1 in 10*10*123 (that’s 10 to the 10th to the 123rd) which is for all intents and purposes, zero.
    Furthermore, that number represents the statistical probability that from a “big bang” event and with the help of natural selection, evolution could have occurred. What it doesn’t factor in is that evolution from single celled organisms to man as he is today could have occurred; that exact result is even less possible. (A physicist once used the analogy that on the drive over to the lecture hall that evening, he parked in a parking garage and happened to see a vehicle with the license plate AWR 235. What are the chances that among the millions of license plates in that state, he would have seen that one?)
    Personally, I’ve always found Darwinists to be narcissistic. It is their nature to believe that man has all the answers and a supernatural being -either by the literal text of the Bible (which I don’t subscribe to) or by Intelligent Design- was not needed to set in motion the world as it is today and as it will be millions of years from now. Coincidentally, Darwinists are most often politically left, which is also the party of narcissism.

    • Agree, Bob.
      I’ve always thought atheists must be the most arrogant narcissists ever because, although they haven’t seen everything in this world, even less of other worlds in our unfathomably huge universe, they actually claim to know a Categorical Negative — that God doesn’t exist!

  7. lowtechgrannie

    I cannot imagine how anyone can acknowledge the fractals of the Mandelbrot Set or the Fibonacci Numbers and not believe in a Creator. How could such elegant precision, mirrored in all of nature have come from chaos?

  8. I think what has happened to Hawking is that he has probably attempted prayer a few times to test God. You know, if he can heal the sick, make the blind see, heal the lepor etc., then he will heal me. And that would be true if along with that prayer comes total faith and giving of your life to him. “Ask and you shall receive” is predicated upon “let thy will be done”. So, I think Hawking may have asked for healing, didn’t get it, became disgruntled and now is angry because he remains disabled and terminal. He probably wonders why he has so much intellect and no use of his body. You know, the classical “Why me?”. He has every right to ask that as might we all, but he really should listen for the answer. I feel sorry for this guy because his life is coming to an end and I think he was hoping there is a God and decided on his own that there is not and has doomed himself to judgement. He may have wanted proof of God’s existence from God. Not receiving something Hawking could believe he gave up and has now dismissed God as a fairytale. His fairytale however doesn’t look like it will have a happy ending I’m sorry to say. None of us knows his heart but I just can’t believe that any human being in such a physical state hasn’t at least once in their life tried to reach out to God. He just wasn’t willing to allow God’s will to be done, only his own. Very sad. I really don’t want to judge this guy because I don’t know how angry I would be to die like he is going to die. I never want to know. Do you? I’m thankful I know the Lord and have given my life to him. Hawking still has time. Let’s pray for him and not condemn him my friends. “There but by the grace of God go I”.

    • You’re a true Christian. Thank you, Hollowpoint, for reminding us to pray for Hawking. That really is the best thing we can do for him.


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